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Branson, MO
Herschend Family Entertainment Corp.


Park News - (2/6/17) An interesting rumor has been making the rounds for the past couple of months, claiming that for the "Christmas in Midtown" holiday light expansion coming to Silver Dollar City's "An Old Time Christmas" in late 2017, that some of the new displays would actually be from the retired "Osbourne" Christmas lights display at Walt Disney World.
    At first I felt that Disney must have destroyed the old display when they retired it, but now I'm hearing that certain aspects of the display may have indeed been sold off to Silver Dollar City to continue the legacy... in secret of course. According to the rumor the framework of some of the more famous Osbourne three-dimensional units (like the giant globe, Santa's sled w/ Reindeer and a carousel style unit of Angels that would move in a circle) are now at Silver Dollar City and being renovated and outfitted with modern LED style lighting.
    Neither the park, nor Herschend Family Entertainment has confirmed any of this, but there have been more than a few eye witnesses who have seen the hardware on site at the park with their own eyes apparently. It is likely that while SDC may have bought the hardware to fix-up and put it to good use again, they may not be allowed to officially admit where any of it came from at this time due to the nature of the sales contract from Disney.
    Either way, it is nice to see that the old spirit of the Osbourne lights will live on yet again, this time at Silver Dollar City.


icon_STOP2018 - Time Traveler - (9/14/17) MidWestInfoGuide has posted some really great new construction shots of Silver Dollar City's new Time Traveler coaster, which appears to have all of the track in place except the transfer track at this point.
    (8/17/17) Silver Dollar City pretty much confirmed all the hype and rumors about their new amazing coaster coming in 2018 that is like no other on the planet... Time Traveler. Time Traveler is the World's Fastest, Steepest and Tallest Spinning Roller Coaster! Coming in at a cost of $26 million it features 3  inversions (Dive Loop, Zero-G-Roll and Vertical Loop) two LSM magnetic launches, magnetically controlled spinning cars. You'll start things off with a crazy 10 story 90 vertical drop right out of the station, all while your cars are already starting to spin. Plus the way this coaster is built right into the terrain is just beautiful.  Check out the animated videos below and you can also visit the official website for more details here.







    (8/14/17) A new batch of construction pictures from Silver Dollar City showing off the track going up for the 2018 coaster have been posted to MidWestInfoGuide and they are impressive.
    (8/7/17) Holy motley! You have to visit CoasterHub right away to see the latest pictures of Silver Dollar City's 2018 coaster project, where a scary vertical looking drop has now been added as the first thing riders will experience just as they leave the station! Talk about starting things off with a bang! Wow... if the rest of the ride maintains that kind of speed and intensity for the remainder of the layout, this may end up being one of the top rides to seek out in 2018.
    (8/3/17) MidWestInfoGuide has posted some graphics from Silver Dollar City from last week teasing the August 16th announcement for the new coaster where they are using an almost Steampunk looking graphics style along with the catchphrase, “Gravity Redefined”. The park has also added the steel framework for a large bridge that will connect the park to the tall coaster station building.



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Silver Dollar City
Branson, MO

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