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Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks



icon_STOPPark News - (8/20/15) Just a quick reminder that ROAR at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is now officially closed. We'll have to wait and see just what Six Flags has planned for it during the first week of September.
    (7/30/15) According to a report from ThemeParkOverload, it seems that Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, the park's Larson Giant Loop, has reopened once again after being closed for much of the summer thus far.
    (7/8/15) According to the rumor mill something went wrong with the new Larson 22m Giant Loop ride (Dare Devil Chaos Coaster) just installed at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. As a result, Larson apparently sent the word out to all the other parks who have installed this model at other Six Flags theme parks, Elitch Gardens, Frontier City, Cliff's and Darien Lake to close their rides until further notice.
    (5/29/15) Six Flags Great Adventure has gathered up several of the park’s remaining Sea Lions and put them on a flight out to California where they have been taken to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
    (2/26/15) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has decided to relocate the park’s last two elephants (Liz and Valerie) to the Wildlife Safari park in Oregon, a 600 acre drive-through attraction. They felt that the elephants would be better off in a bigger and more social environment than in the confines of the park’s elephant habitat. Follow the link to see the official Wildlife Safari website.


2015 - Dare Devil Chaos Coaster - (5/23/15) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom opened the park's new Dare Devil Chaos Coaster ride on Friday and invited a group of children from St Baldrick's Foundation who are fighting cancer to be the first riders.

    (4/14/15) ThemeParkOverload checks into Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this week to check on the progress for the park's Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, a new Wacky Water Works show and more.
    (8/28/14) The Dare Devil Chaos Coaster has been confirmed for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, that will send riders spinning upside-down on a 7 story loop on this Larson 22m Giant Loop.
    (8/25/14) Strange news is coming in over the weekend for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom claiming that the park may be home to yet another Super Loop flat ride in 2015.


icon_STOP2016 - RMC / ROAR UPGRADE - Rumor - (8/29/15)


There were a couple of interesting "leaks" out of Six Flags discovered either very late Friday night, or Saturday morning. Of course, I did not find any of these myself, as they were rumored to have been taken down by then, but of course, this also means that one or more of these leaks could possibly be fakes ahead of Six Flags big Sept. 3rd announcement. After all... we've seen enough legit accidental leaks already this season for high profile new attractions from Cedar Fair and Universal, so you never know. That said... take this with a grain of salt, as I've seen a couple of fake leaks also sent in lately.
    With all that in mind, our first leak appears to be a Facebook sponsored post (aka: An advertisement) for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom that was activated a little too early. While it doesn't say anything about a new 2016 ride, the picture speaks for itself, showing off ROAR transformed into a Joker themed Rocky Mountain Construction coaster with some cool dual-colored IBox rails, one green and one purple.
    So is it a fake? This one I'm pretty sure is legit, as the artwork looks very professionally done to me, plus the great idea of a Joker coaster having dual colored rails is just awesome. Plus they don't come right out and show off a name or logo for the ride... only some very cool artwork. So I'm guessing this is a legit leak. Plus we know Rocky Mountain is working on site already because if you look at this picture posted on Twitter by the park on August 21st you can see RMC's website address and phone number on the crane that is removing the trains from Roar.     2015_0716_RoarClosing
    (8/20/15) Just a quick reminder that ROAR at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is now officially closed. We'll have to wait and see just what Six Flags has planned for it during the first week of September.
    (7/17/15) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has confirmed that the park will close down their wooden coaster, ROAR, on August 16th.  They wont say why, but this falls right in line with the rumor that RMC will be coming down to transform the coaster into a new extreme hybrid coaster creation.
    (6/10/15) Six Flags and Rocky Mountain Construction... the world wants to know where they will partner up next... and I think I know. According to the Screamscape Spy Network, the two may converge in California once again later this year where RMC may work their magic on Roar, GCI's infamous first coaster to feature the Millennium Flyer trains back in the day.



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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, California
Six Flags Theme Parks

Tickets: as of 1/10/14
Adults: $62.99
Child (under 48”): $42.99
Ages 2 & Under Free
Parking: $20

Abbreviation: SFDK
Formerly known as Six Flags Marine World (SFMW) and Marine World Africa USA.


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