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icon_STOP2017 - Pegase Express - (6/21/17) A few new pictures taken at the grand opening of Pegase Express at Parc Asterix can be found at Freizeitpark-Welt this week.
    (6/6/17) Parc Asterix has opened their new Pegase Express coaster. You can see a full front row POV of the new experience below.






    (5/31/17) New construction pictures of Pegase Express at Parc Asterix have been shared with Screamscape. Enjoy!
    (5/11/17) According to this article the new Pegase Express themed coaster at Parc Asterix is on schedule to open sometime this June. Follow the link to read a bit more about this fantastic looking new family coaster from Gerstlauer, with the attraction's theme from Jora Vision, that will take riders on a journey through the world of ancient Greece, along with some little jokes to enjoy while you pass through the station and queue.
    (3/30/17) New pictures of the new Pegase Express coaster at Parc Asterix as well as of rehab work taking place to the Hydra flat ride and the Le Vol D'lcare (aka: Flight of Icarus) Zierer coaster can be found  by following this link.
    The new Pegase Express coaster looks really snazzy I think, with some crisp colors that visually pop from the parking lot as well as when seen from over the themed scenery around the coaster, especially when it goes over the water by the park's rapids ride. Since it is from Gerstlauer it makes sense why the first thing I thought of when I saw it was Dollywood fantastic Firechaser Express family coaster. This should prove to be very popular with the park guests, young and old. It looks like the new coaster should be ready to open by June 10th.
    (12/5/16) Screamscape was sent a link to a very interesting PDF file that shows off concept artwork for a new 2017 attraction for Parc Asterix called Pegase Express. The artwork shows off large golden statue Pegasus mythical creature with wheels attached to the legs placed in front of a large greek themed coaster station. From the look of the layout, it would be a pretty wild looking steel coaster adventure through the landscape of the park that also appears as if it may enter into some kind of "event building" near the half-way point of the ride experience for an encounter with Medusa before being launched back out of the building... backwards on a switch-track.
    In short, this reminds me quite a bit of Fire Chaser Express at Dollywood from Gerstlauer, so I'm expecting this one to be from Gerstlauer as well. You can find the artwork yourself at the link above along with another piece of artwork here, which shows off what should be a great coaster experience for the whole family. I'm told that construction may have begun and coaster track and supports may already be on site as well, can anyone else confirm?
    (1/8/16) Parc Asterix is said to be planning a new unknown coaster for the 2017 season. According to the English translation of this post, the new coaster may be called Pegasus and could be a launched Gerstlauer family coaster, similar in nature to Fire Chaser Express at Dollywood.



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