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News & Rumors


THE GREAT ESCAPE & Splashwater Kingdom
Lake George, New York
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (6/29/15) I've been sent a few pictures from The Great Escape taken this weekend, showing off markings on some of the trees all around the area where the park's bobsled ride is located. Before some of you get too excited... no... this is not a job for Rocky Mountain Construction. LOL!
    The Alpine Bobsled however has been rumored on and off over the years as being the next major ride likely to be removed from the park eventually, and this sure could be a sign that the end may be near for the old Intamin bobsled ride. Stay tuned and get your rides while you still can. (Update: The photos were originally posted to SFNE Online before being sent to Screamscape)


icon_STOP2016 - Greezed Lightnin - Confirmed - (9/3/15) For 2016 The Great Escape will add a new Larson Giant Loop flat ride called Greezed Lightnin. Watch the video below to see it in action.



Track Record

The Great Escape
Lake George, New York
Six Flags Theme Parks

Abbreviation: TGE

Parking: $20 / $25 Preferred

Newest Developments
2015 - Buccaneer Beach

2014 - Extreme Supernova

2013 - Screamin’ Eagles

2012 - Alpine Freefalls

2009 - Sasquatch

2008 - Wiggle’s World and Mega Wedgie

2007 - Tornado

Notes - The Nightmare indoor coaster has been closed for the last several years and the park has no plans to reopen it.



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