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icon_STOPPark News - (12/7/16) Some great aerial footage of Holiday In The Park at Six Flags Great Adventure, shot by a drone-cam at dusk, has been posted to YouTube and it is quite spectacular.

    (11/30/16) Take a visit to Holiday In The Park 2016 at Six Flags Great Adventure thanks to the crew at ParkJourney this week. This includes a look at the Justice League construction site as well which unfortunately looks to still be in the dirt pushing / site clearing phase and has yet to begin vertical construction to be as far along as Six Flags over Georgia is at the moment.
    (10/24/16) Bad news for Six Flags Great Adventure on Sunday, as a vehicle crash on a nearby road disrupted power to the theme park for much of the afternoon. Some rides were able to reopen after about an hour or so, but others were said to be down for much longer.
    (10/17/16) Good news for Six Flags Great Adventure, a guest tells us that Superman was reopen over the weekend.
    (10/13/16) The latest word from Screamscape sources is that Superman is currently down with some kind of problem to the coaster’s lift hill motor. A timeline to repair isn’t known... it could be a few days... or it could be much longer.
    (10/11/16) Anyone know what is up with Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFGAdv?  I’ve heard from readers that it has been closed when they visited since Oct 2nd. On a somewhat related note, the new Rage of the Gargoyles VR is apparently a weekend only attraction according to the park schedule being handed out. If you visit on a weekday, you can still ride Skull Mountain, just without the VR Gear. Apparently it is a staffing issue, according to comments made from the ride’s staff.
    (10/3/16) In a surprising development guests to Six Flags Great Adventure were happy to report that the second train on El Toro was indeed installed back onto the ride once again to thrill guests after looking as if it may be done for the season just last week. Bravo Six Flags!
    (9/29/16) Rage of the Gargoyles VR is now open on the park's Skull Mountain coaster. Our reader said they actually enjoyed it quite a bit, though they noted that due to the lengthy amount of time it takes to unload and reload the riders with the gear, the wait time from the point in the queue where you first enter the building is about 90 minutes.
    (9/12/16) According to a reader who visited Six Flags Great Adventure over the weekend, it seems the investigation regarding the woman struck by an object while riding El Toro has come to the conclusion that she was hit by a cell phone. Our reader was told this by an employee when they asked about it, after noticing changes in the pre-dispatch announcements at the ride. Apparently they were telling the riders at El Toro they would be ejected from the park if they were caught with their phones in hand on the ride.
    (8/25/16) While no one has been able to figure out exactly what hit a female rider on El Toro the other day, the local news did reveal a photo of her showing off the damage done, which included having a tooth knocked out and damage to two other teeth that will need oral surgery to fix. Even the rider doesn't know exactly what hit her, only that it felt like getting hit by a baseball bat.
    (8/22/16) According to the local news a woman at Six Flags Great Adventure was sent to the hospital on Friday after she was hit in the face by an unknown object while riding the park's El Toro wooden coaster. El Toro was closed immediately for inspection by park and state inspectors over Friday evening and again on Saturday before being cleared to reopen the ride on Sunday.
    Given how quickly the coaster was reopened, it seems to me they are pretty sure the object that struck the rider wasn't part of the coaster itself, which would then make the most likely object either a loose article from a fellow rider on the train, or some kind of outside foreign object that came in the path of the train. In the case of the later, it woudl have to either be thrown from the ground (which is difficult), or perhaps she was struck by a passing bird. If you think the flying bird story is unbelievable, it has happened before, when Fabio was struck in the face by a bird during the promotional opening day ride on Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, arriving bloodied up when the train returned in front of all the media and their cameras.
    (8/9/16) Six Flags is adding even more VR Coaster experiences to their parks with the announcement of a "Rage of the Gargoyles" experience coming to The Demon at Six Flags Great America and to Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Look for this new experience to open sometime in September to go with Fright Fest at Discovery Kingdom, but it will kick off on August 13th at SFGAm.
    Six More coasters at other Six Flags parks will also launch the same VR Coaster experience, though I haven't been able to uncover the entire list yet. So far I've also found that Skull Mountain at SFGAdv and it is expected to replace all of "The New Revolution" experiences that have already opened at other Six Flags parks which would be SFOG on Dare Devil Dive Coaster, SFMM on Revolution at La Ronde on Goliath, SFOT on Shockwave.

    (8/5/16) A woman who claimed to have broken her ankle riding the King Cobra slide last year at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in New Jersey is now suing the theme park for damages. While I would normally say she isn't likely to get far, as riding waterslides is typically considered a ride at your own risk style attraction (much like Sking or Snowboarding) the article does mention an odd fact. She apparently injured herself riding the attraction with a friend in a double-tube which was borrowed from another park attraction, as the King Cobra slide only allows single-rider tubes. At this point, since the life guard at the top failed to stop them from riding in the double-tube, it may become the fault of Six Flags as the duo proceeded down the slide, with their combined mass over the limit, and flew up the side of the snake head themed half-pipe ramming the ankle of the girl in the front into the snake's mouth, breaking her ankle. So while they did something dumb and borrowed a double-tube from another slide to do this, the attendant at the top apparently did nothing to stop them either.
    (8/2/16) The Six Flags fashion police are at it again it seems, this time in New Jersey, stopping a female guest from re-entering the park after a quick trip to the car in the middle of the day, claiming her shirt was "inappropriate". No... her belly button wasn't showing or anything like what happened at some parks last summer, apparently they felt it was too much cleavage or something in the afternoon, though it was perfectly acceptable when she entered in the morning. The funny thing is that she swapped shirts with her male friend and boom... no problems with security about having an exposed hairy chest.
    Seriously... you just couldn't make stuff like this up...


2017 - Justice League: Battle For Metropolis - Confirmed - (9/1/16) The official announcement is out... Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is coming to Six Flags Great Adventure in 2017. So far no word on the rumored new attraction for the waterpark however.

    (9/1/16) Continuing some of the Screamscape spy network rumors, as expected from early leaks about the project, Six Flags Great Adventure will open a new Justice League Battle for Metropolis attraction in 2017. The versions of this ride opened thus far at select parks have impressed most park guests by offering a new style experience that isn’t something you would typically find at a Six Flags park, so I’m happy to see this expanding to even more parks across the nation, becoming another staple attraction experience for the Six Flags chain.
   I’m told this wont be the only new attraction here however, as the Hurricane Harbor waterpark is also expected to add some kind of major new waterslide as well. We’ll know more all about it sometime later today.
    (8/18/16) According to the latest town meeting notes on the Justice League project the project will go inside a 25,000 sqft building that will stand 33 feet tall. As for the location, they say that it will be located near the Chiller ride site, Batman ride and behind The Dark Knight. Later on they describe it as essentially taking over the former site of The Chiller coaster, which is what lies directly behind The Dark Knight ride building.
    (7/16/16) A reader sent in the official planning board meeting addenda set for July 18th which includes granting approval for SFGAdv's new 2017 attraction structure. The document describes it as "2017 Capital Improvements - Construction of a 25,000 square foot, 33 feet tall building to house a new theme park attraction." Sure sounds like Justice League: Battle for Metropolis to me is locked in. For the doubters out there, you can find it yourself online here.



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