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Aqaba, Jordan




    (10/29/16) Solid information on this project is nearly impossible to find, and I’ve seen zero pictures of an actual construction site. The last update I can find claims it may have broken ground in late 2014 and expected to open by 2017. Anyone know anything more at all about this long overdue project?
    (8/28/14) While we haven’t heard a peep about the Star Trek attraction at the Red Sea Astrarium in Jordan, a report posted to Disney & More has comments from Paramount’s Mike Bartok claiming that they are “fairly far along” with the film for the Jordan project which is being done with Bad Robot. The centerpiece attraction will feature state-of-the-art technology that will bring to life the first ever 4D attraction that will feature an “actual freefall mechanisms in there”. Wow…sounds very interesting.
    (1/21/14) BlooLoop reports that a $1.55 billion construction contract for the Red Sea Astrarium has been awarded to Arabtec Construction this week. While the original plans for the resort/attraction/retail mall project should have seen in under construction long ago, this new report says that construction will finally begin in Q3 2014, with plans to open by Q3 2017.
    (5/28/13) According to the local news a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the $1.5 billion Red Sea Astrarium amusement and retail project in Jordan.
    (8/24/12) A little more information about the Wonders flight sim ride at Red Sea Astrarium has leaked out. From what I’ve been told, the queue for the ride will be highly interactive, and the things you do in the queue will have some kind of effect upon just what happens during the actual ride.
    (8/23/12) New concept art showing off the Wonders! Flight Simulator attaction planned for the Red Sea Astrarium has been posted to BlooLoop this week. At first glance it appears to be a similar ride to Disney’s Soarin’, but the press release states the hardware will come from Vekoma. The Wonders ride experiences will be “randomized” so that guests will experience different things on each ride.
    (2/27/12) It’s time to talk about a new announced themed project that has been in the news over the past few months, but I have really yet to talk much about it. It’s The Red Sea Astrarium, a $1.5 billion leisure-resort project going into Aqaba, Jordan. The 184 acre Astrarium project will encompass four luxury hotels, botanical gardens, a wide collection of retail and dining options and several amusement related attractions.
    One such attraction will be the Cradle of Inspiration, which sounds very unique. According to RGH Themed Entertainment, the design and project manager, “Our design for the Cradle of Inspiration experience is a ride that will take visitors on a fantastical journey through space and time, reaching a force of 1G and traveling 12 vertical meters in under 3 seconds,” said Lenny Larsen, Director of Themed Entertainment at RGH. “The ride will reach a maximum speed of 10 meters per second in a vehicle that will pitch, roll and spin while fully immersed in over 500 square meters of spherical projection covering a 360-degree by 210-degree field.”
    While most of the attractions will focus on cultural or historical themes, it will also feature a signature Star Trek attraction experience, based on the new 2009 Star Trek film universe as well as the 2012 follow-up film in the works. While no solid details about what will be found in the Star Trek area have come out, it’s safe to say that it will feature more than one attraction experience. According to Screamscape sources, the main attraction here may actually be a Kuka arm based ride, possibly similar to what Universal did for Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure.
    InPark Magazine has posted a nice article about some of the other elements of The Red Sea Astrarium, along with some concept artwork. They mention another themed area of the resort will be called The Summit, where a story based interactive attraction will be found called Save the Astraruim.
    I’ve also heard rumors about an extensive Mack water coaster style flume ride that will feature several indoor show scenes before you go on a wild coaster romp outside.
    I don’t know the timeline as to when it may be ready to open, but I’ve heard that construction has just begin, we’re probably looking at a late 2014 or 2015 opening for something this ambitious.   



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