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Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks



icon_STOPPark News - (4/14/14) Sad news for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this week as Bertie Mae, a popular Asian Elephant at the park has passed away. She suffered an “non-recoverable injury” in a hind leg and after consulting with Elephant experts across the country who could not find a solution to help the situation, the heartbreaking decision was made to euthanize her.
    (1/20/14) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has named their newest baby dolphin born in the past last week Mirabella, born to mother, Bella. According to SFDK’s Nancy Chan Mirabella is the first female dolphin to be born at the park in over eight years.
    (1/10/14) ThemeParkOverload has posted a new trip report from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this week, showing off the removal of the Wave Jumper, Holiday in the Park as well as a look at the construction of the new Tsunami Soaker.
   And there is some bad news this week also… as the park has raised the price of parking up from the already insane $18 to a face slapping $20. If you’re feeling a bit fed up with how high parking has risen (2 increases alone in the past year for this park) then read all the way to the bottom of the TPO article, as they are encouraging their readers to make a statement on the park’s Facebook page about this.
    (12/17/13) GCA Insider Plus has posted a brief report from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this week, reporting on the current dispatch time woes on Superman after the selt belts were added last month, as well as a look at the new Tsunami Soaker location.
    (11/24/13) It appears that Six Flags has plans to add seat-belts to just about every coaster they have in the chain that currently only runs with a lap-bar. This week new seatbelts were added to Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFDK, along with a new more beefy metal side-guard. You can see pictures of the new hardware posted at Great American Thrills.
    (10/22/13) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is apparently testing out an interesting new feature on the sly. Each night during Fright Fest, starting at approximately 5:45pm, the Sky Screamer runs backwards for the rest of the night bringing a whole new dimension to the ride experience.
    (10/21/13) A full review of Fright Fest at SFDK has been posted to ThemeParkOverload this week, with photos, a video and a review of every maze.
    (8/9/13) ThemeParkPOV gives us a preview look inside SFDK as the park begins to setup their Fright Fest haunts.
    (3/4/13) In an interesting development Six Flags Discovery Kingdom apparently has a long-standing agreement with the city of Vallejo, where the city would contribute $7 million to help the SFDK build a parking garage. If the park chooses to go that route and build a 2,450 space parking structure, they have until 2014 “to seek a site development application, or forfeit the city’s financial assistance”.


icon_STOP2014 - Tsunami Soaker - (5/29/14) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will open their new Tsunami Soaker ride on May 31st.  You can see some fun videos of the action, including a POV, posted to ThemeParkPOVs and another review over at ThemeParkOverload.
    (8/29/13) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has announced Tsunami Soaker as a new wet and fun flat ride experience for 2014. As predicted, this is a copy of the Aqua Twist ride that opened at La Ronde in 2013. The ride experience is similar to a classic Tea Cup style flat ride, except that as the ride begins your platform lowers down to surround everyone by a pool a water… and each rider is armed with a giant water cannon to try and spray the other riders with as well as guests standing around the immediate ride area.
    Even better for the park is the news that the park is expanding the operational calendar to be open to guests all year long in 2014, including holidays and weekends in both January and February. Cirque Dreams Splashtastic will also return in 2014 for a limited engagement over the summer of 2014, performing in the Dolphin Harbor Theater.

    (8/29/13) SFDK posted an interesting and wet looking teaser image to their Twitter on Wednesday regarding the 2014 attraction. I still say this looks like a hint for an Aqua Twist.
    (8/13/13) Theme Park Overload has a theory about what Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is getting in 2014. Would you like to see an Aqua Twist?  Make the jump to read why this may happen at SFDK, but I’ll add that I had previously heard that several Six Flags parks may add this new family friendly flat ride in 2014, along with the fact that Six Flags has filed paperwork to Trademark the ride name Aqua Twist too, so there is a good chance this theory is correct.



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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks

Tickets: as of 1/10/14
Adults: $62.99
Child (under 48”): $42.99
Ages 2 & Under Free
Parking: $20

Abbreviation: SFDK
Formerly known as Six Flags Marine World (SFMW) and Marine World Africa USA.


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