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icon_STOPPark News - (7/16/16) Plans for 2017’s Justice League ride are all but confirmed. READ MORE...
    (3/26/16) Despite getting an initial approval to build a huge solar energy farm on their property last year, Six Flags Great Adventure has been locked in a battle with those who would rather prevent the park from doing so, because they would have to cut down all the trees in that undeveloped site to build the solar farm.  Never mind that it's all on Six Flags' owned private property... but I'm not going to get into that issue. Many opponents felt Six Flags could have instead built the panels into some kind of canopy structure that would go over the parking lot... but I've seen how crappy people park, and only bad things could come from that concept.
    The end result is that the township has given Six Flags the needed approval to go ahead with the project to build a 21-megawatt solar farm that is expected to be able to power the entire theme park when running at full tilt. This could be a big game changer for the theme park industry as a whole going forward, as one thing many parks have in abundance is land.
    (3/12/16) According to the official park map now posted on the Six Flags Great Adventure website, the Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure Train, located very close to the new Joker coaster, will be lightly rethemed and renamed as the “Harley Quinn Crazy Train”. (... and queue Ozzy Osburne’s Crazy Train to play in the background on repeat for all eternity…) -
    UPDATE - (3/12/16) Based on the new Joker construction video the park posted on March 10, in the background of the shot at the 1:57 point you can see the old Blackbeard coaster (soon to be Harley Quinn Crazy Train) which appears to be having the track repainted in red instead of the old orange color. It's a little hard to tell due to the aerial point of view and with some of it in the light and some in the shade, but it does seem to appear to look different from the air.
    (2/15/16) The old station building for The Chiller has now been completely removed. There is a rumor going around claiming that the "Old Country" may open this season with a new small attraction of some kind, through the big rumor that has been going around for weeks is a claim that the park may be working on plans for a new coaster in 2017 or beyond.


2016 - Hurricane Harbor Adding Caribbean Cove - (11/12/15) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in New Jersey has announced the addition of Caribbean Cove, a new interactive water playground area with more than 55 fun interactive features, nozzles, jets, valves, an action slide and a two-story-tall tipping bucket. Caribbean Cove will open for Summer 2016 season and be located between the Taak It Eez Ee Creek lazy river and Big Wave Racer slide complex.


icon_STOP2016 - The Joker Total Mayhem - (5/27/16) Six Flags Great Adventure held a special media event to preview The Joker on Thursday, only to have the ride close down right away as one of the cars got stuck. You can see media coverage and photos from the day posted to CoasterFusion, as they were actually ON the ride when it got stuck, with them in an upside-down position.
    (4/29/16) The local news has posted a video showing off test dummies taking a spin on the new “The Joker” rollercoaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. Check it out below because it’s kind of funny to watch the legs on the camera dummy that can bend far enough to kick itself in the head during the flips near the end. Speaking of flips, a reader tells me if you compare photos of Batman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and The Joker you will see that the placement of the magnetic fins along the track is different on Joker. The expectation is that the new fin placement should result is more flips.

    (4/13/16) A new video from Six Flags Great Adventure was sent in to the new “In The Loop On Air” video series that will focus on user submitted video clips. This first one from the park goes over the status of their new Joker coaster and other projects, so check it out below.

    (3/29/16) New pictures of The Joker at Six Flags Great Adventure, as well as a picture of the repainted Harley Quinn Crazy Train next door, have been posted to CoasterChitChat.
    (3/15/16) A new construction update for The Joker at Six Flags Great Adventure has been posted to CoasterChitChat.
    (2/23/16) Aerial drone footage of The Joker (formerly Total Mayhem) construction at Six Flags Great Adventure has been posted to YouTube. Check it out below.

    (2/5/16) More construction pictures of The Joker at SFGAdv have been posted to the park's website.
    (1/28/16) As rumored, Six Flags Great Adventure made it official on Wednesday afternoon, and has not only rethemed the park's upcoming Total Mayhem coaster to The Joker, but they have renamed the coaster as well as simply, "The Joker".


    Of course, this is the one thing about Six Flags that drives me crazy. I have no problem with the ride being themed to The Joker, and I'd even support a name like "Joker's Total Mayhem", but to simply call this coaster "The Joker" is not only going to cause a little confusion between it and the other "The Joker" under construction at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but it ends up being a bit insulting as well to SFDK and their unique ride, especially when you consider that the S&S coaster coming to SFGAdv is an off the shelf model, and a copy of the same ride that they opened as Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas last year. (And don't get me started on how lazy and confusing the use of the Batman name on that ride at SFFT is, when that park has a legit Batman: The Ride clone which they chose to name Goliath of all things, and... and... argh! It just makes my head ache when Six Flags does this kind of stuff. Ok... off my soapbox.
    Anyway, they re-animated the coaster animation video with the new name and colors as well, so check it out below, and you can also view the official construction blog which has the first pictures of the new purple and green coaster rails.

    (1/23/16) Want to add a new twist to that rumored report that Total Mayhem's coaster rails arrived painted the same green and purple colors as The Joker's rails at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom?  Then take quick look at this CNBC video interview with Six Flags CEO Jim Reid-Anderson that I've jumped ahead to the important part. While Jim Reid-Anderson is talking about Six Flags Great Adventure and refers to the new coaster as "The Joker's Total Mayhem" instead of just "Total Mayhem". Sounds like the corporate office decided to drop a few more bucks into the DC Comics IP fund and add a cool Joker theme to this coaster, which is funny because the first one that opened at Six Flags Fiesta Texas last year was themed to Batman.
    (1/19/16) I haven't seen any pictures to prove anything yet, but one reader reports that they say the track pieces for Total Mayhem at the park and that instead of the red and yellowish rails as seen in the animated preview video, the railed appeared to be green and purple instead, much like The Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Can anyone else confirm this?
    (1/7/16) A new look at the Total Mayhem construction site at SFGAdv has been posted to CoasterChitChat this week.
    (12/22/15) A reader sent in a couple of pictures showing off the Total Mayhem construction site as of this week.
    (12/13/15) CoasterChitChat has posted a look at the Total Mayhem construction site at Six Flags Great Adventure. Looks like the footers are being poured, the site made ready, and they also got a look at a pile of supports for the new coaster already on site.
    (11/12/15) All American Thrills has posted some new coverage from Six Flags Great Adventure as the park prepares itself for the new Holiday in the Park event.
    (11/11/15) Accoirding to pictures posted to CoasterChitChat, the site for the park's new Total Mayhem coaster is now finally cleared and ready to begin construction on the new coaster. They also report that a number of the new coaster's support beams are already on site at the park.
    (9/3/15) A local news outlet has confirmed that the park will add an S&S FreeFly 4D coaster to the park to be called TOTAL MAYHEM.

    (8/20/15) I'm told that the Jackson Township approved plans for a new coaster to be added to Six Flags Great Adventure at the last meeting. No further details were available.
    (7/20/15) AllAmericanThrills takes a look around Six Flags Great Adventure this week as the construction walls rise and the speculation about what is on the way kicks into high gear. The popular story is that not only will this be an S&S Free Fly 4D coaster like the one that just opened at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
    (7/6/15) Six Flags Great Adventure has now walled off the Fort Independence area, which you can see in these pictures posted to CoasterChitChat. Could this be where the Total Mayhem project is going or is something else planned for this location?
    (7/3/15) Six Flags has filed for a new name trademark this month for their latest attraction to be called "Total Mayhem". While this could be for any Six Flags theme park, the name would be a perfect fit for an S&S Free Fly 4D style coaster, the type that was rumored to be on the way for SFGAdv.


icon_STOP2017 - Justice League: Battle For Metropolis - Semi-Confirmed - (7/16/16)


A reader sent in the official planning board meeting addenda set for July 18th which includes granting approval for SFGAdv's new 2017 attraction structure. The document describes it as "2017 Capital Improvements - Construction of a 25,000 square foot, 33 feet tall building to house a new theme park attraction." Sure sounds like Justice League: Battle for Metropolis to me is locked in. For the doubters out there, you can find it yourself online here.
    (7/14/16) Screamscape sources tell us that steel parts have arrived at Six Flags Great Adventure for the park's 2017 project, and appear to be stored somewhere behind the Batman brake run area. From the sound of things the new project will go into the Old Country area of the park along with some other parts said to be in storage elsewhere backstage. The best view of the pieces however may be seen from Nitro's lifthill however. From the look of what I've seen, the steel on site appears to possibly be framework for a new ride building... like that used to make the Justice League style dark ride building perhaps. Stay tuned...
    (5/20/16) Screamscape sources have confirmed that there are plans in place to build a Justice League dark ride for Six Flags Great Adventure, but it is all a matter of when... 2017 or 2018. I'm told that the previous plans were set for 2018, which would see it open in the Boardwalk area, in the old simulator ride building. This makes perfect sense for the location as well, since they used the same building at Six Flags over Texas for the first one, just by making an addition onto the building to make it a bit larger. Now things are up in the air as Six Flags looks to finalize all their plans by late June and early July, depending on how the various parks perform, and we'll have to wait and see if Justice League makes the jump to 2017 or not.
    (5/19/16) Is Six Flags Great Adventure in the running to get a copy of the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark ride?  I'm starting to hear some quiet rumors from sources who think the park is definitely in the running to get one for 2017. If I had to guess, Six Flags will probably only build two of these in 2017 once again, with Magic Mountain being the favorite site that may already be locked in, with SFGAdv and a couple other parks hoping to get the other one.


2018 - New Coaster / RMC TRex - Rumor - (2/15/16) One of the big rumors that wont die this year has been about SFGAdv working with RMC to build their first TRex system coaster that will feature a new large single track beam. If this rumor follows through, the TRex track system (name still subject to change according to RMC) coaster could open at the park by 2017 or 2018. It is also worth mentions that the RMC TRex coaster would actually be an entirely steel coaster creation, and not a hybrid of wood and steel. Follow this link to see a video of RMC showing off a sample piece of TRex track that was on display at IAAPA back in November 2015, as shot by our friends at In The Loop.


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