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London, England
London Resort Company Holdings



icon_STOP2020 - New Park - (10/10/14) According to this news update, initial government approval has been granted for the Paramount Park - London project. The current timetable for the project, once they are allowed to begin construction, will see a four-year phased construction timetable, with a planned opening of Spring 2020.
    (7/2/14) The group behind the proposed Paramount Park: London has begun sending out invitations to local residents and business to a series of “public exhibitions” to be held throughout the rest of the year where they will show off their plans for the new theme park resort where they will also take feedback from the public to learn about what they like and what concerns they have from the project. Click here to read more as well as find out the dates and locations for the first wave of public exhibitions. I’d encourage any readers in the area to attend to learn more and report back about this new project.
    (5/12/14) The proposed new Paramount theme park has taken another step forward this month after being called a “Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project” by the local government. Currently the project is on track to open by 2019 if all goes well.
    (12/15/13) Good news for the UK’s Paramount theme park project as the government has now crossed the site off the list of possible locations for a new Thames river crossing, freeing it up for the theme park resort project to move forward when they are able.
    (5/22/13) The local news reports that the proposed Paramount Park in London may be in jeopardy as the site for the park was also selected by the Department of Transportation as one of three possible locations for a river crossing route.  Click here to find out more.
    (4/8/13) In an interesting twist… the proposed Paramount theme park in London has hit a minor snag as the site of the park was discovered to be home to a rare breed of jumping spiders who will end up being rounded up and relocated.  (You can count me out of volunteering for that job…)
    (12/11/12) According to this news article the man who helped raise the funds needed to secure the London 2012 Olympic Games has been assigned the task of helping the Paramount Park project in Kent become a reality.
    (11/30/12) New details about the proposed Paramount Park project in London came out this week as the developer shared a bit more information about his plan. In addition to the theme park, the project area would have an indoor waterpark, theaters, movie theaters, and something called Techno Expo, an exhibit space for future technologies. There is still plenty of development time left here however, as they don’t expect to be ready to begin construction on the project until early 2015.
    (10/9/12) In an interesting bit of news, a Paramount Theme Park project has been announced for the London area, with hopes of opening in 2018 on a 272 acre site. You can find a picture showing off a model of the proposed theme park project at The Theme Park Guy, which includes an Entertainment District in the center, and an indoor waterpark and resort on either side of the entrance plaza. The project is a partnership between Lafarge, who already own the large piece of property, Britian’s Development Securities and Brooffield Multiplex of Canada, who are calling themselves the “London Resort Company Holdings”. The group has already apparently signed the deal with Paramount to make attractions and theme the park to their various Film and TV properties.
    Now, while this sounds like fantastic news for sure for everyone involved, I do have some reservations myself as to if this will really happen. Over the years I’ve seen numerous park projects, all claiming to have signed deals with Paramount, only to vanish into this air a year or two later. Anyone remember the Paramount Park announced for Japan back in 2004?  Paramount Movie Park Korea was announced back in 2007 and appeared to have started ground clearing in 2009, but has yet to open. Paramount Park Spain was first announced in Fall 2010, but appears to have not gotten much beyond the initial groundbreaking ceremony. So lets hope the fact that the property is already owned and that there seem to be serious partners involved this time, that we’ll see this park actually get built for once.




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