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icon_STOPPark News - (2/2/18) Six Flags St. Louis has confirmed that you will have the chance to ride Batman: The Ride… BACKWARDS!  Yes… for those in in the St. Louis area who were skipped over the last time Six Flags was doing the Batman Backwards promotion back in 2015, your time has come. This is a limited time promotion that will begin when the park opens for the season on March 24th and continue through to May 13th. After that… who knows… Batman Backwards may travel to another Six Flags park. For a glimpse at what to expect, I’ve included a video below from when Batman Backwards was taking place at Six Flags over Georgia in early 2015.

    (2/1/18) I’m told that The Boss is getting a little work done over the off-season. According to the scuttlebutt, Six Flags is in the process of removing the 540 helix near the end of the ride and will replace it with a simple 180 turn-around, shortening the ride length a little bit. The Six Flags website now lists the overall length of The Boss at 4,631 feet, down from the original 5,051 ft length still listed on RCDB, for a loss of 420 feet.
    It’s kind of interesting that this is happening, as the local competition at Worlds of Fun is doing the exact same thing to their Timber Wolf coaster.
    (1/9/18) Screamscape sources tell us that the Highland Fling (Schwarzkopf Enterprise) at Six Flags St. Louis has “died” and has been removed from the park. Nothing has been planned to replace it yet.
    (12/1/7) Coverage of Holiday In The Park at Six Flags St. Louis was posted to MidWestInfoGuide this week.
    (10/11/17) A few fun photos shot at Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis can be found at Midwest Info Guide this week.


2018 - Typhoon Twister - (9/5/17) A short video preview of the new Typhoon Twister waterslide can be seen below, as posted to Twitter.

(8/31/17) Six Flags St. Louis will be adding Typhoon Twister to Hurricane Harbor for 2018, a thrilling new waterslide creation that looks to merge a giant bowl element and a drop into a giant wall hang-time element before sending you into the pool at the bottom. You can see more here.


???? - The Boss Renovation - Rumor - (5/7/16) Without fail, ever since Six Flags started working with RMC to transform many of their older coasters into new wild and crazy hybrid coasters, the fans of Six Flags St. Louis have looked to The Boss as a possible candidate for transformation.  While the age old saying of, "Never say Never" can always apply, the answer everyone has been getting instead was a more simple, "No!".
    So why not? Looking at how Colossus was handled at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the track length was shorted considerably in that transformation, and according to all sources, the idea was floated to RMC for some initial ideas along with a budget range to stay within, and the result was similar... to stay within budget, the length of The Boss would have to be shortened considerably. Shortened to the point that the feeling is that it wouldn't be worth the effort, as the final result wouldn't even be anything like The Boss any longer.
    So what's a park to do? Well, I've been hearing that there is a plan in place to FIX The Boss and still leave it as a true wooden coaster. Apparently The Boss is known to have troubles running when the local temperature gets below 53, as the trains run slower and the risk of getting stuck in a valley increases. Meanwhile the park is said to be fond of their American Thunder coaster (GCI) and the Millennium Flyer trains that it uses. From the sound of things Six Flags may have asked the GCI crew to send in their own renovation plan options that could see the height of the first drop on The Boss increased (either by increasing the height of the hill and drop, or lowering the bottom of the drop, or a combination of both) to give it a little more speed, along with some other track re-profiling here and there along with a pair of new Millennium Flyer trains.
    Keep in mind that nothing has been approved, budget wise, by the corporate office, but they do want to do something to improve The Boss in the future, and a GCI renovation is appearing more cost effective than an RMC transformation at this time. Hopefully in the next few years they will get the budget to do something, but until then, it looks like any RMC concepts are off the table entirely.



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