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Park News - (3/14/14) Screamscape sources tell us that Batman: The Ride at Six Flags St. Louis will get a new paint job sometime this year. UPDATE - I’m told the ride repaint is already under way, but keeping the same black color as before.
    (2/7/14) I’m told that the things are moving ahead to have the new biometric scanners added to the turnstiles at Six Flags St. Louis in time for opening day.
    (1/27/14) Negative-G has a special update this week, showing off rare pictures of the closed Hannibarrels attraction as seen in September 2013, which has been left on site and hidden from view since it closed back in 1997. After all these many years, the park will be removing the remains of the Hannibarrels, as the site will be reused for the new Tsunami Soaker ride coming this summer.


2014 - Tsunami Soaker - (5/28/14) Six Flags St. Louis has opened their new Tsunami Soaker. Check out a video of it in action here.
    (5/2/14) A construction update from Six Flags St. Louis for the new Tsunami Soaker flat ride has been posted to MidWestInfoGuide.
    (4/16/14) Footage of the new Tsunami Soaker attraction at Six Flags St. Louis has been posted to Negative-G this week.
    (8/29/13) Six Flags St. Louis will join with Discovery Kingdom in adding a new Tsunami Soaker wet flat ride to the park in 2014. This is the same basic ride that opened at La Ronde in 2013 as Aqua Twist.
    The ride experience is similar to a classic Tea Cup style flat ride, except that as the ride begins your platform lowers down to surround everyone by a pool a water… and each rider is armed with a giant water cannon to try and spray the other riders with as well as guests standing around the immediate ride area.

    (8/26/13) Six Flags St. Louis features a picture of the park’s old spinning barrels ride on Facebook the other day with the message, “Stay tuned to see what this photo has to do with what’s new in 2014”.  Aqua Twist anyone?



icon_STOP2015 - New Dark Ride - Rumor - (8/6/14) Six Flags tweeted out a fun picture from the St. Louis park, showing off a couple of gents deep in conversation standing in front of the Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters dark ride at the park. They also show a new sign on the fence that says “Swampland For Rent or Lease, Inquire Within”. So who will be the next to inhabit the haunted swamp?
    (7/24/14) Ruh-Roh!! The Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters: Mystery of the Scary Swamp dark ride at Six Flags St. Louis now has a sign up in front of the entrance announcing that it will “Close Permanently” on September 14th, 2014. Looks like the park will be adding a new dark ride experience to the park in 2015, but what will it be?
    (9/30/13) This rumor keeps bouncing around so I’m going to bring it to the surface for now. While we can expect to see the Scooby Doo: Mystery of the Scary Swamp dark boat ride return for the 2014 season, I’ve been hearing rumors on and off for awhile that the ride’s future fate is uncertain. The most common rumor is also one that may be the most disturbing, because I’ve heard it said several times that while a new dark ride may replace it, the park may be done with this being a water ride. If true, the water trough would be filled in, and the structure re-used as a typical dry dark ride experience.
    I’m all about the love for Dark Rides, but at the same time some of the most loved dark rides ever built were water rides, such as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s A Small World and Six Flags’ own Monster Plantation / Monster Mansion. There is just something extra creepy and fun about floating through the dark in a boat. This is all just a rumor for now, so just keep it in mind that your next ride through the Scary Swamp could be your last.
    In other news, a couple of sources have also reported that the park may begin work to fully restore their Grand Carousel in time to celebrate the ride’s 100th Birthday in 2015.
    (8/14/13) Screamscape sources tell us that a more costly plan to replace the park’s Scooby Doo dark ride with a Justice League themed ride, possibly similar to the one that opened in Australia, was unfortunately put on the back burner for now. We can hope it may come back in 2015 or 2016.
    (4/15/13) A few of our readers were asked to fill out a survey for Six Flags St. Louis this weekend that had a section asking their opinions on the park’s Scooby Doo and the Mystery of the Scary Swamp dark boat ride. From the questions asked, it seemed to them that the park may be looking into an idea to change the theme of the ride into one involving Pirates instead. It went on to ask some general questions about the current relevance of the entire Scooby Doo franchise to determine if guests wanted MORE Scooby Doo in the parks, or if they should opt to do away with Scooby Doo entirely.


???? - The Boss Rehab - Rumor Only - (10/7/13) Based on a few small puzzle pieces sent in from different sources, I believe any chance of a major transformation of The Boss has fallen in the slim-to-none category. Instead it sounds like any ‘work’ planned for The Boss will only take the form of traditional maintenance, retracking... or perhaps even adding sections of Topper Track to keep the ride’s layout and intent... intact. They like the layout as is... they just want a way to make the ride experience more enjoyable for everyone.
    (9/7/12) This is more of a long term bit of speculation based on a few different rumors, but both SFSL and the corporate office are said to have their eye on The Boss. The large CCI coaster opened back in 2000 and really never did live up to the hype. Things started out wrong for it before it opened to the public, when the Gerstlauer trains purchased for it refused to make it around the track, so the park had to temporarily bring over a PTC train from the Screamin’ Eagle for the media preview ride day.
While the park did get the G-Trains up and running in time for opening day, the public response to the ride has never been that great due to the rough ride experience. For the past couple of years I’ve heard a few different stories about ideas pitched to the main office to try and fix the ride. Taking a nod from Hersheypark’s Wildcat and Busch Gardens’ Gwazi, it was said that they asked GCI to once give a cost estimate to come in and completely retrack The Boss as well as add a pair of Millennium Flyer trains.  Early last year it was said that the park was looking into see what it would cost to retrack the ride with Rocky Mountain’s Topper Track instead. Now it seems Rocky Mountain may still be in the picture, but apparently they’ve asked them for pitches on a few different ways to fix The Boss once and for all, ranging from a cost effective approach to what it would cost to give it the full Iron Horse treatment like Texas Giant and Iron Rattler.
There is no telling what will happen to The Boss just yet, only that it seems everyone is in agreement that something needs to be done to make this ride live up to guest expectations.
    (1/16/12) I’ve got nothing solid on this, but I’ve been sent a couple of rumors suggesting that Six Flags St. Louis may be thinking of performing some kind of improvements on The Boss for 2013. I really don’t think we’re looking at another Texas Giant style conversion, but given than the park seems to have had a great experience with the Millennium Flyers used on American Thunder (aka: Evel Knievel), I could see them possibly looking into a GCI re-tracking and purchase deal for new Millennium Flyer trains. Of course, the rumor could just be about the purchase of Topper Track as well… so anything is possible at this point. It’s just a wild rumor, but I’m keeping my ears open.


???? - Future Attraction Concept Survey - (4/15/14) More news about the Six Flags guest surveys are pouring in and it is becoming apparent that not every survey about one park is being shown the same three ideas that the next person will see. So some of the ideas you may be rating may not even be intended for the park you are doing the survey for, but may just be there to get more feedback on the concept from a wider audience. That said… a number of concepts were sent my way from those who took a survey for Six Flags St. Louis.
   This one mentions a number of possible new seasonal events. One would involve opening the park up earlier in the season for a Mardi Gras themed event. Another was called Jingle July and would be a Christmas in July themed event, with christmas themed lighting set up in specific walkways throughout the park. Other ideas included adding interactive laser tag style guns to the park's train which would then travel through a few themed set areas filled with targets, or the addition of some kind of themed new coaster ride. Another idea mentioned to a guest in a separate survey also talked about adding some kind of virtual reality game station.




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