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icon_STOPPark News - (1/25/18) Six Flags Great Adventure announced a bit ago that they will soon begin construction on the giant solar energy farm that was previously approved, that they claim will make the park the world’s first solar-powered theme park. The solar plant will produce 23.5 megawatts through a 40-acre solar farm site on the ground and additional solar topped carports to be added into some of the parking lots. Construction will begin in March and be finished by the end of 2019.
    (12/30/17) The local weather is playing havoc again with the best laid plans and Six Flags Great Adventure has been forced to cancel their New Year's Eve event and fireworks show, "due to unprecedented cold temperatures". Sorry guys, on top of that, the park's opted to close for the rest of the season as well... and has now listed closures for Dec. 30th, Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st. Better luck in 2018.
    If you missed Holiday In The Park this year, Six Flags did post a fun video of footage shot by a drone flying through the park showcasing it all. You can check that out below.

    (12/11/17) My apologies, it's been crazy around here for much of the past month and I forgot to post an important piece about Holiday at the Park at Six Flags Great Adventure from November. Screamscape was invited to attend the opening, and we sent Grace in to check it out for us and report back, so here's Grace.





















    This past weekend was the opening weekend of the third year of Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Great Adventure. For the event, about half of the park is open, and is covered in Christmas lights and filled with Holiday activities which are family oriented. Christmas lights are on every tree trunk, draped over the carousel and skull mountain, and there are many projectors lighting up the midways. In this years event they included some new lighting and a new Christmas tree show in the center of the main midway just inside of the park entrance. The show runs under 10 minute. The lights on the tree run on a program to play with some holiday songs.
    The coasters open during the event are The Joker, Nitro, Batman The Ride, Batman The Dark Knight, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern and Superman Ultimate Flight. The park is only closed off at the entrances to the golden kingdom. All the flat rides in the area were open, including Battle for Metropolis, sky screamer and the cable car as a round trip only and open wind permitting.
    There are many family activities throughout the park. One of the bigger draws is Santa, who was in his own building and his own line. Many other characters and photo opportunities are available all day, outdoors with minimal waits. On the midways are large firepits where people can roast marshmallows and make s’mores. The “Merry Market Place” is an area of shops, where guests can buy holiday related foods and gifts, including seasonal beers. One of the biggest sellers in the park is a refillable drink cup for hot chocolate, similar to the normal season drink cup except cheaper and only available for this event.
    There are some holiday shows to attend. I attended one in showcase theater, “Spirit of the Season: A Holiday Celebration”, which was song and dance to holiday songs, about 25 minutes long. On the midway behind the Ferris wheel is a live band which plays a few times daily. All of the actors and musicians were very energetic and skilled, and always tried to involve the kids.
    The boardwalk has most of their midway games open with the addition of some holiday related games, such as throw the hula hoop on the reindeer, and pick the lucky candy cane. Guests can now preview the midway game pack, new for 2018. The pack is just pre-purchased games, valued at $60 but sold for $40 or $35 for season pass holders.
    Tickets for the event are marked down from a normal day ticket, now $46.99. They are actually more expensive on the website than at the front gate, probably an oversight. It’s still a bit expensive for a family to buy full price tickets, but I recommend going if you have season passes. I also recommend going sooner rather than later in the year, loads are very light, all coasters running one train but still a walk-on, to see Santa is under an hour, temperatures warmer now.


2018 - Cyborg Cyber Spin - (8/31/17) A new thrilling and unique ride is coming to the park - Cyborg Cyber Spin. This unique creation is like nothing you've ever seen in a theme park before, offering a spinning, twisting, looping gyroscope of motions. I'm not sure who is making this ride, but it looks a lot like that Tourbillion creation from ABC Rides, a one of a kind portable ride creation seen in a few fairs over in Asia in videos that went viral for awhile. Bravo to Six Flags for bringing this or a very similar ride style to the US market for what looks like an incredible new ride to the park's lineup.

    (8/21/17) Six Flags Great Adventure has posted a couple teaser posters in the park hinting about what is to come in 2018. The posters aren't too far from the new Justice League ride and show off the logo of STAR. Labs from DC Comics along with a phone number you can call and hear a message. The posted also lists the names of the parents of DC hero Cyborg, Silas and Elinore Stone.



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