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New Braunfels, TX  /  South Padre Island, TX  /  Galveston, TX  /  Kansas City, KS


Schlitterbahn (New Braunfels,Texas)

Park News - (11/4/16) Sad news for the waterpark industry as Bob Henry, the founder of Texas’ infamous Schlitterbahn waterpark passed away this week.
    (7/25/11) Check out Screamscape’s own in-depth review, photos and video of the massive Schlitterbahn waterpark in New Braunfels and find out why it’s the world’s greatest waterpark! CLICK HERE!

2017 - Nothing is known at this point in time... nothing was added in 2016


Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, TX)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time...


Schlitterbahn Galveston (Texas)

2017 - Nothing is known at this time, but after adding MASSIV last year, they may not add anything this season.


Schlitterbahn Kansas City  (Kansas City)

Park News - (11/23/16) According to the local news reports Schlitterbahn Kansas City has confirmed that the Verruckt waterslide involved in the deadly accident back in August is now closed permanently and will be taken down as soon as the investigation is complete.

2017 - Nothing is known at this time...


Schlitterbahn Beach at South Padre Island (Texas)

???? - Cenote / Underground Transportainment - (12/4/15) I've poked around and still haven't been able to get any confirmation on the status of Cenote, the underground river attraction that was supposed to be under construction to run between Schlitterbahn South Padre Island and the Schlitterbahn hotel across the street.


As I mentioned in the last update on the suject, any and all mention of it has now been removed from the park's website... however, I did find a new clue.
    On the Schlitterbahn Blog, a post was added over the summer showing off the Soaring Eagle zipline attraction added to the waterpark that has a very nice aerial photo showing a pair of riders soaring over the park with the hotel in the background. Zoom in a little closer into the background, and I think I've found Cenote... which appears to be about fully built as well at the time this picture was taken.
    Now take a quick look at the close-up I've posted here.  Doesn't that sure look like a pair of water troughs going from the park down underground and into a tunnel entrance to cross under the road and head towards the hotel?  Maybe this will open in 2016 as a new attraction yet to be announced... unless they've given up on it for some reason and will simply use what they've built as a walkway for resort guests to get into the waterpark instead, but it would be a shame to walk to Schlitterbahn when you could float instead.  Stay tuned.
    (10/12/15) The status of this long delayed project is still unknown. All mention of the Cenote attraction has been removed from the park’s website in 2015, it isn't shown in the list of current attractions or shown on a park map. If anyone has been by, please let me know if it appears to be still under construction, or if it was somehow canceled in mid-construction and never finished.
    (9/19/14) Some time ago the Schlitterbahn South Padre Island Resort announced that they would build a new wild river attraction that would also serve a unique purpose, it would travel underground to transport the Resort guests from the indoor waterpark over to the outdoor waterpark.
    Much time has passed, and this mystery river had yet to appear, but according to a report from a Screamscape reader, it looks like this project is now under construction at last. While visiting in early September, and taking the walking path between the resort and the waterpark they spotted what looked like a river trough under construction containing a series of steep drops. Poking around the official website, there is now a note in the description that says, “coming soon – Cenote, Texas’ first underground water slide!”  If anyone is traveling to the area soon, I’d love to see pictures of what this looks like right now.
    (10/6/13) While construction on this project was confirmed by the park to have begun by March 2013, I never heard a confirmation that the project had actually opened. If anyone can confirm the status of this, one way or the other, I’d love to hear it, otherwise we may see this open for the 2014 season if it didn’t open in 2013.
    (11/22/12) Schlitterbahn Beach has announced a unique new addition is on the way. They will connect the indoor and outdoor waterparks with a new underground Transportainment system that is supposed to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Guests will board onto four person rafts at either of the two loading stations on each side, and then drop nearly 25 feet down into a 380 foot long underground cavern filled with fog, sound and lighting effects to travel between the two parks. An Aquaveyor system will then return the rafts back up to the surface where the guests can exit.
    While this new addition will allow the waterpark guests to enjoy the indoor park attractions (and swim-up refreshments) in the summer season, I wonder if they will have a way to keep this unique new themed attraction open for the resort guests in the winter months.



Proposed New Park -
Schlitterbahn Fort Lauderdale

icon_STOP???? - Proposed New Waterpark - (4/4/17) According to the latest news headlines from Florida, the long proposed Schlitterbahn waterpark for Florida’s Fort Lauderdale area is now dead. The proposed south Florida waterpark project has been on and off again for much of the past decade, but a new ruling from a federal judge just smashed away everything that had been already agreed upon over the years. The ruling says that the city did not follow their own charter when they awarded the lease of city-owned property without first seeking competitive bids for the property first.
   After all these years, this had come about after Premier Parks LLC, who owns the Rapids Water Park in nearby Riviera Beach, had filed a suit against the city in late 2015 after Schlitterbahn was awarded a deal on the property and they were not allowed to put in their own bid for it. The ruling also brings to a halt Schlitterbahn’s agreement that would have seen soccer and lacross fields built on part of the property for the local community.
    (7/18/15) According to the local news the Schlitterbahn is now very close to signing a final deal with the city that will see Schlitterbahn: Fort Lauderdale soon rise up near the airport after years of discussions. In fact, they claim it could be ready to open as early as Spring 2018.
    (5/26/14) The latest word on the long planned Schlitterbahn park in South Florida near Ft. Lauderdale is now looking at a possible 2017 opening date at the earliest. The FAA has approved the rent rate to the city for the airport property at $810,000 a year and the city has until July 15th to get that deal signed. Once done, Schlitterbahn will have to finalize their plans for the property and agree to all the lease terms before they begin an estimated 24 month construction plan for the first phase new waterpark that will also include Treehaus style on-site accommodations for guests, to be followed by a second expansion phase.
    (12/4/13) A couple of concept artwork renderings showing off the proposed Schlitterbahn Fort Lauderdale were sent my way, showing off what looks like the park’s main entrance area as well as an overhead layout of the project, including how a river looks to surround the soccer stadium next door.
    (12/2/13) Great news for South Florida… a major new waterpark looks like it will soon be on the way to the Fort Lauderdale area with one of the industries most respected names… Schlitterbahn.  Yep… readers may recall hearing about how a Schlitterbahn Fort Lauderdale park was proposed for this site several years ago only to have the project seem to go into limbo and vanish.
    They are back and the $110 million Schlitterbahn Fort Lauderdale project has been trapped in limbo for the past three years while the FAA reviews the project and plans. It seems the land was given to the city by the FAA to reuse, but was supposed to be used for aviation use if possible. Without any planned aviation use, city officials think they have worked out a proposed rental agreement for the property that will make everyone happy and are expecting to get a final approval from the FAA later this month.
    “The FAA is responsible for making sure the airport gets good money for any land it leases. The FAA gave the city the property in 1947 for aviation uses. If it's used for something else, than a fair-market rent must be paid.” The planned offer right now is for Schlitterbahn to pay $810,000 in annual rent for the site and to maintain it themselves.
    The nearby Lockhart Stadium (home to the Fort Lauderdale Strikers soccer team) will remain and be enhanced… and possibly end up having a few of the Schlitterbahn attractions running under and through sections of the stadium itself. Most of the old baseball stadium (Fort Lauderdale Stadium) will be demolished, though some of the front fašade may be saved to transform into a iconic castle shaped entrance structure for the new waterpark. They are also planning on adding some of the fantastic looking Treehouse themed resort rooms on site at the new waterpark as well if all goes as planned.  Stay tuned!


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