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Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News - (4/17/15) Six Flags Great America posted on Twitter than starting on May 29th, the American Eagle would be giving DOUBLE RIDES all summer long.
    (2/19/15) Several readers who have taken surveys for Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags America as well as Six Flags Great America were also asked questions to get an opinion about a proposed new Asian restaurant for the parks called ChopSix, much like the one issued to Six Flags Great Adventure guests.




    It has been noted that many of the Six Flags parks already have Panda Express locations on site, so this could be a chain wide plan to replace these franchised out locations with their own branded restaurant concept as the Panda Express franchise contracts come to an end.
    (11/3/14) According to messages sent out by Six Flags Great America on social media, the park said goodbye to a couple of their haunts after this weekend, and will retire Necropolis and Mausoleum of Terror. Look for new haunt experiences to replace them at Fright Fest 2015.


icon_STOP2015 - 40 Seasons / Possible New Rides - (5/13/15) The three rides being added to Six Flags Great America are actually three of the park's old rides returning: The Red Baron, Tot's Livery and Ladybugs.
    (5/5/15) While the coaster has been open almost a year now, Goliath at Six Flags Great America was awarded three Guinness World Records for being the Fastest (71.89mph), Steepest (85.13) and Longest First Drop (180ft) on a Wooden Coaster in the world. The park held a small dedication ceremony to mark the event over the weekend.



    In other news, rumor has it that the park may be in the process of adding three small kiddie rides to the park, which can be seen on the latest park map, as well as early construction under way inside the park as well.
    (8/28/14) Join Six Flags Great America as we celebrate 40 seasons of thrills in 2015, honoring the park’s history and applauding its growth. This season will see many new projects and events throughout the park. Namely the return of classic kiddie rides, a weekly event highlighting one of our world-class rides, and the refreshing of the Carousel Plaza and Hometown Square areas of the park.

    (8/27/14) I spoke too soon when I questioned why Six Flags Great America was celebrating “40 Seasons” in 2015. While the park opened in 1976, the 2015 season will actually be the park’s 40th Season. Though it’s kind of unusual for a park to celebrate like that, as most parks will promote these kind of events as Birthday or Anniversary celebrations and do it the following season, just as one would celebrate a Birthday or Annivesary. (ie: SeaWorld turned 50 this season, (1964-2014) while Disneyland will celebrate their 60th Anniversary next year (1955 - 2015). That said, Kings Dominion is just wrapping up their “40th Celebration” event this year, which I never realized until now was also a 40th Season celebration and not 40 years. Go figure… 40 Seasons...
    Now what does it mean for new additions for 2015? We’ll have to wait and see.
    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report Six Flags Great America is adding something called “40 Season”, which sounds like a show or overall park celebration plan for the park which may be a little odd since it opened in 1976 and won’t really turn 40 until 2016.



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Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Six Flags Theme Parks

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