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News & Rumors




    (8/27/14) Bosque Magico - Zombie Green Premier Track In Route (MORE...)
    (8/19/14) Bosque Magico - Zombie Ride Animation (MORE...)
    (8/11/14) Miracle Strip Ready To Star Work on Starliner 2 (MORE...)
    (7/17/14) Wild Waves - Bad News For New Slides (MORE...)



2014 - Rewind Racers - (2/26/14) Southern California is getting a new roller coaster this year at Adventure City, the small attraction just down the street from Knott’s Berry Farm. They will add a unique Gerstlauer made family shuttle coaster (the first such ride in the US) called Rewind Racers that will open this summer. The $2 million investment marks the largest capital investment project to date for the park. Rewind Racers will have a 39” height limit.
    (8/13/13) Looks like the plans for a new coaster have been delayed until 2014...
    (9/17/12) If you visit the Adventure City website and hover over the red dot over the old Tree Top Racers coaster, they park has now posted a message confirming that a new family coaster will open here in 2013.
    (8/20/12) Adventure City mentioned on Facebook that they have plans to add a new picnic area and maybe an ice cream parlor for summer 2013.



2014 - Storm Chaser - (6/9/14) Adventureland opened Storm Chaser over the weekend. You can find a video of it in action here.
    (6/4/14) ParkJourney has posted a very detailed photo trip report from Adventureland. As a park we rarely see much about from year to year, it’s nice to kind of take a virtual tour this way. More pictures of the Storm Chaser ride being set up are also included.
    (6/2/14) Special thanks to a reader who visited Adventureland over the weekend and sent in some great pictures of Storm Chaser, the park’s new Mondial Windseeker ride. It appears as if the ride is ready for testing, with seats loaded with weight bags, but no word just yet on when it will be ready for park guests to ride. The park’s website only says that it will open sometime in June.
    (4/22/14) I’m told that the Storm Chaser tower at Adventureland has been topped off. The latest pictures of the big yellow tower can be seen on the park’s Facebook page.
    (9/11/13) Adventureland in Iowa is getting an interesting new attraction for 2014… a Mondial Windseeker. The news was confirmed on the park’s Facebook page late last week, along with a note that it will be called Storm Chaser and ready to open by June.



Park News - (7/12/13) Adventureland (Long Island) has released an interesting teaser video for Nightmare on the Midway, a new haunt event coming to the park this fall. Check it out.

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...

2015 - Mack Spinning Coaster - (7/3/14) Adventureland in Long Island announced last week that they will remove the SDC Hurricane coaster this fall and replace it with a custom Mack Spinning Coaster for the 2015 season. The new Mack spinning coaster will have two trains and actually end up being the tallest and fastest coaster in the park.



2013-2016 - Re-Profiling The Legend - (5/30/14) MidWestInfoGuide went to Arnolds Park to ride the The Legend wooden coaster, fresh off a major refurbishment by GCI. The coaster is 87 years old this season, and now rides like a dream. Check out the trip report!
    (2/3/14) Arnolds Park reports that their winter park renovations are on schedule, including a major $1 million rehab to The Legend that should be completed by May when the park opens for the 2014 season.
    (12/3/12) The local news reports that the Legend roller coaster at Arnolds Park is Iowa is undergoing some heavy renovations this winter, replacing 575 feet of track. As part of a survey performed by GCI, it was determined that the ride could be more enjoyable if they re-profiled the “Point of No Return” drop to be a smoother transition, as well as slightly raising the bottom of the second drop to allow for updated concrete footers to be poured. This is the first of four planned improvements phases for the ride that will be performed over the off-seasons. You can also find an old POV video showing off the coaster’s old profile below.


BAY BEACH (Green Bay, WI)

2014 - Sea Dragon - (2/14/14) The local news reports that the Bay Beach Amusement Park will open a new concession stand, add new lighting, make parking lot improvements as well as make other improvements to the Zippin Pippin and Sea Dragon rides for the 2014 season.
    While technically the Sea Dragon (Swing Ship) opened just before the end of the 2013 season, you can expect the park to promote the ride as also being new for 2014.
    (8/14/13) Better late than never, Bay Beach Amusement Park has begun to install the park’s new Sea Dragon ride that will go in near the Zippin Pippin. They hope it will go up quickly in order to have it ready to open in time for Labor Day Weekend.


BEECH BEND PARK  (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Park News - (12/27/13) An interesting lawsuit from a former Beech Bend maintenance worker has been filed against the park’s owner, Dallas Jones, but wont go to court until Fall 2014. The subject of the lawsuit however is something you may want to be made aware of before planning your next visit however.
    According to claims by Jason Trepanier, he was wrongly fired by the theme park after agreeing to participate as a witness against the park’s owner in a separate sexual harassment lawsuit, as well as claims he has made about some serious wrong-doings going on inside the theme park itself.
    Trepanier claims that the park hired contractors to install drains to dump raw sewage from the park into the nearby Barren River, allowed improperly trained employees to run the park’s rides, witnessing the owner direct the food service employees to keep and serve leftover food items from previous seasons before serving new fresh items, as well as using human “guinea pigs” to test the park’s rides before the start of the season rather than go through a proper inspection process beforehand.
    While these are clearly the claims of someone who was fired from the park, who might have an axe to grind, they are still shocking enough that I might think twice before planning a visit with my kids. Of course, as the park will also be under the microscope because of this for the 2014 season, I’d say it’s a fair bet that extra precautions will be made to ensure there are no shenanigans going on.

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2014 - Safai Kiddie Coaster - (11/28/13) ACE News has confirmed today that the International Rides Management (IRM Rides) Vice President of Sales, Samuel Shurgott, has personally purchased the Safari Kiddie Coaster (Allen Hershel) from the closed Fun Spot park in Indiana. The coaster was dismantled in early November and has been transported to its new home at Bell’s Amusement Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    The coaster will be rebuilt and repaired and repainted at Bell’s and then reopened to run year-round on the weekends as part of an “indefinite loan” to the park from Shurgott. Even better, an entire second set of tracks and supports, as well as extra coaster cars were also purchased not only for “parts”, but also to possibly allow for the coaster’s layout to be expanded at some point in the future.
    A wonderful news story to come out on Thanksgiving… so lets wish a Happy Thanksgiving back to Samuel Shurgott today as well.



icon_STOP2015 - Zombie Ride - Confirmed - (8/27/14) Zombie Green track from Premier Rides is now on the way to Bosque Magico for Zombie Ride. Check out the picture on twitter!
    (8/19/14) An animated video showing off the new Zombie Ride coaster (Premier Rides) coming to Bosque Magico in 2015 has been added below. While the layout is exactly the same as Superman at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Bosque Magico is promising that their version of the ride will feature a double ride cycle through the layout… so your ride will be twice as long as expected.
   Now if I only knew where the Zombies were going to be in this Zombie Ride...

    (4/30/14) Premier Rides has announced that they have been selected by Bosque Magico to design and build an iconic new coaster as part of the park’s 20th Anniversary celebration in 2015. The “Zombie Ride” will be the first modern magnetically launched coaster in all of Mexico and will also feature the highest inversion in Latin America.
    According to the description the ride will feature both forward and backward launches up to 100 Kph, a layout with two 90º vertical twists, and “an innovative, high-speed station switch system and multiple trains that are capable of multi-directional movement”.
    (10/10/13) I’m told that a large area is being prepared for new attractions that will open in 2014 and 2015 at the Bosque Magico park in Mexico. A picture of the site clearing can be found on Facebook.



Park News - (7/21/13) A fire has been reported at Camden Park that burnt down the park's Dodgem bumper car ride. The attraction is reported as being a total loss as an electrical fire caused the old wooden structure to quickly burn to the ground, despite park security calling 911 and fire services arriving within minutes. The park will be closed today and Monday, but expects to reopen on Tuesday. A picture of the blaze can be found here.

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing new was added in 2013 as well.


CASINO PIER (New Jersey)

Park News - (7/17/14) Despite the news saying otherwise, I’m told that the Carousel going up for sale in New Jersey is actually the one located at nearby Funtown Pier in Seaside Park and not the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights.
    (7/15/14) According to this story, Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ is removing their 1910 Dentzel-Looff carousel at the end of this season. They will try to find a buyer willing to pick up the entire attraction but if not, they will be willing to sell it off piece by piece to collectors who would be eager to pick up the hand-carved figures.

2014 - 3 New Attractions - (3/28/14) Three new attraction are being added to Casino Pier this season: a new Musik Express, a Zamperla Air Race and a dune buggy themed Zamperla Jump Around. All three will be installed onto the lower deck of the pier.

2015 - S&S Doubleshot - (5/23/14) S&S Worldwide has announced that they have signed a deal with Casino Beach Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ to build a new 120 foot tall Double Shot tower ride that will open for the 2015 season. If you’ve never had the pleasure of riding an S&S DoubleShot tower, you are in for a treat. It may be about half the size of a regular S&S Space Shot tower, but packs the same punch, channeling it into a double launch thrill like no other.


CASTLE PARK (California)

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing new was added in 2013 as well.


(Purchased by Kieran Burke / Gary Story in Nov. 2011)

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing new was added in 2013 as well.


CLIFF’S AMUSEMENT PARK (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Park News - (11/8/13) Cliff’s Amusement Park will open for the winter for the first time ever this year, becoming Cliff’s Magical Christmas from Nov. 29 to Dec. 29. The park will open “about 10 rides” along with a music light show throughout the park from 5-9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

2014 - Wind Rider - (2/28/14) Screamscape sources tell us that the new Wind Rider coming to Cliff’s this summer will be an ARM Rides Vertigo, standing 120 feet tall.
    (2/27/14) Cliff’s Amusement Park will add Wind Rider for 2014, which appears to be a Star Flyer style spinning tower ride. Check it out here, though no further details are available.

???? - Greezed Lightnin’ - (5/7/12) Amusement Today reports that Joyland (Lubbock, Texas) has reached an agreement with Cliff’s Amusement Park in New Mexico to trade the former Greezed Lightnin’ coaster from Astroworld (Schwarzlopf Shuttle Loop) in exchange for Cliff’s old water just removed to make way for a bigger version to open this year.
    Joyland will begin construction on the water fortress for their 2013 season once the summer is over. No word on the exact timetable for Cliff’s to install Greezed Lightnin’ but they will have the coaster rehabbed and repainted at Larson’s text facility before they putting it up in New Mexico.



2014 - Music Express - (3/14/14) DelGrosso’s Amusement Park has announced the addition of a new Music Express flat ride for the 2014 season. You can see a picture of the ride here.
    (1/20/14) DelGrosso’s has launched a revamped website for the amusement park this year, along with a headline claiming that an unknown new ride would be coming for the 2014 season. While we don’t know what it is yet, one reader speculates that any new attraction could show up in the former location of the Space Odyssey, which was removed a few years back, and the site left vacant even since.

2014/2015 - Waterpark Expansion - Rumor - (7/22/13) According to a local newspaper article clipping sent my way, DelGrosso’s is looking to add a new 29x27 “pump building” near the mini-golf course that would service the waterpark. However, the agenda sheet for the township meeting listed that the park’s expected subject would be for a waiver to demolish the mini-golf and go-kart area to make way for wave pool and lazy river. Looks like the park may have backed off on those plans for now, or at least for the 2014 season, and could revisit them in the future. Just something to keep an eye on.
    (8/24/12) The latest rumor says the waterpark expansion wont be ready until 2014.
    (6/25/12) A reader who visited DelGrosso’s the other day reports back that they were told the park was planning a big waterpark expansion for 2013 which would add three more slides, a lazy river and interactive water play areas. The park may also looking into a possible new flat ride as well. 

2015 - New Ride – Rumor - (8/11/14) Screamscape sources confirm that DelGross’s is expected to add a new ride of some kind to the park for the 2015 season. At this time, it is unknown what kind of ride it may be, or where it might go.



2014 - NEW PARK - (1/16/14) It’s official, the new Diggerland USA mini-park, from the owners of Sahara Sam’s waterpark, will be opening in early Summer 2014 on a site located just before the Saraha Sam’s waterpark. The new construction-equipment themed park will cover a 14 acre site and feature over 23 attractions.
   The concept of the park is to allow for children as well as adults to live out the dream of operating heavy construction machines like skid-steers, tractors, dump trucks, excavators and backhoes in a safe environment on actual modified machines.
   Attractions will include the Spin Dizzy (ride in seats added to a special bucket-arm that will rise and spin around rapidly), The Backhoe Adventure, Sky Shuttle (ride up a 5-story tall boom tower) a ropes course, train rides, rock climbing and more. For now they hope to be able to operate the park for about 9 months out of the year, including special December holiday hours. The official website is



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing new was added in 2013 as well.


Owned by Parque Reunidos

2014 - Exploration Island / Turnpike (New Location) - (2/7/14) According to the local news 15 large animatronic dinosaur figures will be added to Dutch Wonderland for the 2014 season to create a new walk-through attraction called Exploration Island. The relocated Turnpike car ride will find itself in the middle of the new Exploration Island area, as well as doubled in length, as one of the fun new ways to view the dinosaurs. Other attractions on Exploration Island will include the Dino Dig area (kids digging for fossils), the Prehistoric Path walkway or take a ride on the Gondola Cruise around the inner rim of Exploration Island.
    (7/7/13) According to pictures posted on the Classic Park Connoisseurs Facebook page, there is a new bit of construction going on at Dutch Wonderland to relocate the park’s Turnpike car ride to the island at the north side of the park for the 2014 season. A semi-new’ish image of the future attraction site can be found on Google Maps with a fairly clear looking ride layout path on the far side of the bridge. Not only does the new version of the attraction look bigger, but this would also create a large area of free space in the center of the park when they remove it that could be used future expansion projects for years to come.

View Larger Map



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing new was added in 2013 as well.



2014 - Magic Bikes / Jump Around Dunebuggies - Confirmed - (12/23/13) The local news has confirmed that Family Kingdom will add the Magic Bikes and Jump Around Dunebuggies rides from Freestyle Music Park and will add them to the lineup for the 2014 season.
    (12/9/13) Screamscape sources tell us that Freestyle’s Doo Wop and Air Bike rides were both removed from Freestyle this week and will be set up to run over at the nearby Family Kingdom theme park for 2014.



2014 - New Attraction - Rumor - (8/19/13) An interesting report on SFNEOnline about the rumored future of Funtown Splashtown USA indicated that the park was looking into either a new wave pool or a possible small launched coaster.



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


GILROY GARDENS (Gilroy, California)

icon_STOP2014 - Water Oasis - (7/10/14) Gilroy Gardens will open a new children’s water play area called “Water Oasis” on July 19th. The new kids area is designed for those 8 and under and features three play elements: Water Journey, Lagoon and Splash Pad.
    (8/23/13) Consider me surprised… but the almost forgotten Gilroy Gardens park has announced a new addition coming in 2014. They call it Water Play Oasis, which will consist of a 2 ft deep tot play pool, splash pad and more. Various plant shaped objects will be all around rigged up to spray water on you.  The non-profit park will build this for a cost of $2 million.


IDLEWILD (Pennsylvania)
Parques Reunidos

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...

2015 - Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood - (3/13/14) Idlewild has confirmed that they will close the park’s Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of Make Believe land has been closed to make way for the new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood area coming in 2015. (Note: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is PBS’s modern animated successor program to the old Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood program).
    Fortunately, the new land continue to use the Trolley ride, as the Trolley is a part of both shows, while updating the rest of the land, and adding a live action show.



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



Park News - (2/27/14) Keansburg’s Spook House which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy took a big step towards coming back this week. It seems one of the ride’s vintage Pretzel cars was restored for the filming of American Restoration on the History Channel this week, which you can read about at OneZumiverse. According to Screamscape sources, the show performed the restoration free of charge and provided the materials needed for the park to finish restoring all the rest of the ride’s cars as well.

2014 - New Coaster - (2/26/14) Keansburg Amusement Park will add a new roller coaster (a Pinfari ZL42) this year to replace the Wildcat which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The park is now holding a contest to help name the new roller coaster at their official website, and the winner will get to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony and take part in the first official ride.
    (9/16/13) The pieces for the former Beech Bend Looping Star coaster (Pinfari) arrived on site at Keansburg Amusement Park (NJ) over the summer, but the ride never opened for the 2013 season. Lets assume it will open in 2014 for now.


KEMAH BOARDWALK (near Houston, Texas)
Landry’s Restaurants  (SAT MAP)

Park News - (2/2/14) Kemah Boardwalk posted a message on their Facebook page last week to let guests know that due to construction starting for a new ride, all the rides to the left side of the train will be open, while those to the right side (train included) will be closed for several days. If anyone is in the area, please swing by to see if there is any sign of what this new attraction may be.

icon_STOP2014 - Flare - NOW OPEN - (5/12/14) A video showing off a new ride now open at Kemah Boardwalk called Flare can be found here. Flare appears to be a super-sized Super Loop / Fireball style attraction, the second tallest ride of it’s type in the world. I’m guessing that this has replaced the previously borrowed Fireball ride they had on site back in late 2012.

2014 - Iron Eagle - NOW OPEN - (12/4/13) Kemah Boardwalk is said to have added a Soaring Eagle Zipline attraction to the park for 2014. The new “Iron Eagle” attraction will be 100 feet tall and run from the Landry’s Restaurant area over to the top of the Boardwalk Inn.

???? - Log Flume - Rumor - (11/15/11) According to Screamscape sources, Kemah Boardwalk is said to be expected a new log ride… but not until at least the 2013 season, where it will be added as part of a large multi-million dollar refurbishment project.
    (11/14/11) While I had posted a little bit of speculation on my part that a new log flume may be on the way to the new Galveston Pleasure Pier park project in 2012, I’ve heard from another source that the log flume in question just might be for the Kemah Boardwalk. Anyone know more?



icon_STOPPark News - (5/3/14) Lake Winnie will help celebrate Mother’s Day by offering a special discounted “Carload Rate” for admission into the park. Visit on Sunday, May 11, from Noon to 8pm and you will only pay $85.00 for up to five guests to get in.
    (4/15/14) Starting Friday, April 18th, Lake Winnepesaukah will host Dr. Pepper Friday at the park on every Friday in the 2014 season. All guests who purchase one unlimited ride ticket at the regular price will receive an additional one at half-price with a Dr. Pepper can, or a can from any Coca-Cola product.
    (4/3/14) Just a heads up, but Lake Winnie will open the gates for the 2014 season on April 12th.

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2014 - Roll-O-Plane Returns - (9/19/13) According to a few guests who were able to visit Lakeside before they closed for the season, the Roll-O-Plane was set up again in the park, but no one ever saw it reopen for guests. Looks like it will be a 2014 surprise.
    (9/16/13) While sifting through old e-mail I came across a picture a reader sent in from Lakeside Amusement Park. The park appeared to be putting their old Roll-o-Plane ride back up. According to what I’ve heard, the Roll-o-Plane is thought to have been removed several years ago, possible to make room for the drop tower ride. A couple of pictures showing off what the ride used to look like back in 2006 can be found over at TPR.



2014 to 2016 - Log Jammer - (8/29/11) A reader who contacted Little Amerricka about when they might get Log Jammer reopen was told that the ride wasn’t expected to be up and running again its new home for another 3-5 years.
    (1/29/10) Little Amerricka has confirmed in their newsletter than they have purchased the Log Jammer from Chicago’s former Kiddieland park. While they wont be able to get it up and running in time for the 2010 season, they will take the time to restore it and add it to their own collection of rides in the near future.


MARTIN’S FANTASY ISLAND (Grand Island, New York - near Niagara Falls)

icon_STOP2014 - Over The Falls - (6/11/14) A reader tells us that Martin’s Fantasy Island has opened their new KMG ‘Over the Falls” ride last weekend which is a Skyscraper style attraction, which has replaced the park’s old Log Flume. The park has also performed track refurbishment to the Silver Comet, restoration work on the Carousel and Tilt-A-Whirl, along with one of the Iron Horse Trains. The park has also returned the figure from the original Devils Hole to stand next to the current Devils Hole (Gravitron) ride.
    (11/24/13) According to this report at, KMG will deliver a new Speed flat ride to Martin’s Fantasy Island in April.
    (11/4/13) I’m hearing that Martin’s Fantasy Island may be preparing to open a new thrill ride attraction in 2014 possibly called Over the Falls. The park released a teaser image on their Facebook page showing off a high spinning loop ride in the dark. One of our sources researched this and came up with an exact picture match for the image as being for a KMG Speed, a unique looking Skyscraper style ride creation, which you can see in action in the YouTube clip embedded below.


MIRACLE STRIP at PIER PARK (Panama City, Florida)

2014 - Expansion Plans - Now Open - (4/23/14) The new Miracle Strip at Pier Park opened over the weekend and you can find a pictures of their new digs here.  Looking good so far… can’t wait to see how it looks when the new version of the Starliner goes up.
    (3/31/14) According to this news report, they are nearing the final stretch to reopen the new Miracle Strip at Pier Park. They claim that while the park’s grand opening wont be until April 18th, they may soft open the park quietly in two weeks.
    (1/29/14) NewsPlusNotes has posted a detailed story about the new Miracle Strip @ Pier Park project. They go into detail about the new site, which attractions will be offered once the new park is open and how the plans to rebuild the Starliner for 2015 are shaping up.
    (1/20/14) The latest photo update from the moving of the Miracle Strip at Pier Park across the street to the new location have been posted to the bottom of the page at AllAmericanThrills.
    (12/31/13) More construction equipment and rides are starting to show up at the site for the new Miracle Strip at Pier Park site. Check out the latest pictures posted to the bottom of the page at AllAmericanThrills.
    (11/27/13) A groundbreaking was held at the new site for Miracle Strip Pier Park, across the street from where they have been running. While the long term plan is to eventually rebuild the Starliner, it will take a few years to get it up and running and for now they will be focused on building the new park, installing new rides and I believe relocating the existing ones to the new site when it is ready. You can see pictures from the groundbreaking ceremony, including the old Starliner coaster train, on their Facebook page.
    (10/31/13) The latest construction update from the Pier Park at Miracle Strip has been posted to AllAmericanThrills this week. They are still in the site clearing phase, but at least there is progress.
    (8/13/13) AllAmericanThrills reports that a huge load (see the picture) of Galaxi track and supports have arrived on site for the rebuild of the Miracle Strip park in 2014. Earlier this year the park mentioned that they had purchased a used Galaxi coaster from another location, though I’m not sure where.
    (2/20/13) The latest update on the plan to move the little Miracle Strip at Pier Park onto a bigger piece of properly is slowly moving ahead as the needed approvals to the plan trickle in. As the lease expires on the current property, they plan on moving the rides to the new site after a planned groundbreaking in October 2013, and to have it reopen by April 2014. Don’t look for the Star Liner to show up until 2015.
    (2/13/13) An interesting post on the Miracle Strip @ Pier Park Facebook page says, “Big plans are in the works. We just received Planning Commission approval for our plans to expand to a 11 acre site located just 200 ft from our current location. And YES, are plans do include bringing back the Starliner. Plans call for the new site being operational by Spring of 2014 and the coaster back running by Spring of 2015. We'll post more details later.”

icon_STOP2015 - The Starliner Returns - Planning - (8/11/14) The owners of the new Miracle Strip at Pier Park say they are ready to begin construction to rebuild the Starliner coaster this fall. Watch this local news report on it to see more. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the animation below to see the modified coaster layout from Great Coasters. To fit the Starliner into the new site, the layout has been forced to have changed into a L-Shaped Out & Back instead of the old straight Out & Back layout from the original and Cypress Gardens installations.

    (6/10/13) The latest effort to rebuild the Starliner in Panama City involves the selling of custom bricks for $50 that will make up a pathway running to the rebuild Starliner once it is ready to reopen at the new Miracle Strip site. If all goes according to plan they will begin construction this fall, move the existing rides to the new site (along with 9 more) to the new site in time to open in Spring 2014. They hope to start construction on the Starliner in Fall 2014 and have it open by Spring 2015.



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing was added in 2013 as well.


PLAYLAND at the PNE (Vancouver, Canada)

icon_STOPPark News - (7/10/14) Playland at the PNE (Vancouver) has confirmed that they will be removing Crazy Beach Party, the park’s Huss Frisbee ride, at the end of the season in order to replace it with something “more extreme, more daring” for 2015. Anyone know more?

2014 - Rock-N-Cars - (2/7/14) Playland at the PNE will retire the park’s old bumper cars (Scooters) and replace them with a new state of the art set which will be named as Rock-N-Cars for the 2014 season.

icon_STOP2015 - New Attraction - (7/11/14) Screamscape sources tell us that they believe Playland will be adding a KMG XXL for 2015, which appears to be a king-size version of an Afterburn.
    (7/10/14) A new ride will be added in 2015 to replace Crazy Beach Party.



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


SAN FRANCISCO DUNGEON (San Francisco, CA @ Fisherman’s Wharf)

Summer 2014 - NEW - (6/10/14) As you can see in this photo on Twitter, the new San Francisco Dungeon will open on June 26th, right next door to the new Madame Tussauds.
    (5/6/14) A new article all about the upcoming San Francisco Dungeon attraction can be found at this week who digs up information about some other regional stories and legends that will be brought to life in the attraction such as the Black Death and the Ghosts of Alcatraz.
    (3/26/14) Great news, the San Francisco Dungeon how has an official website that confirms a Summer 2014 opening along with some hints and details about what will be included inside this first American Dungeon location. An underground boat ride has been confirmed on the website, along with a picture near the top where the boat has been labeled as The Shanghai. This almost seems to be a direct tie-in to the rumored attraction based on the legend of Shanghai Kelly.
    (12/31/13) I’m told that an interesting character from San Francisco’s history by the name of James Kelly will play a roll in the city’s new Dungeon attraction when it opens. Kelly, better known then as “Shanghai” Kelly, was known for his ability to kidnap a large number of men and sell them off as slave labor to various unstaffed ships in need of crew members. Kelly owned and ran a large number of bars along the waterfront areas, which only helped supply the man-power his clients were in need of.
    We also know that The Dungeon will also feature a boat ride of some kind… could there be a connection?
    (12/23/13) A new teaser website for the brand new San Francisco Dungeon attraction has now gone live, with a Summer 2014 opening timeline. In addition to the theatrical playout of stories from old San Francisco, told with live actors and special effects, the attraction will also feature ‘an awesome underground boat ride”.
    (11/26/13) Merlin has announced that they have signed a deal with the San Francisco Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf that will see the building transformed into an official Madame Tussauds San Francisco was attraction, as well as open The San Francisco Dungeon at Fisherman’s Wharf. This will be the first of Merlin’s infamous ‘Dungeon’ attractions to open in the United States. Both of the new attractions are slated to open by Summer 2014 as part of a $35 million investment.
    While the Madame Tussauds was museums are well known throughout the world, the Dungeon attractions are a bit different, as they always strived to bring to live local legends and stories whenever possible, making each of the Dungeon’s a bit unique from the rest. According to the description, The San Francisco Dungeon “will be the ultimate thrill-filled journey through the dark parts of San Francisco’s past. The black comedy of attractions, The Dungeons use a combination of theatrical storytelling by skilled actors, comedy, special effects, rides, jumps and edge of your seat surprises to really involve visitors, and bring history alive in a way that makes you laugh and shiver in equal parts.”


2013_SantasVillageAzoosmentPark_logo1SANTA’S VILLAGE AZOOSMENT PARK (Dundee, Illinois)

Park News - (8/16/13) While the Summer is winding down, Santa’s Village Azoosment Park will begin their annual Autumn Harvest Fest days, opening the park on weekends and Columbus Day from Sept. 28 through to October 27th. The park will be decorated with pumpkins and fall décor, add a straw maze, magic shows and special fall treats to eat.

2014 - New Coaster - (9/11/13) A reader sent in a couple of pictures showing off the new coaster assembled at Santa’s Village Azoosment Park. While the coaster looks to be fully assembled, it appears that the trains may still be undergoing refurbishment and are not on the tracks. Unless they appear very soon, I wouldn’t expect to see this open until 2014.
    (8/2/13) The new Wildcat coaster is going up quickly over at Santa’s Village Azoosment Park. Check out the latest picture on their Facebook page.
    (1/31/13) The latest word from the Azoosment Park at Santa’s Village is that the the pieces of the park’s new coaster are on site and are being refurbished before they try to put it back together.
    (12/7/12) The park also has a little good news to share… they will be adding a new roller coaster for the 2013 season as well as new animal exhibits, one of which will be include camels. I’ve also heard some rumors indicating that the park may add a new flat ride or two if possible in 2013. 

2014/2015 - New Attraction - Rumor - (12/7/12) Rumor has it that Azoosment Park at Santa’s Village is looking very seriously at adding a new dark ride as early as the 2014 season, depending on how well things go for them in 2013.



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing was added in 2013 as well.



2014 - Two New Rides - (11/13/13) According to NewsPlusNotes, the two new rides coming to Seabreeze are actually from Freestyle Music Park. The park will replace it’s aging Yo-Yo with the Wave Swinger as well as add the Great Balloon Race.
    (11/8/13) Seabreeze has announced that they will add two new rides for 2014, a Wave Swinger from Bertazzon and Great Balloon Race from Zamperla. The park will also completely rebuild their Kiddie City ride area as well.


SESAME PLACE (Philadelphia)
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Park News - (10/22/13) As rumored, a reader tweeted a couple of great pictures showing off two new temporary flat rides brought into Sesame Place this week for the guests. Check them out here and here.
    (8/29/13) According to a strange news story firefighters were called into Sesame Place to help remove a woman from the park’s Sky Splash waterslide. According to the news report, the woman started down the slide at around 1:15pm and “she stopped somewhere on the slide, worried because of health concerns related to her back.” Because of her location on the slide, firefighters were called in to use a ladder truck to remove her via a backboard to prevent possible injury.
    Okay… with the official story out of the way… none of this story makes even the slightest bit of sense, so either the reporters got this all wrong, or something fishy is going on here. First off, lets take a look at the Sky Splash, the park’s large family raft slide. Typically you never ride these kind of slides alone… and you ride sitting up, not on your back. Also… I find it hard to believe that she somehow ‘stopped’ the momentum of the raft going down the slide, at least not without climbing out of the raft and putting a Herculean effort into it.
    So consider me very confused, as every facet of this story makes not even the slightest bit of sense to me. For now, lets wait and see if there is an update to this story in the future to help explain this more.

icon_STOP2014 - Cookie’s Monster Land - (6/4/14) Sesame Place has opened their new Cookie’s Monster Land addition according to local reports.
    (10/12/13) Sesame Place has confirmed their new expansion area as Cookie’s Monster Land, opening in May 2014.  The new land will feature 5 exciting rides, a new three-story net climb called the Monster Clubhouse, a soft play area for the little ones called the Mini-Monster Clubhouse and the updated 1-2-3 Smile with Me. The new rides coming are: Captain Cookie’s High “C’s” Adventure, Oscar’s Rotten Rusty Rockets, Honker Dinger Derby, Monster Mix-Up and Flying Cookie Jars.
    (10/8/13) Screamscape sources have confirmed that Sesame Place is planning on building a new themed land for the Sesame Street Monster charaters. Construction will begin right after the Halloween Spooktacular ends, and when the park opens in May 2014 you can still expect to have a bit of heavy construction still going on.
    To make room for the new expansion the park’s last original play structure will be removed… the large Net Climb structure. The net climb will be replaced by three new flat rides and the nearby 1-2-3- Smile with Me attraction will be refreshed and updated. Unless they dropped the previous plans, Sandstorm from BGT is more than likely one of the three new rides.
    Due to the size of the construction site, a few temporary carnival rides will be brought in and set up during The Very Furry Christmas event in the VIP Cabana and Count’s Splash Castle “beach” area.
    (10/7/13) I’m told that Sesame Place has started to reveal clues through their various social media channels about the park’s new 2014 addition. The “Big Furry Announcement” will take place on October 10th at 9:30 am.
    So far on the park’s Instagram page they have posted four furry letters that in reverse order spell ‘LAND’. Could the park add a new themed land for the Sesame Street possibly themed around the various fuzzy monsters?
    (6/6/13) With Sandstorm now officially closed at Busch Gardens Tampa, keep an eye open around Sesame Place over the summer to see if the parts and pieces end up making the trip to Sesame Place as rumored as a possible new addition for 2014.
    (4/17/13) I received a strange rumor a couple of weeks ago and was nor ready to believe it at the time. According to that secret source, the Sandstorm flat ride would be removed from Busch Gardens Tampa and would find a new home up in Sesame Place in 2014.


SELVA MAGICA (Guadalajara, Mexico)

2014 - The Bullet - (10/8/13) According to what I’m told the track assembly for Bullet at Selva Magica is complete and you can see pictures taken during the assembly here. The train has been loaded and now awaits the completion of the mechanical and electrical systems before they can begin testing.
    (9/23/13) A construction video of the new Bullet coaster at Selva Magica (formerly known as Wiener Looping) can be found here.
    (8/26/13) It looks like Selva Magica is finally pulling The Bullet out of storage and setting it up. The park posted a picture on Facebook showing off the loop being set into place. Before arriving in Mexico, The Bullet previously ran at Flamingo Land in the UK from 1991 to 2005. The unique Schwarzkopf classic coaster started out at Weiner Prater in Austria as Weiner Looping back in 1982 but only ran for a year before being sent to Boardwalk & Baseball in Florida in Florida for a few more years. It may be the only coaster to have traveled from Europe to North America, back to Europe and then back again to North America, and has got to be one of the most highly traveled still running when it reopens.
    (8/28/12) According to one source The Bullet has been completely refurbished since it was removed from Flamingo Land. In the meantime, check out this POV video of The Bullet in action from when it was at Flamingo Land.


STEEL PIER (Atlantic City, NJ)

2014 - Observation Wheel - Planned - (7/5/13) The local news reports that Steel Pier has signed a deal with Technical Park to build a 200 foot tall giant wheel with 42 enclosed gondolas, set to open next year. Nearly every cabin is expected to be climate controlled, WiFi access, music and more during the 15-20 minute ride.
    (5/28/13) Atlantic City’s Steel Pier is now moving ahead with plans to build a 200 foot tall Giant Wheel on a newly constructed deck area just south of the existing pier. Look for this to be open by 2014 once again... and not fall 2013 as mentioned last month.
        (4/24/13) Steel Pier seems to have shuffled their previously announced expansion plans a bit. According to this article the first phase of a $100 million renovation project will open this year and include a 200 foot ferris wheel with climate-controlled cabins installed on the pier that they expect to have open by this Fall. (Note: When first announced, the wheel was supposed to be 250 ft. and open in 2014.) The wheel is also expected to be open year-round instead of just for warmer months of the year.

2015 - Marine Ballroom - (2/8/12) Phase 3 will open in 2015 and see the famous Marine Ballroom recreated. The new Ballroom will be able to seat 2000 people in addition to having a stage area, allowing the facility to transform as needed from a dance hall into a concert arena, wedding chapel or special events center.


Managed by Herschend Family Entertainment

???? - Adventure Mountain / SkyHike Expansion - Rumor - (4/10/13) The latest rumors from our sources in Tennessee continue to tell us that much of the Adventure Mountain ropes course attraction being removed from Dollywood will be shipped to Stone Mountain and added as a giant-sized expansion (or replacement) to SkyHike. If you happen to visit Stone Mountain, keep your eyes open to see if any pieces of Adventure Mountain have arrived on site.
    (12/18/12) Rumor has it that when Dollywood removes their Adventure Mountain ropes course in early 2013 to make room for an unknown 2014 attraction, the high capacity attraction may be transferred into use down at Stone Mountain as a replacement for SkyHike, Stone Mountain’s own smaller scale ropes course attraction which actually shut down for the season in early November for some reason. I’m not sure if that is normal, as Stone Mountain tries to pack in the crowds over the winter with their Snow Mountain man-made snow sledding attractions from November through February, so you would think they would want SkyHike open as well. If anyone happens to hit up Stone Mountain soon, take a peek at SkyHike and see if there is any sign of it being removed from service. If so, Stone Mountain could offer up Adventure Mountain as a bigger better version in either mid 2013 to 2014.


Parques Reunidos

2014 - Roar-O-Saurus - Confirmed - (2/24/14) A construction tour video of the Roar-O-Saurus coaster going up at Storyland was posted by CoasterCrew this weekend. Check it out below!

    (1/14/14) Gravity Group has posted a picture from Story Land on Facebook this week, confirming that the new Roar-O-Saurus coaster has gone vertical at last.
    (11/21/13) As rumored, Storyland has confirmed their new Gravity Group coaster is on the way for 2014 and will be called Roar-O-Saurus.  The coaster will feature custom themed Timberliner trains that look like a dinosaur. Coaster Crew was on hand for the announcement and unveiling of the new themed train, which can be seen below.
    The coaster will feature a 1242ft long track, a 38.5 ft drop, 12 airtime hills and a long curving tunnel on the far end. You can also see the animated POV of the ride in action below as well. They’ve managed to pack in a lot of fun into a very small package. Looks like a winner!

    (10/28/13) The latest word on the Storyland coaster in the works from Gravity Group is that it will be just a bit bigger than the Wooden Warrior at Quassy… standing about 40 feet tall, compared to the Warrior’s 35 ft.
    (10/9/13) I’m told that Story Land finalized the deal to buy a new coaster from Gravity Group this week… and that the train will have a special custom “nose” made for the lead car. 
    (9/19/13) According to the latest rumors Story Land in Glen, NH may have bought a Gravity Group wooden coaster for 2014, along with a Timberliner train. Anyone know more?



2014 - Work Zone - (12/18/13) A trip report from Storybook Land taken earlier this month shows off the construction progress on the park’s new 2014 attraction called Work Zone, allowing kiddies to ride in construction cars through a themed construction site with animatronic figures.



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


WESTERN PLAYLAND (Sunland Park, New Mexico)

2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


WildWaves_logoWILD WAVES  (Seattle-Tacoma, WA)
Owned by CNL Lifestyle Properties
Managed by NorPoint Entertainment

Park News - (2/3/14) While we don’t know exactly what kind of new slides are on the way to Wild Waves this year, an anonymous source did send in photographic proof that the former Green Slides were demolished, as rumored, several weeks ago.
    (1/2/14) I’m sorry to say that the reported demolition of the ‘green’ slides may not have happened. It is hard to say, as so far no one has provided photographic proof, though word from a guest who visited on Dec. 26th claims that the slides were still there. The story sent in about them being removed came in to me on Dec. 30th, but with no mention of when they visited. I’m not sure if the green slides can be seen from outside the park or not, but if anyone happens to drive by, take a peek.
    (12/31/13) According to the latest on-site report, a guest who visited Wild Waves’ Holiday With Lights event reports that the Green Slides have already been torn down to make way for the unknown new slides for the 2014 season.
    (12/27/13) While Wild Waves has yet to announce anything new on the way for the 2014 season, a rumor was sent in to Screamscape claiming that the park was looking to replace the four Green Slides in the waterpark with a new set of modern slides. Keep an eye open if you pass near the park, thought I’m also not sure if this was intended for the 2014 season or for 2015.
    (10/22/13) A reader tell us that Wild Waves has not only removed the park’s Octopus flat ride, but was even seen using a piece of it as a decorative prop in the park for Fright Fest.
    (9/27/13) I can’t confirm this year, but a rumor sent in claims that Wild Waves will remove the Octopus ride at the end of the season. It seems maintenance on the old ride has simply gotten to be more than they can handle.
    (9/12/13) I’m told that Wild Waves has announced that they will feature two new haunts at Fright Fest this year: Chamber of Souls (replacing Scream Factory) and a new 3D haunt named The PlayGround.

icon_STOP2015 - 3 New Waterslides and More - Confirmed - (7/17/14) Good News / Bad News time for for Wild Waves fans and passholders. Remember those 8 waterslides they removed with the promise to add 3 new ones this season? Good news… we can see what the new slides look like via renderings the park posted on Facebook. The bad news… the new slides aren’t going to be ready until 2015. Ouch! Check out the comments and boy are the locals mad, but who can blame them? 
    (5/30/14) I’m told that another park statement on Facebook from Wild Waves mentions that the three new slides wont be ready until mid to late Summer. The good news is that the slide pieces are on site and ready to be built, so any kind of hold up now may likely involve permitting and the local government offices.
    (5/29/14) According to posts by Wild Waves on their Facebook page, the park is still planning on adding 3 new slides for this season, though it seems that they have yet to install them.  However, the structure that will go up to support the three new slides, will apparently be used to add 6 more slides as a Phase 2 addition later on. From what I’ve been told, the entire building that was used to access the former green slides (now removed) has also been removed, leaving a big hole in the waterpark offerings at the park this season by removing a total of 9 slides. There isn’t much time left to get a new slide tower up before Summer, so I’m not sure what the hold-up is, or when they might get this year’s new addition finished.
    (4/11/14) Wild Waves has confirmed on their Facebook page that the park will add three new tube slides to take the place of the removed Green Slide tower. This will also said to be just the first phase of a new expansion to this area that will eventually see a total of nine new slides added over the next few years if all goes as planned. Other new additions this season include the “Extreme Raptors Show!” (bird show), and the addition of The Smurfs as a character Meet & Greet area to open on June 23rd.



2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time...



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