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Athol, Idaho




Park News - (10/21/13) RollerCoasterAlley has posted a new trip report from Scarywood this week.
    (10/4/13) Silverwood is launching Scarywood, opening on Oct. 4th and it will continue on select nights through to Nov. 2. New this year is: The Ancient Ruins and a newly relocated and improved 3-Dementia. Other returning haunted attractions include Blood Bayou, Zombiewood Express… each with new and improved scenes as well. Visit for all the details.
    (9/30/13) The crew at Roller Coaster Alley have released their first podcast where they interview Gary Norton, the owner of Silverwood. You can give it a listen here.
    (9/3/13) RollerCoasterAlley has posted a new update from Silverwood, showing off the park’s latest progress, then new SpinCycle ride and more.
    (5/31/13) Silverwood has created a new free App for their park guests to “assist park-goers in achieving the best and most convenient experience possible.”  The App is an interactive guide to the park, designed with help with navigation and finding whatever you may need (rides, slides, shows, restaurants, restrooms, ATMs, etc…)  The App is supposed to be ready for download in both Android and iOS App Stores, but seems to be missing on the Apple side of things for the moment. The Google Play version can be found here.


icon_STOP2014 - New Spinning Kiddie Coaster and More - (1/29/14) Silverwood has confirmed that they will almost double the size of their “family entertainment area”, adding on an additional acre along with new family friendly rides, gardens and more. Spending nearly $1.2 million on the expansion, the new area will be located north of Garfield’s Summer Camp, and east of the Butterflyer and Frog Hopper.
    New rides coming for 2014 include a Family Spinning Coaster, Kite Flyer and a Puppy themed spinner. The park’s Ferris Wheel will also be rethemed and moved into the new expansion area.
    (1/27/14) Silverwood has posted on Facebook that they will make their 2014 announcement in the next couple of days where we will find out “how much BIGGER Family Fun gets this spring!” Included was a picture of Garfield and friends so perhaps the new attraction will be character themed. A posting over at the forum at Roller Coaster Alley believes that the park may add a new spinning coaster that has been rumored for several weeks. Perhaps they will add more than one new attraction.
    (12/2/13) RollerCoasterAlley reports on their forum (about half-way down) that Silverwood has purchased a small kiddie spinning coaster from SBF/Visa. Look for this to go in for 2014. I’ve embedded a great video of the one that was set up for riding at the SBF/Visa booth on the show floor at IAAPA.



icon_STOP2015 - Fly Away Hot Air Balloon - Confirmed - (1/29/14) Another family ride was already selected to be added for the 2015 season, the Fly Away Hot Air Balloon.


???? - New Wooden Coaster - Rumor - (12/2/13) According to comments reported at IAAPA, Rocky Mountain Coasters says they have an idea for a new coaster project for Silverwood that they hope to build for the park in the future. It’s something they are excited to build, but have no timeline for it set yet.
    (4/25/12) Screamscape sources tell us that the proposed Rocky Mountain Coaster project for Silverwood will be delayed for at least a year or two, so don’t look for it until 2014 or 2015.
    (11/22/11) According to Screamscape sources, there is a chance that the new custom built wooden coaster project from Rocky Mountain Coasters coming in 2013 just may be for Silverwood. It’s a bit too early to say for sure, but if true, this coaster could also have some stand-out unique features that will put Silverwood really on the map.


???? - New Ice Palace - Rumor Only - (4/16/11) I don’t know how serious this is, but a rumor posted to Roller Coaster Alley mentions that the park’s Ice Palace will have it’s last show in it this season, and then will be used only as a Scarywood haunt and as Scarywood prop storage in the future. However, they also claim that plans for a new Ice Palace are in the works at some point in the future.



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Athol, Idaho


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