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icon_STOPPark News - (7/3/17) Just a heads up for anyone visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain. I've heard that the park's Full Throttle coaster has been experiencing some down-time issues as of late, which are rumored to have been a side-effect of the high temperatures in the area. This isn't the first time we've seen a ride or two at SFMM give in to the triple-digit onslaught from the sun over the past few years, so just something to be aware of, as I believe both Superman and Lex Luthor have had their own history with mechanical sun-stroke.
    In other news, the park has opened something new called METRO PARK PUB. We sent Robert out for a preview last week to check it out and get the latest update on the construction of the Metropolis area and get an official announcement about the opening of the new Justice League: Battle For Metropolis dark ride.











    METRO PARK PUB - To document the continuing evolution of Magic Mountain's development, we were invited to be among the first to sample the offerings of the Metro Park Pub, essentially a contemporary, outdoor biergarten. Magic Mountain has served food and drink in the park before, but never in quite an idyllic setting as this. Set out of the way, across from Goldrusher, and adjacent to the new Justice League attraction, the space offers a welcome respite from the crowds and blazing sun. The first thing long time guests may notice is the re-purposing of the gazebo that has been in the park for decades. In its new life, the structure will serve as a wrap-around bar. It's really nice to see the park embracing the few remnants of its past that remain. The park's designers were also smart to retain many of the trees in the area that provide much needed shade and atmosphere. Although not installed yet, small lights will be strung across the entire area for warm ambience.
    Liquid refreshments span the range from commonly found American beers to more quality offerings, and even apple cider, a favorite of this reporter. Seating is spread amongst both individual tables as well as common tables, a nice touch to save space and bring visitors closer to each other. The food menu is fairly diverse as well, and a cut above typical theme park fare. Beer battered fish and chips, shrimp and chips, and even a kale salad are available. Of particular note is a variation of nachos that substitutes pork rinds for nacho chips, a nice touch. Fried green beans are something we didn't expect to see here either. We sampled many of the dishes and found them to be a level above the typical non-chain items you might find at Six Flags. Consider this reporter impressed.
    Finally, live bands will be booked to play the small stage at busy times. This undoubtedly will be one of the most pleasant spaces to take a break in between rides and walking.
    (6/10/17) According to the latest update from CaliforniaCoasterKings, Ninja has recieved an interesting new light package that lights up the coaster's supports in various colors after dark on the hillside. Follow the link to see the photos.
    (5/2/17) Six Flags Magic Mountain added a couple of interesting additions to the park this past week. For starters, they are trying to cash in on the whole "unicorn" menu craze with the creation of their own Secret Menu item... the Unicorn Funnel Cake, only available in the park for a limited time.
    The park also celebrated the arrival of Superman to the park's cast of Justice League costume characters over the weekend with an official welcome party at the entrance to DC Universe. (see below)
    Finally we also get a look at the new paint job taking over Riddler's Revenge this week at The Coaster Guy, where a photo collection showing off the new bright green track and yellow supports can be seen. I like the new lighter shade of green, though I worry the light matte yellow paint may be a bit too muted, and fade too quickly under the harsh summer sun at SFMM, but we'll have to wait and see.





















icon_STOP2017 - Justice League: Battle for Metropolis - (7/13/17) Robert was on hand for a special VIP preview of the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis on Tuesday night. You can read his report and review of the ride and attraction area below:
    After months of construction and revisions to the original iterations in other parks, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is now open at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
    The grand opening took place Tuesday evening for a large crowd of media, company representatives, and their friends and family. The park rolled out the red carpet and threw a huge party with a full big band, DJ, and food samplings from all the new dining establishments throughout the Metropolis area.
    Bonnie Weber, president of Magic Mountain spoke for a bit, thanking local government officials and others, then introduced Sally Corp head John Wood, who had kind words for all the different companies, local and international, who contributed to the design and construction of Justice League. He also referred to this latest version of Justice League as the most enhanced version of the ride to date. This is good, as the Southern California market has very demanding guests.
    Following Mr. Wood was Peter Van Rodden, SR Vice President of Global Themed Entertainment at Warner Bros. Studios. He rattled off a number of the DC themed rides installed at Six Flags parks over the last few years, emphasizing the strong relationship between the parks and the characters.
    At that point, Bonnie signaled for a fireworks display to begin, accompanied by a rousing medley of DC superhero musical themes from Superman (1978), Batman (1989), Wonder Woman (2017), and a few others. At the end of the display, the more well known superheroes lined up at the front of the Justice League building and posed for photos.
    The ride itself is a great fit for Magic Mountain, which doesn't have the budget that nearby Universal and Disney have. Justice League far eclipses Knott's Berry Farm's disappointing Voyage to the Iron Reef game/ride as well. Close observers of the previously installed versions will notice some evolution in the design, but it remains essentially the same experience, with the addition of Harley Quinn. In addition, the ride empties out into the new Super Hero Store, stocked with a wide variety of DC Comics themed merchandise.
    We were able to take a couple of rides through, though no photography or video was permitted past the preshow rooms. The ride experience is much the same as in the other Six Flags parks, though the ride path is mirrored from those. The added surprise addition of Harley Quinn, though not that dramatic, provides a reason for those who have previously experienced the ride to queue up again. As in previous iterations, the experience is essentially a mashup of the arcade-style shooting game with a mobile motion-base simulator. Think Toy Story Midway Mania meets Transformers: The Ride. It's a nice combination that will likely satisfy those with gaming tendencies and fans of DC comics who want to be part of the action.
    Riddler's Revenge also finally reopens Wednesday after a long period of downtime and new paint.

    (7/3/17) New signage for the Metropolis area of the park has recently been erected. The sign depicts the cityscape of towering buildings framed by "Metropolis: The City of Tomorrow" text. It's a nice little placemaker that conjures up the many adventures available in the reworked area.
    Though we were invited to preview the new Metro Park pub area, the big reveal today is the July 12th public opening of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. This promises to be a popular addition to the park, as it's also accompanied by a new look to the area as well as newly rejuvenated and repainted Riddler and food offerings. As is the custom, there will be a series of passholder previews and other surprises leading up to the big date. Though we were not given access to the show building at this point, it's evident that construction is progressing faster than a speeding bullet. The facade of the building is near completion and looking good. Scaffolding should be coming down in due time.
    The newly repainted Riddler's Revenge was also testing throughout our visit. Looking and sounding great.
    (6/17/17) So what is going on with the Justice League ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain? For some unknown reason, progress really seemed to stall out on the California ride after getting off to the solid start. So far the Georgia version opened weeks ago and the version at new Six Flags Great Adventure is actually opening this very morning, despite initial appearances that it would be the one to open last based on a late start to construction. 
    Meanwhile you can see the status of the Six Flags Magic Mountain site in a picture posted to Thrill Capital Insider, where the building has been up for a long time now, but they still only have the steel framework up now for the Justice League facade out front and the site around the ride is still nothing but dirt. According to their report, they've heard that the ride inside is functional and in the testing phase at least, which is good news, but with a ton of work to do outside the attraction before they can open it, it could be July before they are ready to cut the ribbon.

    (5/19/17) A new construction update on the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain was posted to ParkJourney this week. Still lots of work to do on the outside before they are finished it seems, so I'm guessing it will open sometime in early Summer. Of course what really matters is how far along they are on the inside... which is still unknown.
    (3/11/17) Friday, Six Flags Magic Mountain generously provided Screamscape with access to the construction site of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, the first dark ride in the park’s history. We were able to roam freely around the site before installation of major components and set pieces begins. At this point, almost nothing resembling the final experience is evident, save for the subtle outline of the track’s path on the floor, which will be an inverted-T rail, as with the existing Justice League rides. The elevated loading platform is also complete at this point. The building encompasses 23,000 square feet of space, about half an acre. For comparison, that’s a little more than a third of the total square footage of the Transformers rides at the Universal Studios parks. It’s still a very large amount of land though. As previously noted on Screamscape, the surrounding area, dubbed Metropolis, will also be host to some new restaurants and a beer garden. An opening date has not been made public yet, though it’s likely the ride will debut in time for the summer season. It’s great to see Magic Mountain investing in its future in a new and exciting way.
    Some other details uncovered as part of today’s visit:

    Riddler, as part of the Metropolis makeover, is scheduled to receive some new paint, in the form of yellow supports, and a new shade of green for the track.

    Recent visitors will have noted that the observation tower has been shut down for the past year. Regulations pertaining to the elevators were recently updated, and appropriate measures must be taken to conform to the new laws. The tower is expected to be down for the remainder of 2017.

    Apocalypse is getting some much needed attention in the form of a partial retracking. No scheduled reopening date at this time, but work is progressing as quickly as possible to ensure a smoother ride in time for this year’s visitors.

    Tatsu’s scheduled refurbishment has been completed, and the popular flying coaster will reopen when the park begins daily operation.
(3/6/17) ParkJourney has reported in with an all new update from Six Flags Magic Mountain, with pictures not only all the new construction on the Justice League dark ride, but also some big changes and rehab work taking place on Apocalypse as well. Lots of the ride's track has been removed completely in preparation for some complete re-tracking in some much-needed areas. Check it out.
    (2/28/17) A new progress update from Six Flags Magic Mountain was posted to CaliforniaCoasterKings this week, with a look at the Justice League construction site, a few other projects as well as a quick review of the new Galactic Attack VR experience on New Revolution.
    (2/6/17) Our friends at ParkJourney posted some new pictures of the Justice League ride building under construction at Six Flags Magic Mountain this weekend that are worth checking out. Things are looking good so far... pretty soon they will button up the building and begin all the hard work on the inside.
    (1/23/17) Park Journey takes a look at the Justice League construction site at Six Flags Magic Mountain this week. Compared to the previous photos we saw, the work crews have been seriously on the move with this one, as it now looks like the entire building framework is now in place.
    It is also worth mentioning that New Revolution is now running without any kind of VR enhancement. According to a sign out front, they are calling this "Classic Style", though the sign says this is only happening for "a limited time only", so I assume we may have some kind of new VR adventure in the works to appear on the ride again in the near future.
    (1/18/17) Good news for Six Flags Magic Mountain, as it has been reported that the Justice League ride building has finally gone vertical. A few pictures of the construction were posted to the Planet Six website this week.
    (1/2/17) The concrete foundation for the Justice League dark ride coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain is being poured this week. You can see pictures of the site posted to ThrillCaptialInsider this week.
    (9/23/16) CaliforniaCoasterKings took a tour of the Justice League construction site at Six Flags Magic Mountain last week, as well as taking a look at some of the park's haunt projects like the Suicide Squad area and more.
    (9/1/16) Six Flags Magic Mountain will bring "Justice League: Battle for Metropolis - Ride. Play. Triumph." to the park in 2017. This will actually be a "next generation" version of the popular Six Flags dark ride experience featuring a spectacular new finale scene, new game targets as well as the addition of popular super-villain Harley Quinn.
    "This cutting-edge attraction brings riders into the DC Universe featuring interactive content in one of the first-ever virtual 360-degree loops on an attraction, and interactive 180-degree toroidal screens that allow riders to experience state-of-the-art gaming while riding in six-passenger pitch and roll motion-based vehicles synced to custom action-packed scenes featuring the most iconic DC characters."
    Riders will join the Justice League Reserve Team and fight alongside Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern to save the city of Metropolis from Lex Luthor, The Joker and his henchmen, now along with fan-favorite Harley Quinn.
    The dark ride will be housed inside a 23,624 sqft Hall of Justice building and feature a 4D ride experience along with wind, fire, mist, fog and other special effects, as well as animatronic figures of Cyborg, The Joker, Harley Quinn, various henchmen and Lex Bots. The attraction will be situated within the new Metropolis area of the park that will include other new improvements to the surrounding area including added entertainment and new food and beverage and retail locations.

    (8/13/16) According to an online reports from Planet Six the area of the park around the former stunt show area known as the Movie District will be closing down sometime in the fall for a few months. This closure will include closing down Riddler's Revenge, Tidal Wave (again?!), a climbing wall and JB's Smokehouse. With rumors saying that the area will become home to a brand new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride in 2017, it does fit that access to some attractions may have to be limited for closed during part of the construction. Look for the area to get walled off sometime in mid to late September.
    (4/22/16) So what is Six Flags Magic Mountain up to for 2017?  We know they have removed the old Batman stunt show theater next to Riddler's Revenge that has sat empty for years, and some early rumors suggested that the park was planning on adding a new coaster. Now a good source tells us that the new attraction coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2017 may actually be something else entirely... and something park fans have been wanting to see at Magic Mountain for quite some time. A dark ride... but not just any dark ride, if the rumors are to be believed the park may be planning on adding one of the chain's hot new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark rides in 2017 instead.
    The timing should be good, as Univesal's Harry Potter ride will be over a year old by the time a Justice League ride would open in 2017, and Disney's Star Wars land is still a few years away. Meanwhile the official "The Justice League: Part One" feature film from Warner Bros. is set to hit theaters on Nov. 17, 2017, so a ride opening in Summer 2017 would be just in time to take advantage of the free extra marketing being thrown at the film.


???? - New Coaster - Rumor - (9/14/16) Screamscape received a rumor this week that I found to be a little disturbing to me personally. Our rumor claims that Six Flags may be considering removing the park's iconic Viper coaster as early as mid to late 2017 in order to build a newer coaster on the hillside plot of land it calls home for 2018.
    Previous rumors have already indicated that the next big coaster being planned for Six Flags Magic Mountain may be the chain's first B&M Dive Machine coaster, and I can see how that particular site could be beneficial for that kind of coaster design. Still... Viper is still kind of special to me and I'd hate to ever see it go. I was still a San Diego boy at the time and I remember fondly driving up to the park on Viper's opening day back in 1990 to ride it with a group of friends.
    The line stretched from just inside the entrance near the carousel, up the hill to the station, turned around and went back down the hill to the carousel and then turned around and went back up the hill once again before entering into the station and proper queue area that was built for it. All said and done I think we ended up waiting about 2.5 to 3 hours to ride it that day, and we loved it.
    I really would hate to see Viper go, even though it isn't the biggest or best anymore, and it is far from being the smoothest ride out there today... but it's a special kind of monster that I'd love to see stand long enough to be able to bring all my kids out to ride it with me. The good news is that the site is apparently only one of a small group being considered for the park's 2018 project, so depending on the site and final attraction selection, Viper could be safe. For now, enjoy Viper while you still have it and ride it once for me.
    (2/18/16) While the focus this year at Magic Mountain is on The New Revolution, there are early rumors suggesting that the park has some loose plans in store for the future, with a design idea for their next large coaster. If the rumors are true, they may have tasked B&M to design the first Dive Machine coaster for the Six Flags chain. Based on the landscape of the park, I can only assume they might try to use the mountain itself to offset some of the expensive structure cost by allowing it to serve as part of the lift and then take the vertical dive off the edge of the top half of the mountain, perhaps in the back where they may be clearing out the old stunt show arena, or maybe diving towards of the old Deja Vu location.
    No Six Flags parks has built a Dive Machine to date, though I'm hearing that the corporate office will keep a careful eye on how Valravn performs at Cedar Point this summer before making the final call on the SFMM ride... which will probably be just a bit taller and longer than Valravn as well if they build it.



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