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Shanghai, China
Walt Disney Company

Opening June 16, 2016


icon_STOPPark News - (4/5/17) After failing to find a good way to battle the presence of locals sales-people attempting to sell FastPass tickets for profit to guests at Shanghai Disneyland, Disney is simply opting to beat them at their own game and is now selling a Disney Premier Access upgrade pass option to allow guests to skip the lines on up to seven major attractions at the park. You can simply use the program to buy a single pass for about $17 to $21 (depending on how crowded it is that day) or you can buy the whole pack of 7 passes for a price between $70-$88.
    (2/16/17) A new and very comprehensive report on the Shanghai Disneyland Resort has been posted by our friends at Thrillography this week. Check it out, especially if you are thinking of planning a trip to see it yourself.
    (1/20/17) According to a reader the Roaring Rapids attraction at Shanghai Disneyland appears as if it has reopened later this week, as the park's mobile app is now reporting lengthy wait times for it once again.
    (1/18/17) According to a reader who  has visited the park a few times over the past couple weeks, the Roaring Rapids ride at Shanghai Disneyland is still closed for unknown reasons. While they were unable to see any sign of work on the ride itself, they did spot several people in vests and hard hats working on something in the ride's queue area.
    (12/7/16) According to a post on Twitter the Roaring Rapids ride at Shanghai Disneyland is currently closed, with no known opening date. While this could be just a case of needed repair work, it also isn't entirely uncommon for major theme parks open year-round to close their water rides for extended rehabs over the cooler winter months. Anyone know for sure what is going on?
    (11/28/16) The Christmas season is here and now we get a look at Shanghai Disneyland now decorated for the park's first Christmas season. Follow the link to Disney and More to check it out.
    (10/10/16) A new video on YouTube shows off the new "TRON Realm" promotional attraction area added to Shanghai Disneyland for Chevrolet.

    (10/6/16) CNN looks into how things are going at Shanghai Disneyland as the park wraps up the first quarter of operation. From the sound of things attendance is starting to fall a bit as the initial excitement over the new park is ramping down, and complaints about long lines and expensive prices have worked their way from initial guests to the rest of the local populace. The exact attendance isn't known, but they estimate the park has been pulling in about 20,000 guests a day on average, and according to a comment from Bob Iger made back in August the park has already hosted well over a million people since the grand opening.
    Since your average Chinese resident isn't as accustomed to big theme park crowds and lines as American, European or Japanese guests, there will be some time needed for the local populace to get used to a traditional Disney style park experience, and go-in expecting the prices and crowds and to just go with the flow.
    In the meantime another extensive review of the park as seen just last month has been posted to the OneThemeParkAtATime Blog.
    (9/5/16) Shanghai Disneyland has announced that a new temporary attraction called "TRON Realm, Chevrolet Digital Challenge" will open at the park on September 20th. The sponsored attraction will feature concept vehicles, driving simulators, advanced vehicle design technology and other examples of future transportation options from Chevrolet next to the park's popular TRON Lightcycle Power Run attraction in Tomorrowland. The pavilion will feature three sections: Imagine, Create and Drive, as well as three concept vehicles on display from SAIC - General Motors, the " Qing Yi, Ling Si, and Guang Suo" along with a new lifesize Chevy creation inspired by the Light Runner vehicle from the Tron Legacy film. You can see artwork and more posted over at Disney & More this week.
    (7/29/16) Want to see what it looks like to walk through Shanghai Disneyland? SoCal Attraction 360 has posted a stunning video just short of 90 minutes in length where it looks like they walk around the entire park with a steadi-cam style device, because the video is SMOOOOOTH.... and really gives you an almost virtual walk-through experience of what Disney's latest theme park is truely like, starting at the front gate just after they enter the park. Check it out below.

    (7/4/16) A lengthy and very detailed review of the new Shanghai Disneyland park has been posted to LeParcorama this week. It's worth checking out for the many details not seen anywhere else, and an impressive collection of photos of areas and things I've not seen posted anywhere else before as well.
    (6/30/16) Now that all the fuss over the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland is over, how is the park doing?  According to an interesting report posted to Disney&More by a European guest visiting the park over a 3 day period, they noticed some very interesting trends. For starters attendance is not through the roof as expected… which has the positive side effect of short ride queues. They had noticed some other interesting trends that the love and passion for the ‘classic’ Disney attractions just is not there as it is at Disney’s other theme parks, leaving rides like Pirates and Peter Pan’s Flight with just a 5 minute wait time most of the day, which would be unheard of in the US. Meanwhile the long wait times found were typically for Soaring over the Horizon and Roaring Rapids. The author also noted that the Chinese did not seem to care for Character meet & greets as much, and more unknown characters like Duffy or Baloo were often seen standing around waiting for someone to come visit them. Another trend that Disney management simply must see as being alarming may come from a lack or merchandise and food sales, as the report noticed an extreme lack of both taking place in the park from the local guests who felt the price of meals was too high.
   However the bigger problems still seem to be coming from the Chinese culture barrier or rather behavior problems that have been rearing their ugly head in various ways. The list includes trash just being thrown on the ground everywhere rather in trash cans, “urine everywhere”, and odd acts of attempted capitalism by some guests who were caught trying to sell fake FastPasses to other guests, or another guest who was trying to sell their own rain ponchos to other guests. The guest’s reaction to attraction’s breaking down during the day has seen the park bring the “State police” into the park to prevent any riots from taking place.
   All said and done however, the park is beautiful to look at and while the problems may not have been as serious, I do recall it taking quite some time for Disney to integrate Disneyland Paris into the local French culture as well.


icon_STOP2018 - Toy Story Land - Confirmed - (11/11/16) We had heard that a Toy Story Land was on the way to Shanghai Disneyland next, and according to the South China Morning Post the park confirmed on Thursday that the new land will open in 2018 and construction is already under way.
    (6/16/16) It was unofficially confirmed that Toy Story Land would be added to the park next, as many of the themed buildings have actually already been built in the park. As we mentioned before the land was originally announced as an opening day attraction and later on all mention of it stopped... looks like they decided to focus on finishing up the other sections of the park first and put off finishing Toy Story Land until after the  rest of the park was up and running.
    (5/29/16) Last week I pondered the question about just what would we see added to Shanghai Disneyland first. According to Screamscape sources we were right on the button with our first guess... that the previously announced but then forgotten Toy Story Land will be the first new attractions added to the park after it opens.
    From the sound of things it wont be a big land, but will instead consist of only two attractions (Rex's Racer and Slink Dog Spin) along with a Woody's Roundup carnival / midway style area, and a couple of food options. Rex's Racer should be the same bright-orange half-pipe looking ride that we've seen at other parks under the "RC Racer" name and Slinky Dog Spin will also be the exact same circular flat ride that was used at Hong Kong Disneyland and in Paris.
    I'm not sure why the old "RC Racer" is being replaced with a "Rex" theme in Shanghai, but I'm told that the pieces for the ride are already already on-site in the backstage area somewhere, so once the park opens we should see construction begin on this right away.


???? - Future Park Additions - Rumor - (5/23/16) While Shanghai Disneyland has yet to open to the public, there are many other there already talking about what's next... which Phase 2 projects will we see added to the park over the next decade?
    There is the matter of the previously announced Toy Story Land that was to be part of the park's opening lineup at one point, and then removed entirely or perhaps pushed back to Phase 2 status.
    I've got to think Star Wars may be in the works as well somewhere... even if not the entire new Star Wars Land, what about Star Tours?  With Hong Kong using the Star Tours ride system for their Iron Man Experience ride opening later this year, putting Star Tours in Shanghai may not be a bad idea before building up to a full blown Star Wars land.
    Marvel is the other idea to think about... is Marvel big in China?  Big enough to get a Marvel Land, or maybe even just a single Marvel themed ride or coaster?  Time will tell.
    Other items I've heard mentioned lately include the idea of building a large mountain themed coaster ride with a layout nearly identical to Expedition Everest, but likely with a different theme. There are also rumors of new dark ride concept as well, such as a trackless dark ride themed to the Alice in Wonderland movies. Of course Disney has so many dark rides to choose from that would work in Shanghai, or they could try to copy newer projects tied to films like Frozen, or the new Beauty and the Beast dark ride coming to Tokyo... or perhaps even to build the first Little Mermaid dark ride in Asia instead.
    While they will likely wait until the park opens to figure out what to build first, it is certain that new attractions will be on the way fairly quickly as they attempt to build out this new park and fill in whatever gaps are needed.




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