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Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (3/30/17) Six Flags New England has posted a video showing off a preview of how the park will look later this year when they stay open through to the end of the year for the park's first Holiday In The Park winter event. Holiday in the Park will run on weekends and select days from November 24 through December 31.

    (3/23/17) You can take a quick look at the construction progress on The Joker at Six Flags New England over at SFNEOnline this week, along with a look at the Mind Eraser train's new restraint system.


2017 - The Joker - (4/10/17) A new construction update from SFNE showing off The Joker has been posted to SFNE Online this week. Meanwhile the park's Joker's Wildcard flat ride has been renamed as Kryptonite. Check it out.
    (4/1/17) Six Flags New England sent out a video showing off the Topping Off of their new The Joker coaster, opening for the 2017 season. Check it out below.

    (1/31/17) A new update from SFNE Online shares a batch of aerial photos of the park taken by a drone-cam. (Note: they say the drone only few next to the park and not over the park itself.) Looking at the future site of The Joker however, you can see that they have only placed the new footers in the ground and there has been zero vertical construction of the new coaster at this point in time. Considering we just saw a current look at the fully built Joker clone at Six Flags over Texas in another update posted today on Screamscape, it always strikes me as kind of odd how one park can get so far ahead of another when they are building the same attraction. Of course a number of factors contribute to that, and in addition to weather and what the pre-existing state of the site was, how soon each park will open for the season also plays a factor in which rides get built first.
    (9/1/16) The Joker, an S&S FreeFly 4D coaster, is coming to Six Flags New England in 2017. Check out the official announcement video below.

    (9/1/16) I’m told that Six Flags will be installing three Joker clones (S&S Freefly 4D coasters) in the chain this season, with the new coasters going to Six Flags Great America, Six Flags New England and Six Flags over Texas.
    (8/11/16) Six Flags New England has confirmed our rumor that Splashwater Falls will celebrate the attraction's "Last Splash" on September 5th, ending a decade of thrills. So what will replace it? From the look of things the park will get an S&S 4D FreeFly coaster for 2017.
    How do we know? because the meeting notes already announced for Agawam's Aug. 18th meeting list  two projects for SFNE on the agenda, a "4D Coaster" and a Looney Tunes Restroom. Sounds like the park is getting a coaster similar to Batman at SFFT and Joker at SFGAdv.


icon_STOP2018 - New Ride / Giant Discovery - Semi-Confirmed - (8/14/17) Looks like we know what Six Flags New England is planning for 2018. A document posted by the local Town of Agawam mentions that a planning meeting with Six Flags will take place on Aug. 17th regarding the installation of a "Giant Discovery Thrill Ride" at the park. This would be a reference to the Zamperla Giant Discovery, their version of the Giant Frisbee ride concept, and confirming our rumor from last week that this was exactly what Six Flags was planning to add for 2018 at SFNE.
    (8/9/17) According to the latest rumor, Six Flags New England could be adding a giant inverted frisbee style pendulum ride, much like the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride installed into Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for 2017. The same ride was also installed into La Ronde as Titan. Since the rumored location may place it somewhere in near the Batman and Joker coasters, I could see them sticking with the Wonder Woman theme here.



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Six Flags New England
Agawam, Massachusetts
Six Flags Theme Parks

Tickets: as of 6/29/12
Adults: $51.99
Child (under 54”): $41.99
Ages 2 & Under Free
Parking: $20 / $25 Preferred

Abbreviation: SFNE
Formerly: Riverside Park


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