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icon_STOPPark News - (8/11/14) Riders on the Joker’s Jinx at Six Flags America got a little more thrill than they bargained for when the coaster train launched into the spaghetti bowl of twisted track, only to come to a stop on a banked curve about 75-90 feet in the air, about the highest point on the coaster. The local emergency crews were called to come out and had to rescue the riders from the train, one at a time, with a crane and ladder truck. As of approximately 7pm, all 24 riders were rescued after being stuck for several hours.
    (1/16/14) Tisk, Tisk… Six Flags America should really be ashamed of themselves. It seems the local government has decided on a series of minimum wage pay increases that will kick in annually over the next years, maxing out at $11.50 an hour by 2017. Meanwhile Six Flags legal team with the aid of a local council member is preparing to launch a plan that would give the theme park an exemption to the new labor law, allowing Six Flags America to keep their staff pay level down at $7.25 an hour, the current Federal minimum.
    Now I know that Six Flags is a business, and their primary job is to make money… but if the minimum wage is going up for all employers in the area, why should Six Flags be exempt?  Considering that the park’s seasonal staff will be slammed into working long shifts for busy summer and that employees are expected to work all the weekends as well as on all the big holidays where other job’s may take a day off, why kick them in the wallet this way?
    Future employees aren’t stupid either… if they know they can make more money an hour by working at Walmart or flipping burgers, they’ll go where the money is, leaving Six Flags to scrape the bottle of the barrel when it comes to choosing their staff. The very thought somehow leaves me lacking confidence that rider safety is a primary concern when the disgruntled ride-ops are too busy comparing their pay-stubs with friends who got higher paying jobs elsewhere.
    I’m sorry, but this is not the way things should be. Back when I turned 16, I interviewed at a job fair and got my very first job at SeaWorld California, who paid above the minimum wage at the time. Most people I knew wanted a job there… not only did it pay more than the local McJobs, it was more considered prestigious, and at the time SeaWorld could be choosy and had their pick of the best applicants. While things have changes over the years, somehow I don’t think getting a job at Six Flags America in 2014 will hold any kind of prestige if this plan goes into effect.
    (7/12/13) Batwing at Six Flags America has been repainted, leaving the track yellow but opting to change the color of the purple supports to a dark graphite color instead. Click here to see pictures.
    (7/5/13) In an unexpected move it looks like the county has voted unanimously to to lift the 200 foot height limit over Six Flags America. Under the new regulations the park will still have to get permission for ride's over 200 feet tall on a case by case basis, but at least the park's skyline is now free to expand in the future. That said, I wouldn't expect to see a new roller coaster break the 200 foot limit right away, but adding something like a SkyScreamer or perhaps a good set of S&S Drop Towers to replace the micro-sized Intamin Giant Drop already at the park would be some great first projects under the new rules along with posisble upcharge attraction possibilities like a SlingShot.
    According to the official minutes from the session, they also approved the park to have fireworks shows up to six nights a year (up from twice), permitted the park to stay open until midnight for a total of eight Friday/Saturday nights in the fall for FrightFest as well as six nights between May 1st and June 15th for special after-prom and GradNight events. They have also approved an amendment to revise the maximum noise levels allowed from the park property from 55 dBA to 65 dBA, the state maximum.


2014 - Mardi Gras / 2 New Rides - (7/3/14) SFA has opened their new Ragin Cajun coaster along with the rest of the Mardi Gras themed land. You can find a photo review posted to SFAFans.
    (4/15/14) A behind the scenes tour of the new Ragin’ Cajun coaster at Six Flags America can be found at AllAmericanThrills this week.
    (10/22/13) A reader visiting Six Flags America noticed a new map in the park showing off next year’s Mardi Gras section of the park. In addition to the new rides, many of the existing rides will get some new paint and new names in 2014. Tower of Doom will become VooDoo Drop, Sonora Speedway (go-karts) will now be Big Easy and the nearby Falling Star will become Zydeco Zinger. Meanwhile look for the French Quarter Flyers to be installed on the concrete pad the formerly was used for Cyclone (Scrambler) and the Ragin Cajun will be installed on the former Two-Face site.
    (8/29/13) Six Flags America has confirmed the new Mardi Gras section of the park.

    (8/28/13) The Screamscape Spy Network is everywhere… and Six Flags America apparently let the cat out of the bag this week by setting up new signs showing off the 2014 additions at the closed park during the week ahead of the big announcement.  One of our spies nabbed some pictures to share.
    The signs confirm our rumors that a Mardi Gras themed area will be added in 2014 with 2 new rides: the Ragin’ Cajun spinning coaster (imported from SFGAm) and a new Flying Scooters ride to be called French Quarter Flyers.
    (8/27/13) According to an e-mail sent my way, we may see some or all of the Southwest Territory at Six Flags America given a new Mardi Gras theme. In which case, it would see clear that if the Ragin’ Cajun coaster from Six Flags Great America is coming to SFA, it will go here as well.
    (7/22/13) The latest rumors for the SFA addition say that another concept for the family coaster addition may be a Vekoma style family inverted coaster. As for the ZacSpin concept previously mentioned, I’m told that the proposal was actually for a standard ZacSpin just like the Green Lantern coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but this proposal was the least likely to get the green light.
    (7/15/13) According to Screamscape sources, there are two proposals being considered for Six Flags America for a 2014 coaster project. The first one, which I have doubts will happen, involves building a new family-style ZacSpin coaster that would be placed in the Coyote Creek area, and see the removal of the park’s Rodeo.
    The second option, which matches up with  our previous rumor would be to relocate the Ragin’ Cajun Zamperla Spinning Mouse coaster from Six Flags Great America to SFA, and install it on the former Two Face location. Would would also likely see the Southwest area of the park around it given a new Mardi Gras / New Orleans theme.
    (7/14/13) I’ve got nothing solid on this yet, but the early whispers from the rumor mill say that the park may be looking at adding their own Wild Mouse style coaster to the park in 2014.
    Given that the local market area already has a standard Mack mouse to the north at SFGAdv and Hersheypark, the giant Mack version down at Kings Dominion, a Maurer standard at Dorney and several others at the various shoreline parks, I’m kind of curious about what they might choose to go with here. If it were me… I’d think I’d look into options for a spinning coaster instead, similar to the old Big Spins that Six Flags was adding a few years ago to select parks, just so they can offer up something new to the market.


icon_STOP2015 - Super Loop / Bourbon Street Fireball - (8/28/14) The Bourbon Street Fireball flat ride is confirmed for 2015.
    Unfortunately the park is calling this their 10th Coaster. Not...

    (8/26/14) Coaster-Net did some incredible digging into the official Six Flags website and using their knowledge of Drupal, the content management system Six Flags uses for it, apparently they were able to pull the names for many of the new 2015 attractions to be announced on Thursday.
    According to their report my rumor about it being named Bourbon Street Fireball seems to be right on the money.
    (8/25/14) The latest rumor into Screamscape over the weekend claims that another Super Loop ride will be coming to Six Flags America into the new Mardi Gras section of the park and that it will either be named Burbon Street Fireball or Chaos Coaster. I’m really hoping they don’t try and trick the public into thinking they are adding a new coaster when these flat rides certainly are not coasters in any sense of the definition. But if this rumor holds true, then that would make 4 Super Loops going into Six Flags parks this year and I’m hearing rumors that there could be more in the works.



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