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icon_STOPPark News - (10/12/17) BlooLoop has posted an interview with Bonnie Sherman Weber this week, President of Six Flags Magic Mountain. They talk about the her history with the park (going back to her High School days), the building of the brand of Magic Mountain as one of the world's premier thrill parks, Fright Fest, the new Justice League ride and much more.
    (9/14/17) A fun photo trip report from Six Flags Magic Mountain was posted to CaliforniaCoasterKings this week, showing off much of the park's Fright Fest decoration installation and more.
    (8/24/17) Six Flags Magic Mountain made an interesting announcement this week, confirming that starting on January 1st, 2018, the park will begin daily year-round operation for the first time, open to guests 365-days a year. Unlike the other park's in the Six Flags chain, Six Flags Magic Mountain already had a year-round schedule, but was mostly only open on weekends during the slower months of the year. I'm glad to see Magic Mountain follow in the footsteps of ever other Southern California theme park, from SeaWorld to Disney to Knott's to Universal... and join their ranks by offering their unique thrills on a daily basis.




















2017 - Justice League: Battle for Metropolis - (7/13/17) Robert was on hand for a special VIP preview of the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis on Tuesday night. You can read his report and review of the ride and attraction area below:
    After months of construction and revisions to the original iterations in other parks, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is now open at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
    The grand opening took place Tuesday evening for a large crowd of media, company representatives, and their friends and family. The park rolled out the red carpet and threw a huge party with a full big band, DJ, and food samplings from all the new dining establishments throughout the Metropolis area.
    Bonnie Weber, president of Magic Mountain spoke for a bit, thanking local government officials and others, then introduced Sally Corp head John Wood, who had kind words for all the different companies, local and international, who contributed to the design and construction of Justice League. He also referred to this latest version of Justice League as the most enhanced version of the ride to date. This is good, as the Southern California market has very demanding guests.
    Following Mr. Wood was Peter Van Rodden, SR Vice President of Global Themed Entertainment at Warner Bros. Studios. He rattled off a number of the DC themed rides installed at Six Flags parks over the last few years, emphasizing the strong relationship between the parks and the characters.
    At that point, Bonnie signaled for a fireworks display to begin, accompanied by a rousing medley of DC superhero musical themes from Superman (1978), Batman (1989), Wonder Woman (2017), and a few others. At the end of the display, the more well known superheroes lined up at the front of the Justice League building and posed for photos.
    The ride itself is a great fit for Magic Mountain, which doesn't have the budget that nearby Universal and Disney have. Justice League far eclipses Knott's Berry Farm's disappointing Voyage to the Iron Reef game/ride as well. Close observers of the previously installed versions will notice some evolution in the design, but it remains essentially the same experience, with the addition of Harley Quinn. In addition, the ride empties out into the new Super Hero Store, stocked with a wide variety of DC Comics themed merchandise.
    We were able to take a couple of rides through, though no photography or video was permitted past the preshow rooms. The ride experience is much the same as in the other Six Flags parks, though the ride path is mirrored from those. The added surprise addition of Harley Quinn, though not that dramatic, provides a reason for those who have previously experienced the ride to queue up again. As in previous iterations, the experience is essentially a mashup of the arcade-style shooting game with a mobile motion-base simulator. Think Toy Story Midway Mania meets Transformers: The Ride. It's a nice combination that will likely satisfy those with gaming tendencies and fans of DC comics who want to be part of the action.




icon_STOP2018 - CraZanity - (11/6/17) A new construction update from Six Flags Magic Mountain showing off the progress on the new boardwalk area and the start of Crazanity was posted to California Coaster Kings this week. Check it out.
    (9/22/17) ThemeParkOverload has posted a look at the construction site for the park's new Crazanity ride, a look at Fright Fest decorations and more.
    (8/31/17) Ok... Magic Mountain got me, because I did not see this one coming at all. In a surprise move the park will be adding CraZanity for 2018, the world’s tallest pendulum ride that will spin riders at a record-breaking 17-stories in the air on a spinning disc at speeds up to 75mph. It will seat 40 riders at a time as they swing higher and higher, up to 172 feet in the air all while seated on a spinning disc.
    Also new for 2018, the park promises "Enhanced Bumper Cars", renovated attractions, as well as renovated dining, games and shopping options.


???? - New Coaster - Rumor - (9/14/16) Screamscape received a rumor this week that I found to be a little disturbing to me personally. Our rumor claims that Six Flags may be considering removing the park's iconic Viper coaster as early as mid to late 2017 in order to build a newer coaster on the hillside plot of land it calls home for 2018.
    Previous rumors have already indicated that the next big coaster being planned for Six Flags Magic Mountain may be the chain's first B&M Dive Machine coaster, and I can see how that particular site could be beneficial for that kind of coaster design. Still... Viper is still kind of special to me and I'd hate to ever see it go. I was still a San Diego boy at the time and I remember fondly driving up to the park on Viper's opening day back in 1990 to ride it with a group of friends.
    The line stretched from just inside the entrance near the carousel, up the hill to the station, turned around and went back down the hill to the carousel and then turned around and went back up the hill once again before entering into the station and proper queue area that was built for it. All said and done I think we ended up waiting about 2.5 to 3 hours to ride it that day, and we loved it.
    I really would hate to see Viper go, even though it isn't the biggest or best anymore, and it is far from being the smoothest ride out there today... but it's a special kind of monster that I'd love to see stand long enough to be able to bring all my kids out to ride it with me. The good news is that the site is apparently only one of a small group being considered for the park's 2018 project, so depending on the site and final attraction selection, Viper could be safe. For now, enjoy Viper while you still have it and ride it once for me.
    (2/18/16) While the focus this year at Magic Mountain is on The New Revolution, there are early rumors suggesting that the park has some loose plans in store for the future, with a design idea for their next large coaster. If the rumors are true, they may have tasked B&M to design the first Dive Machine coaster for the Six Flags chain. Based on the landscape of the park, I can only assume they might try to use the mountain itself to offset some of the expensive structure cost by allowing it to serve as part of the lift and then take the vertical dive off the edge of the top half of the mountain, perhaps in the back where they may be clearing out the old stunt show arena, or maybe diving towards of the old Deja Vu location.
    No Six Flags parks has built a Dive Machine to date, though I'm hearing that the corporate office will keep a careful eye on how Valravn performs at Cedar Point this summer before making the final call on the SFMM ride... which will probably be just a bit taller and longer than Valravn as well if they build it.



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