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Copenhagen, Denmark







icon_STOP2016 - Fatamorgana and Bumper Cars - (5/19/16)





Huss Park Attractions sent out a couple of new pictures of their first Condor 2GH ride that is now open at the world famous Tivoli Gardens park in Copenhagen, Denmark, and opened under then name Fatamorgana. Passengers have a choice of riding inside a Condor style gondola themed as winged lions and oryx, or they can choose the even more thrilling spinning circular gondola arms, lined with 14 outward facing suspended seats allowing the rider’s legs to dangle.
    (1/27/16) Huss Park Attractions sent us some new concept art to share showing off the new Fatamorgana ride going to Tivoli Gardens. They also tell us that this installation will be the world’s first Huss Hybrid Condor ride (Huss Condor 2GH), a unique new version of the Condor that offers guests a choice of how they want to ride, either in new 2-seat Condor style swinging gondolas themed as either Flying Lions or Winged Oryx on two arms, while the other two arms will hold round outward facing 14-seat frames that will spin counter to the rotational direction of the central motion.
    (1/21/16) Tivoli Gardens has released a teaser video showing off their new 45 meter tall “Fatamorgana” tower attraction, which will offer two different ride experiences, one more mild and one more wild, plus the placement of a bumper car ride at the bottom.

    (10/5/15) Tivoli Gardens will add two new rides for 2016, a set of kiddie bumper cars and one of the second generation Huss Condor rides that will be called Fatamorgana and feature some discs of outward facing individual seats, and some discs with the typical swaying Condor style seats.


2017 - Tivoli Food Court - (10/30/15) Tivoli Gardens will construct a huge food market to be called the Tivoli Food Court in the corner of the park facing Vesterbrogade and Bernstorffsgade. The new 5,300 sqm facility will house shops and 30 eateries and is expected to open in August 2017. The area will also be accessible to those outside the theme park, but will feature a glass facade on the outside and a number of balconies on the upper levels where guests without tickets to the park can gaze within.
    This projects has evolved and been in the works since we first heard about it in 2008, back when it was called Tivoli Edge or Tivoli Kanten.
    (10/30/14) Tivoli has received unanimous approval by the City of Copenhagen’s technical and environmental committee for a plan to make a dramatic overhaul to look of the park’s main entrance area. This has been an ongoing project for the park since 2008, originally launched under the name “Tivoli Edge” and have since refined their design over the years to get to this point to add a more modern facade as well as shops and restaurants to create something that would benefit the area year-round.
    (8/14/08) Tivoli Gardens is looking to expand the park experience out into the Western side of the park that faces “Bernstorffsgade” with the creation of Tivoli Edge (Tivoli Kanten), a new dynamic looking outer edge look for the park in this area that can be used as a year-round activity area full of shops and restaurants. The look they envision is quite striking, creating what appears to be three-story structure that has a look almost like a giant glass curtain.



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