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2015 - Critter Creek - (1/21/15) The new Critter Creek area will feature a lot of interesting and brightly colored theming from what I’m told. This will include lots of new theming along the Cat-O-Pillar coaster course, including a group of animatronic Dandi Lions singing. “There lots of mixed up animals in critter Creek such as a squirrel and a worm or a pigeon and a squid or a bumble and a beaver. There a brand new Rio Grand train ride from Zamperla. And the old Wind in the Willows walk through is now an animal encounter with real strange creatures like bugs, iguana, shrimp and locust. The area is full of psychodelic colours.”
   Special thanks to Coaster Touring for the information shared in this update.
    (1/20/15) ThemeParks-UK reports that Paultons Park is opening a new land in 2015 called Critter Creek, which should be ready to open in time for Easter. The new area will feature a variety of strange creatures and plants brought in by Professor Blast. The old Stinger roller coaster will be renamed Cat-O-Pillar as well. The Show Street Cinema will also have a new 4D Sherlock Holmes film as well this season.


icon_STOP2016 - The Lost Kingdom - (9/29/15) ThemeParks-UK takes a look at a Paultons Park and their Lost Kingdom plans, opening in 2016 that will see dinosaurs brought to the park as well all new rides, including two new coasters: Flight of the Pterosaur and Raptor.
    (7/14/15) A great picture of the layout for Raptor, the Junior "Family Boomerang" coaster from Vekoma coming to Paulton's Park was posted to Vekoma's Facebook page today. Check it out here.
    (6/15/15) ThemeParksUK has the latest update about Paultons Park’s 2016 plans to build The Lost Kingdom, a new dinosaur themed land that will include two new roller coasters and several other dino themed attractions.
    (1/21/15) I’ve got a little more information to share about Paultons Park’s new coaster projects for The Lost Kingdom, which will be dinosaur themed. For starters the Vekoma Junior Suspended coaster will be named Pterosaurs Flight and will be nearly identical to Kvasten at Gronalund. Meanwhile the new Junior Boomerang will be called Raptor standing 21.5 meters tall and feature a custom layout with the spikes on opposite sides of the ride, pointing in opposing directions. Both coasters will be heavily themed to fit into a Dinosaur themed landscape, with both rides said to feature animatronics and tunnels along the way.
   Special thanks to Coaster Touring for the information shared in this update who also posted a great graphic on Twitter a bit ago showing off the layouts for both Pterosaurs Flight and Raptor.
    (1/20/14) Paultons Park is removing the Rabbit Ride, AstroGlide, Kiddie's Play Village and Land of the Dinosaurs to make way for The Lost Kingdom, coming in 2016., This new themed area will feature a new custom Vekoma Junior Boomerang roller coaster according to ThemeParks-UK.



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