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San Antonio, Texas
Six Flags Theme Parks




icon_STOPPark News - (8/21/17) I'm not going to get into the what, where and why of this, but according to a news article posted here, Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags over Georgia are changing their flag displays at the park entrances. In the case of the Texas parks, they will no longer put the traditional group of six flags over the Texas parks representing the six flags that have flown over Texas, which in addition to the US flag, include the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas and the Confederacy. As of now only the traditional US flag will be put on display in the parks, bringing an end to the very reason why Six Flags parks were called 'Six Flags' in the first place.
    (8/3/17) BREAKING - Wonder Woman is coming for 2018. Follow the link for all the details!
    (5/16/17) For those wondering, I've heard that Six Flags Fiesta Texas has been spotted testing the new Drop of Doom VR experience on one of the towers this past weekend. To make the movement of the ride more like the other Drop of Doom VR experiences running at other parks, the normal 'Combo' mode of Scream's S&S tower rides is being changed into a Turbo Drop only mode, where the rides will no longer launch into the sky, but slowly rise to the top, pause and get the powered Turbo Drop experience on the way down.
    (4/24/17) According to a post from Six Flags Fiesta Texas on Facebook, that park will also be adding the Drop of Doom VR experience to their Scream drop tower ride this summer for a limited time.



2017 - Thunder Rapids Water Coaster - (5/22/17) Our friends at Six Flags Fiesta Texas posted an incredible POV video run of the first ever test ride of their new Thunder Rapids slide. It actually looks like quite a blast, with some non-stop high-action pacing from start to finish that will impress you. Check it out below.

    (9/1/16) As rumored the Thunder Rapids Water Coaster is coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2017, and it looks like a hell of a waterslide adventure. They are calling this "North America's first rocket blast water coaster" that will feature new water jet propulsion technology to shoot the raft uphill, plus four high-banked saucer turns along the way on the 942-foot long attraction.
    These style slides are seriously fun attractions and are sure to please, especially when you realize you don't have to climb a tall tower to ride. You will board at a ground level station on a moving platform keeping the action going, the line moving, and no need to lug around a tube with you.




icon_STOP2018 - Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster - (8/7/17) According to new details Screamscape has obtained from Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the new Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster will feature a "3 train moving station" operation system in order to keep the line for the new coaster moving more quickly. Six Flags Fiesta Texas actually seems to have been are the forefront of the "moving station" initiative for the company, as this will be the 6th such system installed on a ride at the park to date. The five other attraction currently using "moving station" systems include Thunder Rapids, Scooby Doo, Pandemonium, Bugs White Water Rapids and the Gully Washer rapids ride.
    The park has also sent us a new infographic showing off the coaster's layout and features in detail.

    (8/3/17) In an interesting development, Six Flags Fiesta Texas seems to have broken ranks with the rest of the chain with a plan to announce their new 2018 attraction TODAY. While the park sent out word that a major announcement would be made inside the park at the entrance to the closed Power Surge ride today at 2pm, it appears as if USA Today were given an exclusive on the story and has already leaked the project as of this morning.
    As rumored on Screamscape, Fiesta Texas is getting the world’s first RMC Raptor Coaster which will be themed as the “Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster”, taking over the former site of the Power Surge water ride, not far from the Superman coaster. The new RMC Raptor style coaster will use a single-rail system that is just 15.5 inches wide, which is expected to provide an extremely smooth ride by eliminating entirely the bumping of a traditional coaster caused by slight variations in the width between the two rails. The single rail system will also allow for some pretty slick and extreme acrobatic maneuvers.
    The biggest problem with the ride is that the trains will only hold eight riders at a time, but hopefully they can try to compensate for this with faster loading and multi-train operation. Wonder Woman will have a 113 foot lift hill followed by a 100 foot tall 90 vertical drop, buzz through three inversions at a top speed of 52 mph. According to the article, the queue will feature some Greek style architecture along with a crashed airplane to go along with the comic book origins of Wonder Woman.
    Oh… and as to why Six Flags Fiesta Texas is announcing their new ride today instead of waiting until August 31st like the rest of the chain? If I had to guess, the rumors of a second Raptor coaster project going to the competition (Railblazer at California’s Great America) which is set to announce their own ride on August 16th was just cause for Six Flags to make Fiesta Texas’ announcement a few weeks early.
    Check out the animated video below, because this looks to be one heck of a ride! Congrats to everyone at RMC and Six Flags!

    (7/27/17) Power Surge is now closed at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, but a new sign has appeared outside the ride area saying that "For More Info Please Call 210-697-5478". The park has used similar phone messages to relay teasers about future attractions in the past, so give it a call and enjoy... and maybe check back on it again in the future, sometimes the messages change.
    (7/20/17) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has confirmed that they will retire the park's Power Surge big splash boat ride, with your last chance to ride it being this Sunday.
    (7/14/17) The park president of Six Flags Fiesta Texas posted another hint on Facebook the other day that said, "#SFFT2018 Clue Recap!! Are you ready to say goodbye??? One of the attractions in this collage will be DESTROYED forever!!!" The attractions pictures include the Sundance Theater, Power Surge, Hustler, Gully Washer, Pandemonium, Der Twister and Whirligig.
    As for what is on the way? The park is too busy teasing about what is leaving to say anything about what is coming, but according to Screamscape sources SFFT may very well get one of the first RMC Raptor style track coasters
    (7/9/17) Rumor has it that the ride being removed from Six Flags Fiesta Texas at the end of the summer season will be the park’s Power Surge ride, a typical “Shoot the Chutes” big splash boat ride that was one of the park’s original attractions when it opened back in 1992. If true, the nice location alongside the vertical rock quarry walls would make a very nice location for another new coaster or water ride… or even a large themed expansion area offering several smaller riders perhaps. Time to wait and see, though I will mention one more small rumor that has been making the rounds.
    Some sources claim that SFFT may be a park chosen by the corporate powers that be to serve as sort of a test bed / proving grounds for new attraction concepts going forward that the chain would eventually like to roll out to the rest of the park’s nationwide if they prove to be reliable and popular with guests. With that in mind, SFFT could very well have an interesting surprise in store for everyone by being the first park to install something new and unique. One line of thought does bring up the idea of an RMC “Raptor” track coaster concept. What’s that? Follow this link to our latest RMC Raptor news story.
    (7/7/17) Six Flags Fiesta Texas has joined in on the 2018 teaser bandwagon as Park Pres, Jeffrey Siebert has begun posting some interesting images to a few select Facebook pages. One posted to Texas Thrill Seekers has a message some will not like, saying"time to say goodbye"... which is never a good sign. So is the key point of this message to say that something is leaving... as it seems, or is the reference to "time" and a clock image tie into some kind of time or time-travel theme? Or both? Hmmm.... Time Warp? Skywarp??!!



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