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SEA WORLD of Australia
Gold Coast, Australia
Village Roadshow Parks


icon_STOPPark News - (1/24/19) Sea World Australia has announced the Sea World Sky Flyer, a 33 meter tall Star Flyer style ride that will offer guests a thrilling view of the surrounding Gold Coast landscape. The park says it will open in time for the “school holidays” as well as offer after-dark rides during the park’s Carnivale event. However… this is a TEMPORARY RIDE that they are bringing into the park for the guests and not a new permanent attraction. They don’t say when it will leave, only that it is at the park for a “limited time only”.
    (12/17/18) Animal rights protesters caused trouble at Sea World of Australia on Saturday afternoon, disrupting several park shows and even jumped into the water until the police arrived to arrest and haul them away. Further demonstrations also took place at the nearby Outback Spectacular show on Saturday night and over at Dreamworld on Sunday. According to the local news, the park guests were not having it and lashed back out at the protesters verbally, and according to some protesters, they claimed they were even assaulted physically by park guests.


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