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icon_STOPPark News - (8/21/17) I'm not going to get into the what, where and why of this, but according to a news article posted here, Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags over Georgia are changing their flag displays at the park entrances. In the case of the Texas parks, they will no longer put the traditional group of six flags over the Texas parks representing the six flags that have flown over Texas, which in addition to the US flag, include the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas and the Confederacy. As of now only the traditional US flag will be put on display in the parks, bringing an end to the very reason why Six Flags parks were called 'Six Flags' in the first place.
    (6/24/17) Georgia Cyclone Could Get RMC Treatment For 2018. Click here for details.
    (5/22/17) Six Flags over Georgia reports that the parks famous Great American Scream Machine wooden coaster (1973) is now a Historic Landmark Roller Coaster, recognized by the American Coaster Enthusiasts. ACE members at the  park for an event to honor the park's 50th anniversary season presented Six Flags with an honorary plaque to be mounted at the ride.

    (5/13/17) Screamscape gets a sneak peek ride on the brand new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride! Click here for our review!
    (3/10/17) Screamscape was invited out to Six Flags over Georgia to take a test ride on the new DROP OF DOOM VR enhancement attraction added to the park's Acrophobia drop tower ride. Steve did such a good job testing out Batman Backwards and The Joker Chaos Coaster for us last time around, so we sent him in again to battle the giant mutant spiders of Drop of Doom VR... which I was surprised to see were actually engaged in an all our war with a platoon of giant robots. Awesome! I love giant robots.
    Steve's got the story below and a quick review of the new experience in his words:

    After having tried Dare Devil Dive's VR experience last summer, I was a tad skeptical to try out this Drop of Doom VR experience at Six Flags Over Georgia because I don't do very well with VR or motion simulators.  Plus, I enjoy Acrophobia (the attraction that has been transformed to Drop of Doom) for the sheer terror of looking out across the park and Atlanta metro while you're 200 feet above the ground.  However, once I strapped on the headgear and started ascending the tower, I became quickly engaged in the activity in front of my eyes, and tried to kill as many spiders as I could see.  Then I saw a giant spider on the top of a building and SNAP! we fell off the top of a building and dropped to the street below.  I can honestly say that, with my brain occupied by the tasks and visualizations in front of me, I began to forget I was 200 feet above the ground and would be dropping soon.  The drop literally caught me off guard and my screams were entirely authentic.
    The ride, if possible, was scarier because your brain quickly forgets where you are because the game is engaging, and easier to play than the one you find on coasters because your body is quite still climbing the tower.  Also, with limited motion, those who get motion sickness could likely tolerate this experience; that is, if you can normally tolerate a 200ft drop tower.  Overall, SFOG has a winner on their hands and I would gladly ride this experience again when I visit the park this spring or summer.  Oh, for those who don't like's still worth riding!

    (3/6/17) Six Flags over Georgia has announced a crazy new addition coming to the park for 2017 in addition to the awesome Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride. Like last year, they are opting to add a little VR enhancement to an existing ride that will add a little something extra special to the experience. Unlike we've see everywhere else, this year's enhancement is not going onto a coaster... instead they will add Samsung VR Gear technology to the park's Acrophobia drop tower ride starting March 11th, and rename it "Drop of Doom VR".



    This is happening as part of the park's celebration of their 50th Anniversary season, and will create "the country's first-ever permanent drop tower VR attraction". In the VR experience riders become pilots of a futuristic gunship under attack by giant mutant spiders. Within the VR world you will experience a 100-story high-speed vertical ascent experience, seen as if leaning over the edge of a helicopter, while you get a 360 rotating view of a massive cityscape under siege by an armada of giant mutant spiders. There will be a gun-battle against a particular giant beast who spews baby spiders that virtually crawl all over your body, followed by the eventual virtual 100-story plunge back down to early for a final showdown "with a spider the size of a van, teeth-gnashing and in full attack mode."
    Yikes! Drop rides can be scary enough, but a drop ride with spiders?!  Ummmm... for the right person this can really put the fear on overload, attacking on two fronts like that. Drop of Doom VR will be at the park for a limited time (not yet determined how long) and will be included free with park admission to all guests.


2017 - Justice League: Battle For Metropolis - (5/13/17) On Thursday afternoon Screamscape was invited down to Six Flags over Georgia for a very special event... we got to test ride the brand new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis attraction. As our regular readers are well aware, this is an insane and interactive dark ride experience, more like what you would see from Disney and Universal theme parks than what you are used to seeing from Six Flags, and this is a wonderful thing, because it simply looks amazing and really brings the Justice League (and DC Villains) characters to life in a new way that Six Flags hasn't been able to do before this attraction.
    As I wasn't able to make the long drive to Atlanta myself, I did the next best thing and sent Steve back to the park to take on the challenge for us. After all, he did such a good job for us in the past, acting as our guinea pig... err...Volunteer... surviving the battle with the giant mutant spiders of Drop of Doom VR, the looping vortex of doom that was the Joker's Chaos Coaster and even Batman Backwards... he was definitely our man to take on the combined might of the Justice League. So here he is with his own words on the experience, plus a fantastic video to show off what the ride is like when it opens for Memorial Day weekend to the public!

    Today, I was fortunate enough to be able to check out Six Flags Over Georgia's latest and greatest attraction: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis! In case you aren't familiar, the attraction is both a dark ride and an interactive 3D experience, combined! The attraction is located next to Superman: Ultimate Escape in the Metropolis section of the park. 
    Upon entering the sleek building, you will notice a lifesize sculpture of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman along with A/V screens and banners explaining your mission to save Metropolis from villains like the Joker!  The building's interior/queue is quite impressive and well-themed and you'll see something really great as you board, but I don't want to give away ALL the surprises, now do I?
    You put on your 3D glasses, and board your vehicles and that's when the line between reality and the world of Metropolis becomes a blur!  You have a gun attached to the vehicle in front of you that will use to shoot the evil henchmen, in order to save Metropolis.  So, while you are busy appreciating and being shocked by the ride's effects (I was!), you are also playing a game; a game in which Metropolis' freedom depends on your success!  I don't want to give away too many of the surprises, but, the ride is much more than 3D as you can tell in the videos and if you've been on similar attractions at other Six Flags properties.
    I must admit that simulator type rides (think Mission:SPACE) tend to give me motion sickness, but I did not feel that on this attraction. There is a great mix of A/V effects, fog, lights, and even pyrotechnics throughout the attraction, along with the 3D projections and ride vehicle movements, which can be wild at times!  Make no mistake that this attraction can stand up against rides like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in terms of the effects and the overall ride itself.  It's quite inventive and fun for all types of thrill-seekers and gamers!  You'll likely want to ride at least twice: once to experience the attraction, and again (and again) to beat your score from before!
    The ride opens Memorial Day weekend, so you have plenty of time to ride Acrophobia's Drop of Doom VR before it closes, and then you can experience the 3D fun of Justice League!

    (9/1/16) The official announcement is out... Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is coming to Six Flags over Georgia.













icon_STOP2018 - Georgia Cyclone RMC Transformation - Rumor - (8/21/17) A reader sent in a few pictures from SFOG showing off the first signs of construction taking place to the Georgia Cyclone as sections have been removed to allow a crane access into the structure.
    (8/14/17) Six Flags over Georgia has posted a teaser video for their 2018 project on Twitter, showing off some fun sign boards being put up to block the entrance of Georgia Cyclone along with the message, "The writing is on the wall".
    I'm guessing this could be a red herring to throw off the scent on this a bit as the only sign that seems to be a blue is pointing guests to Hurricane Harbor. While I'm sure a new attraction could also be added to the waterpark next season, the real news is what is going to happen to Georgia Cyclone, so stay tuned.

    (7/20/17) Six Flags over Georgia confirmed that the park's Georgia Cyclone wooden coaster would be closing down forever after July 30th. While the park has not confirmed that this will be for an RMC transformation into the hybrid coaster, this matches up with how Six Flags has handled every other RMC transformation project at the chain since the start. They first claim the ride is closing for good... only to later announce what is really taking place the following month.
    (6/26/17) Thanks to a couple of our readers for sending in photos showing off several green markings made onto the Georgia Cyclone footers as well as on the ground next to it.
    (6/24/17) Well well... would you believe that some markings have been spotted on the George Cyclone?  I've been hearding rumors of this for the past week, though so far the only photo I've seen one posted to Reddit, which isn't the best, so if anyone else has photos, please do send them in to Screamscape.
    So what's the deal you ask?  Well, Six Flags is starting to run out of classic wooden coasters in need of a little transformation from our friends at Rocky Mountain Construction, and Georgia Cyclone has been sitting on the waiting list for this for a few years now. With the park already home to the Great America Scream Machine which was just awarded with a Historical Landmark status plaque from ACE last month, you know they aren't going to let RMC touch that one. And why would they when they have Georgia Cyclone, a fine semi-clone of the world famous Coney Island Cyclone sitting right out front, in dire need of some TLC and featuring layout much more appropriate for the RMC I-Box treatment. 
    If the park goes ahead with this move for the 2018 season, I'd expect to see the Georgia Cyclone close early for the season, probably sometime in late July or early August, which fits in well with the very shot SFOG summer season anyway, due to the early local school start.



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