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icon_STOPPark News - (2/21/18) Six Flags has announced that they are now planning to add solar power systems to their two California parks (Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) in addition to the one already announced for Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. According to the post on CaliforniaCoasterKings, it sounds like this will be done through the installation of huge solar panel topped structures over the parking lot, which had the added benefit of adding covered parking for the parks, integrated charging stations for electric vehicles and a better security camera network in the lot.
    (2/18/18) Images and a report taking during a special construction tour at Six Flags Magic Mountain were posted this week to California Coaster Kings, showing off some refurbishment and construction work taking place at Hurricane Harbor and on Jet Stream, and Green Lantern as well as construction on CraZanity and the Boardwalk games area as well as a peek at the upgrading being added to the SandBlasters bumper cars.
    (2/14/18) The latest construction update from Six Flags Magic Mountain can be found over at CaliforniaCoasterKings this week.



    (2/1/18) A reader sent in an interesting picture of the Blue train on Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain where it looks like the back three rows have just installed zipper storage pouches for riders to store their personal items during the ride, rather than risking your phone or keys flying out of your pocket. Nice to see a new option being tried rather than forcing guests to pay for a locker every time they want to ride something.
    (1/18/18) A new trip report from Six Flags Magic Mountain was posted to CaliforniaCoasterKings this week. Along with the general construction updates on the park, they noticed something else special... the station for Riddler's Revenge apparently has received a major refurbishment, with all new lasers and lights in place "along with the moving ? symbols everywhere, plus they were jamming out the original Ecuador Mix of the queue music once again as well. I remember well the Riddler's Revenge queue experience when the ride first opened, feeling more like a mini-nightclub than a ride queue, so I'm happy to hear that this experience has returned once again.
    (1/3/18) Unfortunately it doesn't look like the huge clearing project going on behind Six Flags Magic Mountain has anything at all to do with the theme park itself. Instead a decades long battle between the land developers and environmental groups has come to a conclusion and now they are ready to push ahead with the creation of what is essentially a new city, planned to accommodate up to 21,500 new homes. While it will be spread out... the project will be dropping in new streets, homes and businesses into the long empty land just behind Six Flags Magic Mountain. You can see a map of the project by clicking here, with the "Mission Village" development being right behind the theme park.
    Lets just hope they get the new residents to sign waivers upon buying in that they are fully aware that there is a nearly 50 year old, highly developed and LOUD theme park right on their doorstep, so they waive their right to complain about any aspect of it in the future.
    (12/30/17) A quick bit of good news for Six Flags Magic Mountain as the local news reports that the park has reached an agreement with their Union workers to provide improved health and paid-leave benefits, and avoiding the possibility of a strike.
    (12/26/17) As Six Flags Magic Mountain enters the 2018 season with their new year-round 365-day operational schedule, it seems a monkey-wrench of sorts has been thrown into the mix. The theme park's mechanics are apparently part of a labor union who has failed to come into a new labor agreement with the park over healthcare and paid-leave issues in regards to the new schedule, and if an agreement is not met by the time the current contract expires on Dec. 30th, the workers say they will go on strike starting Jan. 1st, 2018.
    Negotiations are said to still be ongoing, but even in the event of a strike, the park has said that they will still open to guests and have a reserve force of non-union staff who are ready to fill the gap apparently until they can come to an agreement with the "International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers" union.
    (12/7/17) A few shocking images have been making the rounds on social media over the past 24 hours, as a huge fire raged VERY close to Six Flags Magic Mountain. From what I’ve heard, the fire was blocked from hitting the park, but as of this moment there are several fires raging out of control around the region and causing a lot of chaos, so if you are local, please stay safe.
    (10/12/17) BlooLoop has posted an interview with Bonnie Sherman Weber this week, President of Six Flags Magic Mountain. They talk about the her history with the park (going back to her High School days), the building of the brand of Magic Mountain as one of the world's premier thrill parks, Fright Fest, the new Justice League ride and much more.
    (9/14/17) A fun photo trip report from Six Flags Magic Mountain was posted to CaliforniaCoasterKings this week, showing off much of the park's Fright Fest decoration installation and more.
    (8/24/17) Six Flags Magic Mountain made an interesting announcement this week, confirming that starting on January 1st, 2018, the park will begin daily year-round operation for the first time, open to guests 365-days a year. Unlike the other park's in the Six Flags chain, Six Flags Magic Mountain already had a year-round schedule, but was mostly only open on weekends during the slower months of the year. I'm glad to see Magic Mountain follow in the footsteps of ever other Southern California theme park, from SeaWorld to Disney to Knott's to Universal... and join their ranks by offering their unique thrills on a daily basis.







icon_STOP2018 - CraZanity - (1/12/18) The Boardwalk area at Six Flags Magic Mountain is closed off for the planned renovations, along with work now taking place on the park's bumper cars attraction, which is supposed to be enhanced somehow and reopened. A reader sent in some pictures of the progress taking place so far.
    (12/30/17) The crew at California Coaster Kings dropped into Six Flags Magic Mountain this week and posted a new construction update, showing off the CraZanity site. Unfortunately, still not a lot of progress going on here for the new ride. One items of note was that the park was busy replacing the park's logo sign over the entrance with a new and current version of the Six Flags logo (with the flags in the red exclamation point).
    (11/21/17) A quick construction update from Six Flags Magic Mountian, including a look at the CraZanity site, has been posted to ThemeParkOverload this week, including a look at the demolition of a former Metro Station.
    (11/6/17) A new construction update from Six Flags Magic Mountain showing off the progress on the new boardwalk area and the start of Crazanity was posted to California Coaster Kings this week. Check it out.
    (9/22/17) ThemeParkOverload has posted a look at the construction site for the park's new Crazanity ride, a look at Fright Fest decorations and more.
    (8/31/17) Ok... Magic Mountain got me, because I did not see this one coming at all. In a surprise move the park will be adding CraZanity for 2018, the world’s tallest pendulum ride that will spin riders at a record-breaking 17-stories in the air on a spinning disc at speeds up to 75mph. It will seat 40 riders at a time as they swing higher and higher, up to 172 feet in the air all while seated on a spinning disc.
    Also new for 2018, the park promises "Enhanced Bumper Cars", renovated attractions, as well as renovated dining, games and shopping options.


icon_STOP2019 - New Coaster - Rumor - (1/1/18) On a possibly related note for the rumored new 2019 in planning for Six Flags Magic Mountain, a couple of pictures of land clearing now taking place behind the Apocalypse coaster (next to the former Deja Vu coaster location) were posted to Twitter the other day. From the look of things they have quite the fleet of earthmovers on site and could be working to clear a rather large area. Based on the look of things however, I'm not sure if the park even owns all that property which has been left undeveloped for decades. If memory serves, all the undeveloped property was owned by the Newhall Land Company and saved for decades for possible future development as part of their old masterplan for development in Valencia. Newhall was sold off to a new owner over ten years ago though, so what has happened since is unknown to me. Anyone know more about what's going on or who owns what?

    (12/30/17) Guess what? The first new rumor for the next coaster to come to Six Flags Magic Mountain has started to rumble to the surface. If true, we can expect to see the next coaster added to the park for the 2019 season. So where will it go?
    This current rumor points to the park corner of the park where Deja Vu used to sit, which would also allow for that odd-ball corner of the park to get a new cohesive theme to blanket it, removing the ancient traces of Psyclone Bay. A new coaster in 2019 sounds about right as well, since the last few additions were Full Throttle in 2013, Speedy Gonzales in 2014 and then transformation of Colossus into Twisted Colossus in 2015. Looking back into the history of the park, a 4-year gap between new coasters is a pretty significant lull for SFMM, who was known to add new coasters every 1 or 2 years for the most part, with the occasional 3-year gap. The only other time the park went longer than 3-years between coasters in their history was a 6-year gap between 1978's Colossus and the 1984 Sarajevo Bobsled.
    With then "when" out of the way, a quite possible the "where", the next question is "what" will it be. For years,  the persistent rumor I've heard was that the park wanted to add a really big B&M Dive Machine coaster, but corporate would never sign off on the cost. Not only would this have been a big deal, as the ride would have been up-sized to Magic Mountain proportions, it would have likely featured a first drop big enough to break Cedar Point's record of a 214 ft drop on Valravn. Unfortunately Magic Mountain's opportunity to be the first park to open a vertical dive coaster on the West coast was lost when Knott's announced the opening of HangTime in 2018. While a giant Dive Machine is still possible, another rumor has surfaced this time around, claiming that the park may be eyeballing the Mack Rides built Time Machine coaster opening at Silver Dollar City in 2018, that will feature a vertical dive, launches and most importantly... spinning cars... something that SFMM has yet to add to their lineup.
    Stay tuned as we tap into the latest rumors to see how this project shapes up. But the good news is that maybe this means that Viper is safe.
    (9/14/16) Screamscape received a rumor this week that I found to be a little disturbing to me personally. Our rumor claims that Six Flags may be considering removing the park's iconic Viper coaster as early as mid to late 2017 in order to build a newer coaster on the hillside plot of land it calls home for 2018.
    Previous rumors have already indicated that the next big coaster being planned for Six Flags Magic Mountain may be the chain's first B&M Dive Machine coaster, and I can see how that particular site could be beneficial for that kind of coaster design. Still... Viper is still kind of special to me and I'd hate to ever see it go. I was still a San Diego boy at the time and I remember fondly driving up to the park on Viper's opening day back in 1990 to ride it with a group of friends.
    The line stretched from just inside the entrance near the carousel, up the hill to the station, turned around and went back down the hill to the carousel and then turned around and went back up the hill once again before entering into the station and proper queue area that was built for it. All said and done I think we ended up waiting about 2.5 to 3 hours to ride it that day, and we loved it.
    I really would hate to see Viper go, even though it isn't the biggest or best anymore, and it is far from being the smoothest ride out there today... but it's a special kind of monster that I'd love to see stand long enough to be able to bring all my kids out to ride it with me. The good news is that the site is apparently only one of a small group being considered for the park's 2018 project, so depending on the site and final attraction selection, Viper could be safe. For now, enjoy Viper while you still have it and ride it once for me.
    (2/18/16) While the focus this year at Magic Mountain is on The New Revolution, there are early rumors suggesting that the park has some loose plans in store for the future, with a design idea for their next large coaster. If the rumors are true, they may have tasked B&M to design the first Dive Machine coaster for the Six Flags chain. Based on the landscape of the park, I can only assume they might try to use the mountain itself to offset some of the expensive structure cost by allowing it to serve as part of the lift and then take the vertical dive off the edge of the top half of the mountain, perhaps in the back where they may be clearing out the old stunt show arena, or maybe diving towards of the old Deja Vu location.
    No Six Flags parks has built a Dive Machine to date, though I'm hearing that the corporate office will keep a careful eye on how Valravn performs at Cedar Point this summer before making the final call on the SFMM ride... which will probably be just a bit taller and longer than Valravn as well if they build it.



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