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Six Flags Theme Parks
Atlanta, Georgia




icon_STOPPark News - (1/27/17) Looks like the sports battle of the theme parks will continue, as Six Flags New England and Six Flags over Georgia have placed a friendly wager on the outcome of the Superbown on Feb. 5th... between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.
    If the Patriots win, SFOG will have to rename their SkyScreamer as the Patriots SkyScreamer as well as serve New England Clam Chowder to their All Season Dining Pass guests during the park's opening weekend (Mar. 11-12). The park President (Dale Kaetzel) will also have to ride the SkyScreamer (with a Patriots flag attached) while wearing a Patriots team jersey.
    On a similar note, if the Falcons win the Superbowl, SFNE will have to rename their SkyScreamer as the Falcon's SkyScreamer and serve Georgia Peach Pie to their All Season Dining Pass guests during their opening weekend (Apr. 1-2). SFNE President (John Winkler) will have to ride the attraction wearing a Falcons Jersey with a Falcons Rise Up flag attached.
    (12/15/16) A trip report showing off this year's Holiday in the Park experience at Six Flags over Georgia has been posted to SFOT Source this week.
    (12/12/16) A total of seven Six Flags theme parks joined together to set a new Guinness World Record for the "Most couples kissing under the mistletoe" during the Holiday in the Park events. The new record is now 839 couples (1678 people) kissing at once between all seven parks that took place, coast-to-coast. Six Flags over Georgia was included in this, which also holds the record set in 2015 for most couples kissing at a single site (201 couples).


2017 - Justice League: Battle For Metropolis - (12/22/16) Six Flags over Georgia gave a special tour of the new Justice League area construction site this week. Unfortunately while I wasn't able to make arrangements to get there myself, the Metro Atlanta Coaster Club did attend and posted some good pictures and a video on their Facebook page as Dale Kaetzel explains some important changes coming to the park.
    For starters, the Cotton States area is no more... starting in 2017 it will become Metropolis Park. Blue Hawk, the Skycoaster and Great American Scream Machine will become part of an expanded Lickskillet area however. Meanwhile the Cotton States games area will become a Justice League themed games area, a new food court is coming to the area, Superman will be repainted and shoot to run all three trains all season long to increase capacity to handle the increased crowds to the new Metropolis area.
    And looking even further ahead, it looks as if Metropolis Park may become part of the park's expanded Holiday in the Park event in late 2017 as well. You can also see a video posted to our own Facebook page showing off some time-lapse construction footage shot inside the new Justice League attraction building.

    (10/27/16) Six Flags over Georgia actually posted a video to Twitter last week showing off a bit of the inside of their new Justice League building, still under construction, as the walls were going up, giving you a good look at how big a space the ride will use.



A reader sent in a fun picture showing off the huge new structure that has gone up at Six Flags over Georgia for the park's new Justice League dark ride opening in 2017.
    (9/1/16) The official announcement is out... Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is coming to Six Flags over Georgia.

    (9/1/16) Continuing some of the Screamscape spy network rumors, as expected from early leaks about the project, Six Flags over Georgia will open a new Justice League Battle for Metropolis attraction in 2017. The versions of this ride opened thus far at select parks have impressed most park guests by offering a new style experience that isn’t something you would typically find at a Six Flags park, so I’m happy to see this expanding to even more parks across the nation, becoming another staple attraction experience for the Six Flags chain.
    (7/20/16) Looks like the local planning board just spilled the beans on Six Flags over Georgia's new 2017 addition in the same way that just happened in New Jersey... meeting notes list that the park is planning a "Six Flags Justice League Ride".
    (7/12/16) CoasterChitChat has posted a good look at the construction clearing taking place at Six Flags over Georgia for the mystery 2017 project. From the look of things they have cleared out a lot of space behind the old bumper car structure. Something for the new attraction has already arrived and is being kept under tarps.
    While my early suspicion is that the park may get one of the Justice League dark rides, the reports own research on the project make them think it could be a new coaster, and they could be right, as it has been several years since the park last got one.
    (6/17/16) Six Flags over Georgia confirmed that they were removing the Dodge City Bumper Cars located next to the Superman Ultimate Flight rollercoaster. The bumper cars have been in the park since 1973 and closed at the end of Thursday evening to make way for a new and bigger attraction in that area coming in 2017. No clues were given as to what the new attraction would be, but i’m still hoping it will be a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride.



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