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St. Louis, MO
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icon_STOPPark News - (12/16/15) A great interview with the President of Six Flags St. Louis, Dave Roemer, has been posted by BlooLoop. They go over his long history with the park from the early years, talk about the creation of the park's Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, their FrightFest efforts as well as the upcoming Fireball ride. And to bookend it all, Roemer will also retire from SFSL as of Jan. 1st, 2016.
    (12/2/15) Six Flags has released a new version of their "New for 2016 at Six Flags" video that goes over what each park in the chain is adding next year. A reader noticed if you jump ahead to the La Ronde segment that starts at the 3:20 mark, they've changed the footage for Gravitor to show footage of a Chance Falling Star ride, in particular this is footage of the Rush Street Flyer from Six Flags St. Louis. I'm told that the Rush Street Flyer is being removed from SFSL to make room for the park's new Fireball ride in 2016.

    (11/11/15) Screamscape has heard that the park president of Six Flags St. Louis is retiring. While no official statement of a replacement has been made that I've seen, the popular rumor is that the Dir. of Operations from SFNE (Pete Carmichael) is rumored to have been tapped to replace him. (Note: This has been confirmed, Pete Carmichael has been selected as the new park President.)
    (10/16/15) Guests to Six Flags St. Louis may be in for a slight shock when riding the American Thunder wooden coaster. After losing a bet with the management of Six Flags Great America (located near Chicago) over a baseball game between the Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, the park has now renamed the American Thunder coaster to “Cubs Thunder” for the remainder of the 2015 season.
    (8/26/15) Screamscape sources tell us that one of the GCI Millennium Flyer trains from the now closed ROAR coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom arrived at Six Flags St. Louis this week. The two trains from ROAR were rumored to be sent out to the two Six Flags parks that could use them as spare trains... or for spare parts, for American Thunder at Six Flags St. Louis and Apocalypse at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I would expect the other train to already have arrived at SFMM by now as well.
    (7/24/15) Sources tell us that Six Flags St. Louis will have a brand new haunt to offer up at this year's Fright Fest. I've also been told that the train is slowly being refurbished, one car at a time, and apparently the first of these refurbished cars is expected to hit the rails this weekend.


2016 - Fireball - (9/3/15) The park will add another Larson built Giant Loop for 2016 to be called Fireball.



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Six Flags St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
Six Flags Theme Parks

Tickets: as of 9/4/12
Adults: $49.99
Child (under 48”): $36.99
Ages 2 & Under Free
Parking: $18 / $23 Preferred

Abbreviation: SFSL

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2015 - Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

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2012 - Mr Freeze:Reverse Blast
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