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Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (5/6/14) The cost of standard parking at Six Flags Great America is said to have increased to $25 this season.
    (4/15/14) The additional price for admission into Hurricane Harbor for non season passholders is just $5 according to a page found on the official park website.
    (4/14/14) According to Screamscape sources, an admission fee to get into Hurricane Harbor will be charged to regular park guests starting this season, though Season Passholders will still get in free as usual. While the exact price has not been announced yet, a clear note has been added to the new 2014 park map however stating that “Additional Fee Required” to get into Hurricane Harbor for guests without a season pass. It has not been determined or announced just how much that fee will be. Be sure to read about the park’s new attraction concept survey below.
    (4/4/14) The local news reports that a fire broke out at Six Flags Great America late Wednesday night. Not many details were released, other than to say that the fire was at a backstage building near the Grand Music Hall at about 9pm and while fire crews put it out quickly, it caused an estimated $32,000 in damage, including some exterior damage to the Grand Music Hall itself. The cause has not been determined.


icon_STOP2014 - Goliath - (6/16/14) Just a reminder that Goliath will finally open to the public this Thursday, June 19th.
    (6/13/14) ThemeParkOverload has posted pictures and video from an on-site tour of Goliath at Six Flags Great America shot earlier this week.
    (6/9/14) I’m told that Goliath is planned to finally open next week at last, but if you need a sneak preview of the action a POV video from the front car making a test run has been posted to YouTube this week by Six Flags. Check it out below! The video is kind of freaky, as expected, because there just seems to be a lot of upside-down hang-time built into this coaster, where you are only held in by a lap bar and seat-belt. Wow!  Also... a small fire was reported to have broke out in Goliath’s station the other day, but damage was minimal and will not affect the opening of the ride. The official media event will take place June 18th, so I’d expect a public opening soon after.

    (6/2/14) Several reports were sent in from over the weekend from excited park guests at Six Flags Great America who witnessed Goliath make an incredible looking test run(s). It was ever caught on video and posted to YouTube so check it out below!











2014_SFGAm_NewGoliathRenders (1)

2014_SFGAm_NewGoliathRenders (2)

2014_SFGAm_NewGoliathRenders (3)

2014_SFGAm_NewGoliathRenders (4)

2014_SFGAm_NewGoliathRenders (5)


    (5/28/14) Anyone who was hoping to get their first rides on Goliath in this weekend will have a have a bit longer. Six Flags Great America has confirmed with Screamscape that the grand opening has been pushed back, as they need a little more time to finish the ride. As soon as we know the new opening date we will post an update, though I’d expect it to be sometime in June.
    (5/23/14) A new Goliath construction update has been posted to Coaster101 this week. So will the mighty goliath be ready in time for the big media event scheduled on May 29th?! Check it out and see what you think.
    (5/12/14) A new Goliath construction update has been posted to Coaster101 this week, check it out!
    (5/5/14) A series of new Goliath construction pictures have come in this week, taken on Saturday, and the ride just looks simply incredible. Can wait to see how this one runs!
    (4/16/14) A reader sent in a few new pictures of the Goliath construction site this week, as one of the most anticipated coasters of the year is finishing up construction.
    (3/17/14) A nice set of construction site photos of Goliath at Six Flags Great America were posted to Coaster101 over the weekend.
    (3/8/14) A reader went by Six Flags Great America the other day and sent in two new pictures of the massive Goliath structure under construction. Looks quite intimidating already.
    (2/24/14) Six Flags Great America has released all new renderings and a revised animation (POV and Off-Ride) showing off some impressive looking changes that have been made to the coasters layout.
    The most striking change you will see right off the bat is how the zero-G-roll is now placed directly under the lift hill, as part of the support structure for the lift hill itself, which now has an almost Intimidator 305 style look to it. I’ve added the new renderings and kept one image of the old original design so you can compare between the two.

    (2/21/14) A new construction report on Goliath at Six Flags Great American can be found at SFGAmNation.
    (12/9/13) A great has sent in a new picture of the Goliath construction site at SFGAm taken this past week. They also tell us that the park has confirmed that “igNight” will not be returning to the park for the 2014 season, but did not say why. According to other rumors the park may try their hand at an after-dark parade instead… which makes me wonder if they might try to bring back the park’s previous ‘Glow In The Park Parade’ which I believe ran for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Anyone know more?
    (12/2/13) Goliath at Six Flags Great America has started to go vertical this week, as the lift hill is now starting to rise. Pictures sent in by a reader show off footers in place all over the site as well as the lift hill and can be found in the thumbnail gallery below.
    (11/22/13) Coaster Crew interviews the President of Six Flags Great America at the Rocky Mountain Coasters booth at IAAPA to talk about Goliath. Check it out below!

    (11/20/13) A reader sent in a picture of the lead Goliath coaster car currently on display at the IAAPA trade show in Orlando this week. Check it out below.
    (11/7/13) A new construction picture from the Goliath site at SFGAm can be found at SFGAmNation. The site has been cleared and looks like they are moving right along with the formation of the new footers.
    (9/16/13) ThemeParkOverloads interviews Six Flags Great America about what we can expect from Goliath in 2014, including details about how the old Iron Wolf station will be modified for Goliath. Meanwhile a Screamscape reader sent in some pictures from the Goliath construction site as well this week, so enjoy!
    (8/29/13) Six Flags Great America will launch Goliath in the Summer of 2014… an amazing new wooden coaster design unlike anything you have ever seen before that will set records for being the world’s Tallest, Steepest and Fastest Wooden Coaster.
    Designed and built by Rocky Mountain Construction, Goliath stands 165 feet tall and will pull you quickly to the top via a 45 degree lift hill. Cresting the lift hill you will plunge at 85º down 180 feet into an underground tunnel, before shooting up into an overbanked U-Turn. From here you will rocket through an intense airtime hill before being sent up into a twist n’dive inversion where the train performs a 180º Zero-G Roll, and exits the inversion as a traditional vertical loop.
LOGO_Goliath_300    If you thought that was a weird feeling on a wooden coaster, prepare yourself for the next trick… something they call the Inverted Zero-G Stall. From a distance it may look like a traditional camelback style airtime hill until you realize that the train will roll you 180º upside-down and hold you upside-down as you peak over the top of this hill, and roll you back out and upright again as you exit, plunging down into a tunnel. Once again into the sunlight, you’ll hit another overbanked turn, drop and rise up for a moment of airtime before you hit the brake run.
    Not only does this coaster look impressive, but it may very well be the most impressive new coaster to premier in 2014. My only criticism is the name chosen for this monster of a ride. If this was the first time Six Flags had used the name Goliath, I would be perfectly ok with it, but this will be the 7th Goliath in the Six Flags chain, following the first use of Goliath in Magic Mountain back in 2000, followed by a Goliath at Six Flags Holland back in 2002, two more in 2006 at La Ronde and Six Flags over Georgia, followed by a Batman clone at Fiesta Texas named Goliath in 2008 and the renaming of the last Déjà Vu coaster as Goliath at Six Flags New England in 2012.
    With something as unique and record breaking as this new wooden coaster is, shouldn’t Six Flags have given it a fitting and unique name to make it stand out from the rest of the Goliath coasters around the world? (Ok, stepping off the soapbox…) 

    (8/22/13) If I didn’t mention it before, the new wooden coaster coming to the Iron Wolf spot is still from RMC. The hints the park is dropping is making people assume that the new ride may be called Goliath once again… but If the rumors I’m hearing hold out, this coaster will have a unique name all to itself.
    Now a local reader went to the meeting and reported back on what it will be like. While it will be 165 feet tall, as I expected, it will drop 13 feet underground, for a total drop of 178 feet. Following this will be a second drop of 124 ft, then a 60 ft drop, and the fourth drop is 100 feet, followed by an 80ft, 65 ft and final 56 foot drop. This is a full circuit ride layout. Right before that forth drop that suddenly jumps in height is a weird track element in the middle of the ride, circled in blue in the layout image they sent. It makes me wonder if this might be some kind of inversion, possibly with some kind of launch booster before it.
    (8/21/13) A bit of speculation has come my way about the SFGAm 2014 wooden coaster project. While we were discussing the height and speed record possibilities, we missed one possible line of thought that could turn this ride into a one of a kind creation.  What if it was also the world’s first launched wood coaster?  Just something to think about.
    (8/19/13) The latest rumors from SFGAm for 2014 indicate that the park is looking to build a new record setting wooden coaster that could possibly take some kind of speed record. With a height variance of just 165 feet tall however, I’m not sure how this is going to happen however. If they stick to just a US record, El Toro stands 181 feet tall, has a first drop height of 176 ft and hits a top speed of 70mph. While shorter Outlaw Run has a 162 ft drop that hits 68mph.
    If true, I suppose the new 2014 coaster could go underground a bit at the bottom of the drop to pick up some extra height to boost the speed above 70mph. If they follow along with a very steep Outlaw Run style first drop at 81º, diving down an extra 10-20 feet into a hole in the ground could be a very exciting way to start things off on this new ride.
    (8/16/13) UPDATE - A couple of fun pictures that looked stages came my way and I posted them, showing off an anonymous person from behind wearing a RMC logo hoodie. We’ve been having a lot of fun with the image over on the Screamscape Facebook and Twitter, but now the time has come to remove them from the news page. Unfortunately this also means that my rumor about the RMC conversion of American Eagle’s blue side is also wrong... at least for this year.
    While I don't know exactly what they have planned, the new meeting notes say that the park will request a variance for a 165 foot tall roller coaster on the former Iron Wolf location.
    (8/5/13) I’ve heard a couple of interesting rumors for just what SFGAm may be planning for 2014. While one reader thinks the teaser hints could be about a 3D/4D theater conversion of the old IMAX attraction to show the Journey movie series 4D films, the park has also put up signs saying that a Gurnee Village Zoning Meeting has been scheduled, which typically only happens when they are planning a new attractions over 125 feet tall.
    That said… we’re likely looking at two general possibilities… a tall tower style ride like a SkyScreamer, or a new roller coaster. While a SkyScreamer may fit in with the current pattern of expansion by Six Flags management, the whole “Journey” teaser doesn’t match up with that kind of ride experience at all. So what else could it be?
    Well… my next rumor is a doozy, but sounds crazy enough that I even believe it could be possible. Unfortunately, the recent incident that took place at Six Flags over Texas might put this concept under a watchful eye. What is it? Well I’m told that the park may be looking into a plan to have Rocky Mountain Coasters come in and perform a I-Box conversion on one-half of the American Eagle coaster. This could be a very interesting concept, leaving half of the Eagle standing as a popular wooden coaster, while upgrading the second side into a cutting edge Wood/Steel Hybrid coaster.
    As I said however, that rumored plan may be put on hold given current events, leading into our next rumor report claiming that whatever SFGAm has planned, it will take over the former Iron Wolf location, and stand 160 feet tall. Stay tuned!
    (8/2/13) Six Flags Great America has released an interesting video teaser for the park’s new 2014 attraction that invites you to “Follow The Journey”. So far we’ve got dropping text smashing into the crumbling ground below as a possible hint, but the park also already has a freefall ride in the form of Giant Drop. I suppose a new coaster is also possible… but since the park just opened X-Flight last year, I’m not sure if they are ready to drop another coaster into the park yet. Of course the text smashing into the ground could simply be their way to saying that whatever 2014 will bring, it will be “ground breaking”. Anyone have a theory?

    (2/4/13) I’m hearing early rumors that Six Flags Great America may be looking to add a launched roller coaster to the park’s lineup and has been looking over some ideas with Premier Rides. I’ve got a feeling the success of this may involve just how successful Full Throttle is at Six Flags Magic Mountain, so stay tuned.


icon_STOP???? - Future Attraction Concept Surveys - (4/14/14) Apparently it’s the time of year for Six Flags to begin guests surveys to determine possible future needs and attractions for their parks. One reader took a survey for Six Flags Great America that quized them about the possibility of adding more big summer events, concerts and festivals to the park in the future, as well as an expanded Fright Fest season that might keep the Screams coming through to Mid-November, as well as judging any possible interest in a winter Holiday In The Park style event, even if many of the rides would likely be closed. In general, it sounds like Six Flags management is looking into ways to expand the park season later into the year.



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