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Baltimore, Washington DC
Six Flags Theme Parks




Park News -  (4/20/17) According to the local news, the inspection of the Joker's Jinx coaster that stranded riders last week has been finished and the ride cleared by the state to reopen for guests once again. According to the report and a statement from Six Flags America the problem was determined to be with one of the coaster wheels, which has now been solved. Joker's Jinx is now open once again.
    (4/14/17) Six Flags America had some troubles with Joker's Jinx on Thursday evening, when the coaster apparently stalled out or valleyed near the top of the spaghetti bowl layout, stranding 24 riders to await rescue. As I'm writing this on Thursday evening, the riders are still on the coaster, awaiting rescue from the local fire department who has also arrived on site who has begun the process of removing any small children from the ride first via a ladder truck.  


2017 - Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth - (9/27/16) A reader has confirmed that the new Wonder Woman ride will be located in the back of the park, just before you pass the train tracks on the way to the Superman coaster.
    (9/1/16) Confusing things up a little bit this year Six Flags America has announced they are adding a 24-story tall SkyScreamer style Star Flyer ride... but instead of calling it SkyScreamer like the rest of the Six Flags parks across the country they are going to call this one Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth for some reason. The official announcement is below.




icon_STOP2018 - New Attraction(s) - Rumor - (8/12/17) I'm not sure how good the info is, but according to another source the markers spotted at Six Flags America may be left over from the installation of this year's Wonder Woman ride, though it would seem odd that they were forgotten all this time. Can anyone else confirm seeing this marker for awhile now, or at they new? I'm also told that for 2018 Six Flags America may focus on adding something to the waterpark instead.
    Oh, and look for a new midway game (ladder climb) to replace the now removed Basketball game, and in turn another new midway game will replace the ladder climb that will be removed from the Apocalypse area.
    (8/11/17) New survey markings have been spotted at Six Flags America this week, some behind the Wonder Woman attraction and others in front of the Pengiun's Blizzard River. A reader sent in a picture of one so far, though I'm not sure where exactly this one is. They also noted that a basketball midway game near Joker's Jinx has now been removed for unknown reasons.
    (7/13/17) Rumor has it that Six Flags may be installing two more S&S 4D FreeFly coasters to their parks in 2018 just like The Joker which opened this season at Six Flags over Texas, New England and Great America. While I haven’t seen any rumors about their possibly location yet, there are three parks that stand out to me as being the most likely choices right now for 2018: Six Flags Mexico, Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags America. Just something to ponder




Track Record

Six Flags America
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Six Flags Theme Park

Tickets: as of 9/4/12
Adults: $56.99
Child (under 48”): $36.99
Ages 2 & Under Free
Parking: $20.00

Abbreviation: SFA
Formerly Know As:
Adventre World & Wild World


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