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icon_STOPPark News - (4/11/17) A little warning for guests planning a trip to Six Flags over Texas in the near future. You can expect to see Titan closed for the next little bit apparently. From what I've been told the park had it closed for pre-summer maintenance, including the replacement of the lift hill chain. Unfortunately the replacement lift-chain didn't last long and is said to have broken, leaving the park in a panic to get a new lift-chain made and shipped out as soon as possible. Stay tuned!
    (3/14/17) Bad news for Six Flags over Texas guests will likely spell bad news for Six Flags guests across the nation. A reader drove by the SFOT toll plaza this past weekend to encounter a little bit of sticker shock as the price for parking went up from the already high $20 to $25 for General Parking. Ouch! You can pre-pay for parking online however, with the website offering it for just $23.15.
    It is worth noting that Six Flags Fiesta Texas has already opened for the 2017 season as well and while I haven't heard officially what their price is, I'm guessing it is more than $20 as well, but likely less than $25 as their website offers pre-paid parking for $20.32.


    Meanwhile a quick survey of other parks shows pre-pay prices of just $20 for Six Flags Magic Mountain, but it is already up to $25 for SF Discovery Kingdom and SF over Georgia.
    Please Note: I do not monitor all parking prices year-to-year for all parks, so there is a chance some of these price increases may have went into effect in the later half of 2016.

    (2/15/17) Just like at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom and Mexico, Six Flags over Texas will launch “The New Revolution: Galactic Attack” VR “mixed reality” experience on the park’s Shockwave coaster starting on February 25th.

    (11/24/16) The last couple photos in an update posted to SFOT Source actually show off the demolition of the small retail center located next to the  park, to the right of the Batman coaster. Nice to finally see this area put to use for the park at last.
    A second update also shows off about 50 pictures taken at the Holiday In The Park event this year.


icon_STOP2017 - The Joker - (3/21/17) A few more pictures from Over Texas Thrills this week show off the latest progress on The Joker, meanwhile the park has posted a video of The Joker making it's first test run which you can watch just below.

    (3/16/17) A quick construction update from Over Texas Thrills on The Joker reports seeing water dummies on site and they expect loaded testing of the ride to begin in the near future. 
    (3/6/17) A video update from Six Flags over Texas was posted this week by SFOT Source showing off the work on the new Joker coaster, retracking on Judge Roy Scream and other projects ongoing in the park.

    (2/28/17) Several new pictures of The Joker from Six Flags over Texas, shot during a backstage tour, have been posted to OverTexasThrills this week. Check it out.
    (2/16/17) A new construction update showing off The Joker at Six Flags over Texas has been posted to OverTexasThrills this week.
    (1/31/17) Some great new pictures of The Joker at Six Flags over Texas have been posted to OverTexasThrills this week. It is also worth pointing out that all of the track for The Joker, except for one piece, were installed when the pictures were taken, which likely means that it is 100% complete by now.
    (1/18/17) A quick construction update for The Joker at Six Flags over Texas has been posted to the Coaster Nation Facebook page. Looking like they've got about half of the new coaster up currently.
    (12/22/16) SFOTSource takes a look at the construction progress on The Joker coaster going up at Six Flags over Texas this month. Check it out.
    (12/1/16) CoasterChitChat has posted a new construction update for The Joker at Six Flags over Texas this week. They also suspect that the park is planning an additional attraction for 2017 that will go on the site of the mini-mall that is now being demolished.
    What could it be?  If I had to guess... I'd say a Sling Shot or some other kind of high profile upcharge ride could be planned for that space. If memory serves, I know the park has a Skycoaster, but I don't think they have a sling shot. (If I'm wrong, please tell me)
    (11/28/16) JohnnyUpsidedown has posted a quick look at the pieces for The Joker coaster now on site at Six Flags over Texas. Follow the link to check it out.
    (11/2/16) A quick construction update from Six Flags over Texas showing off many pieces of track for The Joker that have arrived on site has been posted to CoasterChitChat this week.
    (9/1/16) It's official, as rumored The Joker (an S&S FreeFly 4D0) coaster is coming to Six Flags over Texas. Check out the video below.

(9/1/16) I’m told that Six Flags will be installing three Joker clones (S&S Freefly 4D coasters) in the chain this season, with the new coasters going to Six Flags Great America, Six Flags New England and Six Flags over Texas.


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Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas
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