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Rye, New York


icon_STOPPark News - (10/28/14) Central Amusements has made their official pitch to take over Playland, after setting an example of what they can do with their management of Luna Park at Coney Island since 2010. Their plan is to invest $25 million into Playland over the first 5 years, stop the practice of being closed on Mondays and remove the entrance gates and wristband system. According to their predictions, they believe they can grow attendance at Playland to 700,000 within the first five years from current attendance levels which are around 350,000. 
    (8/12/14) According to the local news the Westchester County Board of Legislators is now going to consider a plan to lease the Playland property to a partnership between Central Amusements and Standard Amusements, the two remaining groups still willing to operate the site going forward. As previously mentioned, Central Amusements is the division of Zamperla who built and operate the successful Luna Park at Coney Island.
   The two groups plan to invest a combined $25 million into Playland with a guaranteed minimum payment plan to the county, which will succeed in taking the financial burden of running Playoff away from the taxpayers, as well as see some successful management and capital investment into the park to ensure its future. If Central Amusements plans for the site are still the same as they were in 2013, they planned on adding 22 new rides to Playland over the next five years and more after that to restore Playland to being a successful attraction.
   The previous group who was working on the project, Sustainable Playland,  has “”exercised its right to terminate its asset management agreement” and is now out of the picture.
    (6/13/14) According to this news report Sustainable Playland has bowed out of their proposal to take over the operations of Playland Park. The county is expected to begin a review process of other proposals for the property once again.


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