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Santa Cruz, California (Abbreviation: SCBB)


icon_STOPPark News - (8/3/17) While the parks initially closed down their own similar style rides after the accident in Ohio on a “Fire Ball” ride took place, Cal/OSHA has approved three similar rides to reopen this week:
    La Revoluction at Knott’s Berry Farm
    Delirium at California’s Great America
    Beach Blaster at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


2017 - New Rides / New Frightwalk and Laser Maze Buildings - (7/12/17) A report from the local news confirms that both new attractions, Shockwave and Typhoon are now both open for the 2017 season at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
    (5/15/17) According to the latest rumor sent my way, don't look for the Typhoon ride to appear at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk until mid summer or later, as the ride's arrival has apparently been delayed by the manufacture.
    (5/2/17) A new close-up picture of Shockwave, now set up at SCBB, was sent in this week.
    (4/28/17) A reader send in a new photos from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk this week showing off the new Shockwave ride, already assembled and sitting in the park, and looking quite huge as well.
    (4/20/17) A reader sent in a picture showing off pieces of the new Shockwave sitting in the parking lot across from the park.
    (4/18/17) According to an email sent over the weekend, the new Typhoon ride at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is expected to arrive this week, and the pieces of Shockwave are sitting in the parking lot.
    (3/27/17) At long last a few more details about new rides coming to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk later this year have been released. As mentioned, the park will add two new rides... with  Shockwave (Zamperla Mega Disk'o) opening next to the park's Undertow coaster on an expanded upper-deck location and the new Typhoon (ARM) to be located just inside the park's new revised entrance area, oh and don't forget the new version of Fright Walk going UNDER THE BOARDWALK in 2017. Artwork of the new entrance, and logos for the new rides can be found here.
    (2/16/17) CaliforniaCoasterKings dropped by the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to check up on what kind of construction they are up to this off-season. Lot of work is actually taking place to work on the new park entrance, as well as some fairly large scale but much needed improvements to the park.
    (10/26/16) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has filed paperwork to get permission to add two new rides to the park in 2017. One is called Typhoon and it looks to be a Kamakazi style inverting ride while the other will be a Zamperla Mega Disk'O flat ride called Shockwave. Typhoon will stand 60 feet tall and Shockwave will be 65 feet tall at the tips, compared to the 70 foot tall Giant Dipper coaster that overlooks most of the park, so these two rides will appear to be quite striking.
    The article also mentions that SCBB previously had a similar attraction (with two arms) that was also called Typhoon that was removed back in 2009.
    (5/7/16) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk fans can expect some changes to the park this fall. Already confirmed by the local news are plans to demolish the building that currently houses the Frightwalk, Laser Maze and the Arcade. A new building will replace it that will become a new home to those attractions next year, as well as add a better access point and ticket booths for the park.
   While a 2-story building is leaving, it will be replaced by two separate single story buildings instead, though the rumor is that the Frightwalk attraction may go into a new “underground” level below the new building, similar to the Haunted Castle I believe.
    (4/19/16) I'm told that Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk informed those attending an ACE event at the park over the weekend that they plan to add a new ride UNDER the Undertow spinning coaster for 2017, though they will have to expand the boardwalk in that area a bit to make room for it. Any ideas on what it will be?  Apparently they did at least confirm that it will not be a Larson Super Loop style ride.


???? - Expand Undertow Deck - Rumor - Fitting in with the 2017 plans to replace the 2-story Frightwalk / Arcade / Laser Maze building with new single story buildings are rumors about expanding the second story attraction deck that currently is home to the Undertow coaster to eventually cover these new single story buildings and allow for the construction of more new attractions space on the second level. The timeline for this project is unknown at this time.


Track Record

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Santa Cruz, California

Abbreviation: SCBB

Newest Developments:
2014 - Undertow

2012 - Crazy Surf / X-Factory

2011 - Freefall

2010 - New Haunted Castle

2009 - The Vault: Laser Maze

2008 - Sea Swings





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