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icon_STOPPark News - (7/27/17) According to a post by ThemePark-UK, Thorpe Park's Fright Nights has teamed up with AMC's The Walking Dead is said to be joining the horror lineup this season. Stay tuned!
    (8/26/16) We've discussed in the past about how some parks are already making plans about how they will adapt to the future market trend of catering the theme park experience to a rapidly aging population base. It can be argued that the Tokyo Disneyland Resort may be the leader in this trend of making their parks more appealing to older guests, but now Thorpe Park is jumping on the bandwagon and introducing what they are calling the "Old Aged Coaster Pass" which is a heavily discounted pass program for guests over 65-years old. And as many parks have discovered in the past, quite often guests that get into the park for a lower price are far more willing to spend the money they saved, and more, on other perks, food and merchandise. The pass is only available in person at Thorpe Park now through November 2nd.


GhostTrain-RiseoftheDemon20172017 - Park Improvements / Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon - (4/1/17) Thorpe Park invited special guests to experience the re-launched version of Derren Brown's Ghost Train, entitled, Rise of the Demon, now transporting guests to a terrifying new destination for 2017. "The attraction brings together live action sequences, special effects, grand-scale illusion and new virtual reality created by Figment Productions using Nokia’s OZO camera and experienced with HTC Vive headsets."
    ThemeParks-UK was on  hand to climb aboard and investigate the new 15-minute journey into the unknown. Follow the link to check it out.
    (1/18/17) According to a post by ThemeParks-UK, Thorpe Park was given permission to build an "extension" onto the attraction building that houses Derren Brown's Ghost Train that will allow the park to bring an all new and improved experience to life this year to be called Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon.
    (11/23/16) Thorpe Park has announced that Derren Brown's Ghost Train attraction will take guests to a "new terrifying destination" in 2017. Go on a 'one way ticket on a horrifying journey along the unpredicable tracks as you venture deeper and darker into the chilling depths of the unknown."  Who's ready to encounter Derren's deepest, darkest thoughts?
    I'm also told that the Loggers Leap flume ride will reopen in Summer 2017.
    (7/7/16) From what I'm told Thorpe Park has renamed the park's old Canada Zone as simply "Old Town". I'm also told that the park's Loggers Leap flume ride is now no longer listed on their website, and on the park map the site where it was located is now listed as "Area Under Development".
    Park guests may want to keep an eye out when visiting this area, as it looks like this could be the next area under development for a 2017 or 2018 project. I'm also hearing that whatever may be on the way here, could possibly involve a new theme for this area of the park. Stay tuned!


2018 - Hotel - In Development - (6/2/14) The latest news from Thorpe Park this week show off all new details for the park’s new hotel project that is projected to open by Spring 2018. Revised concept artwork and the latest details on the project can be found over at TotalThorpePark.
    (9/19/06) You can see concept artwork for the new proposed Hotel at Thorpe Park here. Just click on each of the links. From the look of things however, they seem to have dropped the idea of an indoor waterpark.
    (7/7/06) Coaster Force reports that Thorpe Park will show off possible plans for a new waterpark hotel to the public on July 14th and 15th.



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