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News & Rumors



This is the page where I’ve collected the news for any proposed new North American amusement parks or major attractions that are pretty much still either in the proposal phase, have yet to begin full scale construction, or who may have started construction but their future is now possibly in question.




--  Notice  --

To my knowledge, there are currently no other active serious proposals to build new theme parks in North America. There are a few projects out there that have been talked about for years and years (ie: Earth Quest, Ole South, various Oz park proposals, etc...) who either made very little traction, or appeared to have stalled out due to lack of funding, so they were removed for the time being until they appear to be back on track.
    There are other projects that are still in the early ‘idea’ phase, and have not made enough true progress in my opinion to be listed here just yet.
    This also does not mean that there are no new projects under way, as some projects have moved on to have their own dedicated news pages to track their latest efforts like American Dream Meadowlands, or pages that follow the progress to reopen closed park sites as new attractions like Kentucky Kingdom, or Ghost Town in the Sky.



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