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Madrid, Spain
Parques Reunidos





Park News - (9/29/18) According to Screamscape sources a company known for their work with wooden coasters in the European market named Global-Coasters is now in the midsts of a 5-year rehab project to rebuild the Coaster Express at Parque Warner Madrid. They began the first year of the project last winter, where a section of track, hand-rails and walk-boards were all replaced and they are preparing for the second phase of the project to be done this winter.


2022 - Wooden Coaster Tracking And New Waterslides - (12/7/21) I’m told that the Parque Warner Beach waterpark is expected to add a couple of new slides for the 2022 season. These were originally intended for the 2021 season, but delayed due to COVID. Apparently the pieces were spotted on site at the park way back in 2020.
    It is thought that they could be for two ProSlide creations, a Tornado Wave slide and a second slide with Flying Saucer style turns. Construction has already begin in the waterpark can be seen here.
    In other 2022 news, the park also appears to have been performing some kind of re-tracking on the wooden Coaster Express since they closed in 2020.



icon_STOP2023 - New Roller Coaster - Rumor - (1/18/22) Some new construction photos from Parque Warner Madrid can be seen below, posted to Twitter by FreakPlanet. Even better though, FreakPlanet has posted a new construction breakdown video on YouTube, and while it is in Spanish, they were kind enough to add English subtitles into the feed, you just need to click on the CC button to turn them off.
    The video goes over the history of what has taken place in the park so far with demolition and construction footage.

    (1/1/22) Looks like some deep digging has now started at Parque Warner Madrid for their new 2023 coaster project. Based on my best guest, looks like this is in a backstage area behind the Scooby-Doo dark ride, that is on the opposite side of the pathway from the closed Batman simulator ride where the majority of the work has been taking place until now. So the size of this new attraction may be larger than anticipated, unless this is simply ground work to upgrade backstage utilities or something. Meanwhile other nearby sites are undergoing some extensive demolition as well as you can see in the next tweet.

    (12/23/21) A new Tweet shows off the location of the various supposed spotted on site at Parque Warner Madrid for the park’s rumored new coaster. Check it out below.

    (12/7/21) Construction is moving ahead on the new rumored coaster attraction at Parque Warner Madrid, where it looks like the framework for support footers are starting to be installed. Don’t look for this to be ready until 2023 however, for 2022 there are other plans.

    (12/1/21) According to a post on Twitter, demolition has started at Paque Warner Madrid on the park’s old “simulator building”. There is a rumor claiming that the park may build some new coaster from Intamin, intended to open in 2023, that will take over the former Batman: Knight Flight simulator building space and nearby area. Can anyone else confirm?


icon_STOP2024 - New Hotel - (12/7/21) Parque Warner Madrid is said to be working on plans for a possible new resort hotel that could open as early as 2024.




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