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icon_STOPPark News - (4/9/14) Six Flags Magic Mountain announced earlier today that the park would hold their first ever annual winter holiday event this year called Holiday in the Park. It will run at Magic Mountain from November 28, 2014 2014_0408_SFMM_HolidayInTheParkthrough to January 4th, 2015 as several areas will be transformed with winter wonderland themes and lit-up with one million holiday lights.
    (3/14/14) A new photo update from Six Flags Magic Mountain was posted to Theme Park Review this week.
    (2/26/14) According to this report from The Coaster Guy, new biometric finger scanners are currently being added to the main gate at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Expect to see them up and running sometime in March.
    In other news, new pictures taken at Six Flags Magic Mountain the other day reveal that the black Venom Drop slide at Hurricane Harbor has been removed. You can clearly see it missing from the black tower in one of the pictures, with tape covering the opening where it used to drop off the tower.
    (2/21/14) Long time Six Flags Magic Mountain fans… and I’m talking LONG TIME… like those who remember the park before Bugs Bunny moved in, will remember the days back when the park had a train ride. Guess what?  One of the park’s former trains is still alive and well… and actually up for sale for $137,000. You can see pictures of the 99 locomotive and five passenger cars, which are for sale with about half a mile of track and signals by clicking here. While the train was removed from Magic Mountain in 1980, it was fully restored in 2001.
    (2/15/14) I reached out to Sue Carpenter at Six Flags Magic Mountain this week to find out more about the Mooseburger Lodge project. According to Sue the old Mooseburger is no more. Starting March 22nd, when the park opens for daily operations, the restaurant will reopen as Full Throttle Sports Bar & Grill. The inside will have been completely gutted and renovated with a new sports enthusiast theme, with over 20 HDTV’s added to broadcast sports events to you from every direction.
    (2/3/14) We’ve see the pictures from Six Flags Magic Mountain lately, where the Mooseburger Lodge has been closed for weeks for some kind of renovation. According to Screamscape sources the Mooseburger theme will be completely retired and the building transformed into some kind of new Sports Bar / Restaurant concept with a new theme that they can tie in with the Full Throttle coaster next door. Look for this new concept to possibly open by late March or early April.
    (1/20/14) A new photo report from Six Flags Magic Mountain showing off the latest construction taking place in the park right now (mostly in Bugs Bunny Land it seems) as well as the confirmed reopening of X2 has been posted to ThemeParkReview.
    (1/17/14) Great news this week… Six Flags Magic Mountain has finally confirmed that X2 will reopen this weekend.
    (4/12/13) May 8th, 2016 will be the 40th Anniversary of Revolution, the first modern steel coaster with a vertical loop in the world. A nice video has been posted to YouTube urging Six Flags to please celebrate this important anniversary by Restoring Revolution back to the awesome condition it was in when it first opened, including the purchase of all new modern trains for it that would restore the rider experience to one offering just a simple lap-bar only restraint system, increase of the painful over-the-shoulder restraints added to the ride years later.


2014 - Batman Backwards / Colossus Backwards / New Kiddie Coaster / Bonzai Pipelines - (3/21/14) Six Flags Magic Mountain has confirmed that on Saturday, March 22nd, when the park begins daily operations for the year, they will also open both Batman: Backwards and Colossus: Backwards, for a limited time this Spring only.
    (3/18/14) Park Journey is back at Six Flags Magic Mountain, camera in hand, to check out the passholder preview of Batman: Backwards, the progress at Bugs Bunny World and more.
    (3/8/14) Six Flags Magic Mountain is kicking off a series of passholder exclusive preview days of Batman: Backwards starting today. Passholder preview days are March 8-9, 15-16, and then Batman: Backwards will open to the public on March 22nd. If you can’t get there right away, Six Flags has issued a preview POV video of what your ride experience will look like, embedded below.
    I’m not 100% certain, but I beliee Colossus: Backwards was also set to open at the same time at Batman: Backwards, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they started running it backwards a weekend or so early as well, so keep your eyes open if you visit.

    (2/19/14) ParkJourney has returned to Six Flags Magic Mountain this week to check in on the latest construction at Bugs Bunny World, the site of the new Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers coaster and more. 2014_SFMM_HotRodRacers_art
    (2/12/14) Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced the name for their newest family coaster as Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers. With the addition of the Speedy Gonzales Hod Rod Racers, this will bring the park’s coaster count up to a staggering 19. While the layout isn’t known, the coaster is supposed to be coming in from Zamperla and is expected to be similar is size to the Roadrunner Express at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
    (1/24/14) A fun trip report from Six Flags magic Mountain can be found over at ParkJourney this week, which includes several good shots of the freshly reopened X2 coaster, the park’s missing Scrambler pad, former Barnyard Railway site and more as the refurbishment of Bugs Bunny World begins.
    (8/29/13) Six Flags Magic Mountain will introduce a new and interesting attractions to the main park as well as a new slide over at Hurricane Harbor.
    Bonzai Pipelines is the new dual-slide experience being added to the waterpark, where riders will climb into aqua pods before the trap-door floor opens up and drops them down into the slide below. The park will also add a new Dive-In Movie experience to the Forgotten Sea Wave Pool on select nights.
    Meanwhile inside Magic Mountain the park will run Batman and Colossus backwards for a limited time starting in the Spring 2014. In the Summer the park's Bugs Bunny World will get a makeover, adding a new family-friendly show in the Carrot Club Theater and an all new children's coaster will become the park's 19th roller coaster. With the addition of this new kiddie coaster, the park's kids area will then feature a total of 4 kiddie coasters (Canyon Blaster, Magic Flyer, Road Runner Express), more than any other US park I believe.


2015 - Rumor - Iron Colossus - (1/6/14) At this point I’m fairly confident that we’ll see Colossus close sometime in 2014 in order to get transformed and upgraded into a new experience for the 2015 season, but the real question is the timeline. Has anyone heard anything more about when Colossus’ last days will be?
    With “Colossus Backwards” promoted as a “limited time” 2014 attraction starting in Spring 2014, it remains to be seen if they will be able to continue to run Colossus throughout the Summer or if it will close down at the end of the backwards run promotion before the start of Summer. Anyone know more?
    (4/15/13) According to the latest rumors the Iron Horse treatment for Colossus has been slotted to reopen for 2015, though there is a slight chance it could be pushed back to 2016 if the stars align on another project first. Unlike the quick transformation of Rattler at Fiesta Texas, this is expected to be more of a major overhaul, more along the lines of the lengthy Texas Giant job. This will require the once mighty Colossus to be down for a period of 12-16 months. So for Colossus to be reborn in Spring 2015 it will end up having to close down to begin the project in Late 2013. Stay tuned as we try to keep up to date on what could be the most important new coaster to ever open at ‘The Mountain’ that could create an all time new world record for the park that may never be broken.
    (1/10/13) Screamscape sources tell us that management at Six Flags Magic Mountain may have received early confirmation that Colossus will be tapped to be the next Six Flags coaster to get the Iron Horse treatment following the transformation of Rattler to Iron Rattler at Fiesta Texas this year. No word yet on just how much will be changed, but the iconic support structure is expected to remain essentially the same. If true, look for Colossus to go away forever before the end of the year, though it seems like the park may try to promote the final days of Colossus rather than just quietly shut it down, so you may get some early warning.
    (2/27/12) During West Coaster Bash Six Flags management did confirm that they were still seriously considering performing a full Rocky Mountain Hybrid transformation job on Colossus in the future. What it is coming down to however is to see if they think that they can get a return on investment for the project… which essentially means that they want to know if they can promote Colossus to the general public as a new coaster experience and lure in the crowds. (It seemed to have worked with X2, and certainly it seems like The Texas Giant was able to hit the target as the ride was reported as being packed all last summer).
    (1/30/12) It’s a bit early to lock down this project, but I’m hearing that after The Rattler, Colossus may indeed be the next Six Flags coaster to get a major overhaul from Rocky Mountain Coasters. Look for this in either 2014 or 2015 and I’ll leave you with this little tidbit... if the rumors I’m hearing are true, the name Colossus may mean something to the world once again.
    (4/25/11) Screamscape sources indicate that following the successful opening and transformation of the Texas Giant this past weekend, management has now set their eyes upon the next candidate for transformation. We’ve heard it rumored before, but now it seems like a good bet that Colossus at Magic Mountain will be the next woodie to ride the Iron Horse rail system. Much like the transformation of the Texas Giant, I’m told that the ideas they are planning for Colossus will be quite shocking and take it to the next level. Stay tuned!
    (6/5/10) I’ve got a soft spot for Colossus at SFMM… after all it was the woodie I rode most as a kid growing up in SoCal. I remembering riding it with the 3-Bench PTC trains in the early years and on the 2-Bench California style Morgan trains that were added in later years. I’ve even ridden it backwards many times using a borrowed B&M train from the Psyclone coaster.  That said… I’m hearing that Colossus is due to another revamp sometime in the next few years… as the Morgan trains are coming to the end of their lifespan and need replacing. Facing the aspect of buying some costly new coaster trains, management is hoping to find a way to market this costly expense in their favor and all eyes are keeping careful tabs on the Texas Giant rebuild in progress, as Colossus is said to be a possible candidate for the process as well.
    If Colossus does get the green light, it’s said that we could very well see some huge changes made to the ride’s layout in order to spice things up like banking those slow flat turns, and making the hills even more thrilling and full of airtime. Yep… I think it would be a great idea to make remodel Colossus back into the monster coaster it could be once again, so cross your fingers.


icon_STOP???? - Future Attraction Concept Surveys - (4/14/14) Apparently it’s the time of year for Six Flags to begin guests surveys to determine possible future needs and attractions for their parks. Today we were sent word about three possible new attraction concepts being pitched to guests of Six Flags Magic Mountain.
    The first one is for a kind of odd concept called You’re In Control, which describes a musical dark ride style experience where you can ride a song. “Pulsing lights, fog and sound srround you as you venture into the hazy darkness” all the while looking for virtual laser light “strings” and musical intruments projected onto fog screens, allowing you to reach out to try and touch them and add your own musical strums to the mix. Every ride experience promises to be different as your group in the car plays out the ride in a new way each time you ride.
    The second concept was to kind of take a nod from Wet ‘n Wild Orlando and add a projection fog screen and special effects system to the Tornado slide at Hurricane Harbor, allowing for you to appear to pass through a raging hurricane and into the eye of the storm inside as you drop down into the funnel and rock back and forth. This would involve adding a cap to the top end of funnel, so that the inside of the slide could be kept dark enough for the projection and lighting effects to work.
    The third concept was also for Hurricane Harbor, and involves adding a series of “Dive-In Movies” to be shown on a big screen at the park’s wave pool every Thursday night in June and July.
    Again… these are just survey concepts about possible future attractions under consideration. There are no promises that you will see any of these added to the park next year, or the year after that… but you never know.


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