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icon_STOPPark News - (11/10/21) Holiday in the Park returns to Six Flags over Georgia on select nights from Nov. 20 through to Jan. 2, 2022. Visit the official website for all the details. According to the list on the website right now, the following thrill rides are planned to be open: Acrophobia, Dahlonega Mine Train, Dare Devil Dive, Georgia Scorcher, Goliath, Pandemonium and Twisted Cyclone.
    (9/23/21) The Good and The Bad About Riddler Mindbender


2021 - The RIDDLER Mindbender - (9/23/21) Screamscape has been sent a few brief reviews of the new Riddler Mindbender at Six Flags over Georgia, formerly known just as Mindbender. The early word is that the new trains track pretty well along the course, and provide a nice smooth ride, which is good. I’ve also heard they are a bit more roomy as well, which is also good. 
    On the bad side… the restraint system now includes a unnecessary seat-belt that slows down loading, and is said to be tighter than it should be. Larger riders be warned, while you may have not had a problem fitting into Mindbender before, and may still fit in the new lapbar system, the seat-belt here may cause some issues. The most common complaint about the new ride experience is that both sets of trim brakes on the ride are now turned up very high, and even bring the train to a complete stop in mid-ride at one point, which essentially kills the sensation of high speed that the ride used to have going through the second half of the layout.
    Keep in mind that the ride just opened, and could still be going through some adjustments, so things may change. As the ride was also designed to only run two trains, the extra braking may be a result of the addition of the third train to create a new blocking system. If so, if and when the park opts to run just two trains at a time again, perhaps the excessive braking may also be reduced, or dropped entirely. Just something to think about long-term, but in the short term maybe the park can do something about those short seat-belts.
    (9/21/21) Enjoy a video posted by the local news as they learn all about the newly reopened Riddler Mindbender at Six Flags over Georgia. Gotta love the all on-ride interview. Check it out below.

    (9/4/21) Six Flags over Georgia has confirmed that The Riddler Mindbender will open to the public on Saturday, September 18th! A few sessions of preview rides for Six Flags Members and Passholders took place Friday night and Saturday morning. I don’t know if there will be any more after that. If you were able to ride during one of the previews, please let us know how it was.



2022 - Python Plunge at Six Flags White Water - (5/31/21) I’m told that the new Python Plunge attraction for the Six Flags White Water park has now been pushed back to 2022. Apparently no real construction work was done on having this already delayed 2020 attraction ready for the 2021 season, so now we’re looking at 2022.




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Six Flags over Georgia
Atlanta, GA
Six Flags Theme Parks

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