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Park News - (3/6/14) The performance group, Fighting Gravity, as seen on America’s Got Talent in 2010, will be performing live shows at Six Flags over Georgia from March 28th – April 13th, and again from July 14th – August 10th according to an announcement from the group on Twitter.
    (11/29/13) Long time readers may recall reading about the savage beatdown that took place a few years ago outside Six Flags over Georgia, as several men decided to attack another young man near a public bus stop down the road from Six Flags. As I recall from the prior news stories, this may have started as an altercation or some words said in the park with some gang members, but the fight took place entirely off Six Flags property. Unfortunately it came to light that some of the gang members involved were off-duty employees of the theme park, and Joshua Martin was beaten so savagely that he ended up in a coma for a week and now suffers from permanent brain damage.
    While the men were caught and sentenced long ago, you would think that was the end and hopefully justice was served, but a civil case came to an end this past week where the jury awarded Martin and his family $35 million to cover his $7 million in medical expenses and the rest to cover the lost wages, grief and other damages in order to take care of him for the rest of his life.
    Here comes the shocking part… according to a read article over at ThemeParkUniversity, the four gang members themselves are only being charged with paying for 8% of the $35 million, which works out to be 2% or about $750,000 per man. So who was fined to pay for the rest of the $32 million?  Would you believe Six Flags over Georgia has been given the bill to pay for this fight that took place on public property that they don’t even own? Six Flags will obviously seek their own legal council on this matter, but the next time you start to wonder why SFOG hasn’t added a major new coaster in years… remember this moment.


icon_STOP2014 - Hurricane Harbor - (4/14/14) Six Flags over Georgia has posted a new video to Facebook showing off the construction progress on the new Hurricane Harbor waterpark and the various slides.
    (2/7/14) Good news… it looks like five new pictures were added to the Hurricane Harbor construction gallery at the SFOG Facebook page this week taken on February 5th. The bad news… they still don’t look like they have progressed past the dirt pushing phase.
    (1/7/14) Construction pictures of the new Hurricane Harbor waterpark site under construction at Six Flags over Georgia can be found on Facebook. According to the latest pictures taken in mid-December it appears that they have finally cleared and leveled the entire site, but have not yet started vertical construction on the new waterpark attractions.
    (10/3/13) It didn’t take long for Six 2013_1002_SFOG_SouthernStarFlags over Georgia to demolish the Southern Star Amphitheater. Check out this picture of the site with nothing left but a section of the raw concrete that was under it. Since they seem to have so carefully cleared the rest of the site of most debris, I do wonder if they are planning on keeping that section of concrete for the new waterpark.
    (9/3/13) According to this article, Six Flags over Georgia says that the addition of an on-site Hurricane Harbor waterpark will not take away from their commitment to the offsite White Water stand-alone waterpark.
    From what I've heard from others, the greater Atlanta area is likely in need of another waterpark and the distance between SFOG and WW is enough that there should be very little cannibalization between the two properties. The area was very close to having a second major waterpark a few years ago when the Big Rock Waterpark project was announced over at Stone Mountain. Big Rock Waterpark was delayed for a year after the initial announcement after locals expressed concerns about the drought problems the area was experiencing at the time. This was followed immediately by the start of the financial depression, which saw the project delayed again and eventually canceled.
    (8/29/13) The idea sounds a bit crazy to me, but Six Flags over Georgia made it official, the former Southern Star amphitheater location will be repurposed as an all new Hurricane Harbor waterpark in 2014 as the largest expansion in the park's history.
    Themed as a Caribbean getaway full of lush vegitatation and thrilling water fun. Enjoy the Hurricane Bay 38,000 sqft wave pool, Tsunami Surge (dual slide that drops riders 5-storys down into an enclosed bowl), Bonzai Pipelines (several slides), Paradise Island kiddie water play area and more.
    Admission to the new Hurricane Harbor is free with general park admission, or a Season Pass, giving you two parks for one price.

    (8/12/13) Something interesting was leaked out at the official Six Flags over Georgia Facebook page. While promoting a concert at the park at the Southern Star Amphitheater, the posting said, “CELEBRATE with us at the last concert at Southern Star Friday, August 17th, and say goodbye to this iconic venue!”
    Looks like the park is doing to demolish their Amphitheater…  and removing it would open up a HUGE amount of space for future park expansion, with the only problem being that water playground they installed blocking the way a bit. The placement of the Skull Island water fortress area has caused many to assume the future expansion would be to build a new waterpark on the site. While this may certainly be possible… it really makes no sense as Six Flags already owns the WhiteWater Waterpark which I believe has room to expand if it’s getting too crowded in there. The only real solid reason I could see them building a new waterpark at SFOG, would be if they were planning on closing down WhiteWater for good and selling the property, but that makes no sense as they just opened a brand new waterslide in there a couple of months ago.
    It’s also worth mentioning that Six Flags doesn’t always include admission into their waterparks for free. At a good number of Six Flags parks the waterparks require a separate admission ticket, but the location of the Southern Star would make that difficult to do. So the businesses decision of closing a waterpark that people are paying to and replace it with a free waterpark seems like a poor one. Stay tuned and we’ll try to figure out what is on the way...


icon_STOP???? - Future Attraction Surveys - (4/14/14) Apparently it’s the time of year for Six Flags to begin guests surveys to determine possible future needs and attractions for their parks. Today we were sent word about three possible new attraction concepts being pitched to guests of Six Flags over Georgia. 
    One is for a kind of odd concept… a Chinese Lantern Festival event. This would be a “limited time” display featuring chinese lanterns, a Dragon Boat, a Porcelain Pagoda structure built from plates, bowls and cups, along with a fun transformation after dark as all the lanterns light up the night.
    The second idea pitched was a concept to add an interactive element to the park’s existing Train ride, adding in the option of laser tag style guns allowing the riders to shoot at targets along the way as they go around the park, and pass through special newly constructed scenes with targets to shoot at.
    The third idea was called, “Scream! You’re In Control” and would feature some kind of modified spinning flat ride concept, where the actual top speed of the ride would be controled by a microphone system that would measure just how loud the riders were screaming. The louder you scream, the faster it will spin, along with displays at the ride to not only show you how fast and loud you were on your ride, but will also compare your ride to the top scoring ride of the day. Think you’ve got the lungs to get it up to Maximum RPM?
    Again… these are just survey concepts about possible future attractions under consideration. There are no promises that you will see any of these added to the park next year, or the year after that… but you never know.
    (7/22/13) A guest survey sent out to Six Flags over Georgia guests has posted some interesting questions. In addition to asking the same questions regarding possible African themed ride names that were asked in a Six Flags Great Adventure survey, the SFOG survey asked questions about a possible ride concept that would spin you out of control upside down, as well as about some kind of new water attraction.
    If I had to make a guess about the new water ride concept, I’m guessing that we could possibly see more Aqua Twist flat rides come to Six Flags theme parks in 2014. Apparently the first one installed at La Ronde this year (a Mack Twist ‘n’ Splash) has been quite the hit with the guests.
    (4/17/13) A reader took a survey for Six Flags over Georgia this week where they were asked several questions about the possibility of adding a Scooby Doo themed dark ride / shooting gallery attraction to the park in the near future. Could this be what’s they’ve got in mind for 2014?
    I find it interesting that similar survey’s for Six Flags St. Louis this week were asking guests if they should rethemed a similar themed Scooby Doo shooting gallery boat ride from that park into a new pirates theme instead. So one park is looking to add Scooby and the Gang while another is wondering is Scooby Doo has outlived his popularity.  The results of both should be quite interesting to read.
    (9/28/12) Over the past few weeks, Six Flags over Georgia has been conducting some online guest surveys regarding future park attractions. Many of the questions being asked seem related to the concept of building an official waterpark area on SFOG property that would be included for free with regular park admission.
    The park did quiz some guests in select surveys to find out if there was any interest in other attraction concepts. New attractions mentioned include: a Batman simulator ride, new Bumper Cars, 400 ft drop tower ride, Hypercoaster, Extra Large Fun House, New Dolphin Show, New Flipping/Spinning Coaster, New kiddie area with 4-5 kiddie rides, indoor interactive shooting dark ride, or a new Cirque style show.
    However, they asked guests to pick their preference between the park adding every one of these new possible attraction concepts vs the new water park area.  With WhiteWater Atlanta in town, I’m not sure I see the point of adding a waterpark to SFOG at all. Maybe more water rides… but not a water park. But that’s just my opinion.



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