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Mexico City, Mexico (Abbreviation: SFM)
Formerly: Reino Aventura
Six Flags Theme Parks


Park News - (7/23/15) According to a Facebook post by MontanaRusa, some ground clearing work has begun near the base of Superman's lift hill. Could this be some advance work for something new planned for 2016?
    Meanwhile the pieces of the old Skycoaster that was removed from the Hurricane Harbor waterpark by Six Flags over Texas have been seen laying about in a section of the parking lot. I'm not sure if the two projects are related or not, or if the new construction may be tied to the Justice League dark ride rumor (see below).


2016 - Justice League: Battle For Metropolis - NOW OPEN - (4/22/16) While it opened about a month ago, you can see a video (though it is somewhat dark) of the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride that opened at Six Flags Mexico down below.

    (3/7/16) Sally Corp confirmed on Twitter that Justice League: Battle for Metropolis opened on Friday at Six Flags Mexico.
    (1/14/16) Six Flags Mexico posted an interesting picture on Twitter earlier this week showing off the installation of the dark ride track inside their Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride building.
    (11/24/15) A great new photo has been posted to Twitter by Six Flags Mexico showing off the construction of the park's new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride.

    (9/3/15) Six Flags has confirmed that their new 4D interactive dark ride adventure is coming to Six Flags Mexico for 2016.


icon_STOP2017 - New Coaster - Rumor - (8/15/16) Rumor has it that Six Flags Mexico may add a new coaster in 2017. Much like several other Six Flags parks, the rumor for 2017 is for an S&S 4D FreeFly coaster. The park already has two Batman themed coaster, a Joker themed coaster and even a Superman themed coaster, so what might this one be themed to?



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