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Six Flags Theme Parks
Atlanta, Georgia




Park News - (8/21/17) I'm not going to get into the what, where and why of this, but according to a news article posted here, Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags over Georgia are changing their flag displays at the park entrances. In the case of the Texas parks, they will no longer put the traditional group of six flags over the Texas parks representing the six flags that have flown over Texas, which in addition to the US flag, include the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas and the Confederacy. As of now only the traditional US flag will be put on display in the parks, bringing an end to the very reason why Six Flags parks were called 'Six Flags' in the first place.


icon_STOP2018 - Twisted Cyclone - (12/11/17) A video showing off the backstage tour of the Twisted Cyclone construction site was posted this weekend. Check it out below. Also of note, included in the video is a team member confirming for the first time that the total track length of Twisted Cyclone will actually be 2,600 feet in length, so an extra 300 feet of length has been added to the layout somewhere, but they aren't saying where or how just yet. Look for Twisted Cyclone to open for Memorial Day Weekend.

    (12/8/17) Six Flags over Georgia held a hard-hat tour of Twisted Cyclone on Thursday, and unveiled the lead car to the red train to those on site, as you can see on their Twitter post. Meanwhile you can also see about 15 photos from the tour posted to the Coaster Addict Facebook page.










    (11/27/17) The blue RMC IBOX track is now being installed onto Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags over Georgia. You can catch a small collection of photos posted here, shot on site. Also I managed to drop into IAAPA for a few hours last week and RMC had the Black lead car for Twisted Cyclone on display as well, which looks really sweet. According to the artwork, the second track will look similar, but should be red in color.
    (11/15/17) JohnnyUpsidedown has posted a bunch of new pictures from Six Flags over Georgia this week, showing off the current progress on the Twisted Cyclone coaster. At the moment all the old Georgia Cyclone track has been removed and work seems to be focused on the wooden coaster's structure before they begin to install any new RMC IBOX Rails.
    (10/12/17) A video construction update for Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags over Georgia was posted by Midway Mayhem this week. Check it out below.

    (9/28/17) A reader visiting Six Flags over Georgia sent in a couple of quick pictures of the Georgia Cyclone. While no new track was spotted, you can see how much of the old track has been removed already.
    (8/31/17) Six Flags over Georgia has confirmed that they will be adding a new hybrid roller coaster called Twisted Cyclone for the 2018 season, built by Rocky Mountain Construction from the park's former Georgia Cyclone coaster. The new creation will feature a 75 first drop from nearly 100 feet into a jaw-dropping reverse cobra roll sending riders perpendicular to the ground. Along the 2,400 feet of track will be three inversions, 10 air-time moments at a top speed of 50mph. Riders will be seated in custom  made new trains built to resemble a classic 1960's era sports convertible. Check out the animation below to get a good idea about what to expect when Twisted Cyclone opens sometime in Spring 2018.












    (8/21/17) A reader sent in a few pictures from SFOG showing off the first signs of construction taking place to the Georgia Cyclone as sections have been removed to allow a crane access into the structure.
    (7/20/17) Six Flags over Georgia confirmed that the park's Georgia Cyclone wooden coaster would be closing down forever after July 30th. While the park has not confirmed that this will be for an RMC transformation into the hybrid coaster, this matches up with how Six Flags has handled every other RMC transformation project at the chain since the start. They first claim the ride is closing for good... only to later announce what is really taking place the following month.
    (6/26/17) Thanks to a couple of our readers for sending in photos showing off several green markings made onto the Georgia Cyclone footers as well as on the ground next to it.
    (6/24/17) Well well... would you believe that some markings have been spotted on the George Cyclone?  I've been hearding rumors of this for the past week, though so far the only photo I've seen one posted to Reddit, which isn't the best, so if anyone else has photos, please do send them in to Screamscape.
    So what's the deal you ask?  Well, Six Flags is starting to run out of classic wooden coasters in need of a little transformation from our friends at Rocky Mountain Construction, and Georgia Cyclone has been sitting on the waiting list for this for a few years now. With the park already home to the Great America Scream Machine which was just awarded with a Historical Landmark status plaque from ACE last month, you know they aren't going to let RMC touch that one. And why would they when they have Georgia Cyclone, a fine semi-clone of the world famous Coney Island Cyclone sitting right out front, in dire need of some TLC and featuring layout much more appropriate for the RMC I-Box treatment. 
    If the park goes ahead with this move for the 2018 season, I'd expect to see the Georgia Cyclone close early for the season, probably sometime in late July or early August, which fits in well with the very shot SFOG summer season anyway, due to the early local school start.



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Six Flags over Georgia
Atlanta, GA
Six Flags Theme Parks

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