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icon_STOP2015 - KLUGHEIM - Rumor - (10/23/14) AirTimers reports that a new themed land is on the way to Phantasialand, being teased in the park with the addition of a large banner promoting something is as “KLUGHEIM” Based on the images shown, quick a bit of it is focused on the medieval architecture, giving us a hint at the likely theme of the new land.


???? - 4D Theater Film - Rumor- (3/14/14) The latest rumor from Phantasialand says that the proposed new 4D Theater film has now also been pushed back a year and will premier in 2015 instead.
    (2/26/14) In addition to the delayed Chiapas attraction opening this season at Phantasialand, I’m told that we can expect to see an unknown new film brought to the park’s 4D  Theater (Schauspielhaus). Chiapas should be ready to open around April 1st, but look for the new 4D film to open later in the season.
    (1/20/14) According to AirTimers, Phantasialand has announced that they will be closing down the park’s Wild West area as well as the darkride, “Silbermine” to make room for new future additions to the park. While nothing specific was mentioned about what might be coming, they did say that the new attractions would serve as an expansion to the Mystery themed area.
    (1/16/12) Once the rumored new Chiapas water ride opens I’ve heard that the park may be planning on removing the SilberMine dark ride during the next off season for another new project in 2014/2015. Anyone else know more?


Newest Attractions:
2014 - Chiapas

2012 - Verrucktes Hotel
 Tartuff (funhouse)

2011 - Maus au Chocolate

2010 - Wuze Town expansion


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