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San Antonio, Texas
Six Flags Theme Parks




icon_STOPPark News - (5/16/17) For those wondering, I've heard that Six Flags Fiesta Texas has been spotted testing the new Drop of Doom VR experience on one of the towers this past weekend. To make the movement of the ride more like the other Drop of Doom VR experiences running at other parks, the normal 'Combo' mode of Scream's S&S tower rides is being changed into a Turbo Drop only mode, where the rides will no longer launch into the sky, but slowly rise to the top, pause and get the powered Turbo Drop experience on the way down.
    (5/15/17) A couple of Six Flags Theme Parks are going to wager the names of their iconic rides on another sports bet once again.... this time putting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom up against Six Flags Fiesta Texas over the outcome of if the Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs will winn the NBA Western Conference Championship.
    The losing team will have to rename a roller coaster for a weekend, and have the crews wear the opposing team gear. If the Spurs lose, SFFT will rename Iron Rattler as "Iron Warriors", along with park President, Jeffery Seibert, will have to wear a Stephen Curry jersey for the weekend. If the Warriors lose, Medusa at SFDK will be renamed The Spur and their park President, Don McCoy, will have to wear a Kawhi Leonard jersey.
    (4/24/17) According to a post from Six Flags Fiesta Texas on Facebook, that park will also be adding the Drop of Doom VR experience to their Scream drop tower ride this summer for a limited time.



icon_STOP2017 - Thunder Rapids Water Coaster - (5/22/17) Our friends at Six Flags Fiesta Texas posted an incredible POV video run of the first ever test ride of their new Thunder Rapids slide. It actually looks like quite a blast, with some non-stop high-action pacing from start to finish that will impress you. Check it out below.









    (4/20/17) Our friends at Six Flags Fiesta Texas sent out some new construction pictures of the park's new Thunder Rapids waterslide opening this summer, as well as a shot of their expanded Tidal Waves Cafe that will offer faster food service, an expanded menu and a refill only station. Check them out!
    (3/9/17) Our friends at Six Flags Fiesta Texas are now preparing for a big Mardi Gras celebration in the park, as well as starting the vertical phase of construction on their new Thunder Rapids waterslide, and were gracious enough to send us a few teaser pictures of both projects. Look for the Mardi Gras Festival, featuring eight authentic parade floats created by Kern Studios, to be presented daily at 5:30pm from March 24th through to April 30th.
    (9/1/16) As rumored the Thunder Rapids Water Coaster is coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2017, and it looks like a hell of a waterslide adventure. They are calling this "North America's first rocket blast water coaster" that will feature new water jet propulsion technology to shoot the raft uphill, plus four high-banked saucer turns along the way on the 942-foot long attraction.
    These style slides are seriously fun attractions and are sure to please, especially when you realize you don't have to climb a tall tower to ride. You will board at a ground level station on a moving platform keeping the action going, the line moving, and no need to lug around a tube with you.
    Six Flags Fiesta Texas will also add a new colorful Mardi Gras Festival to the park's entertainment lineup in 2017, featuring 10 New Orleans style parade floats, themed food, merchandise and decor. Look for it from March 24 through April 30.



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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antionio, Texas
Six Flags Theme Parks

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Adults: $58.99
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Ages 2 & Under Free
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Abbreviation: SFFT

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