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Foley, Alabama


NEW PARK - Opening July 21, 2017


icon_STOPPark News - (7/24/17) A couple of reviews showing off the new OWA park that just opened in Alabama have been posted online. You can see a video report posted by Midway Mayhem below and a deluxe photo report posted by Johnny Upsidedown.

    (7/22/17) Congratulations to OWA for the successful grand opening on Friday. Going forward from here the development will open a 154,000 sqft retail and restaurant village in front of the park, with the first locations set to open within the next few months, including a new Wahlburgers, Hershey's Ice Cream Shop and more. Also set to open around the end of the year is a 14 acre lake that holds a 1.5 acre island that will eventually be home to a 400 seat outdoor amphitheater, boat rentals and even a fountain show.
    Beyond this, the long term plans for the development include up to four hotels, an RV Resort, condos and even a waterpark.
    (7/3/17) The big announcement from The Park at OWA has come and the park is now set to officially open on July 21, 2017. Visit the official website to see prices, park hours and the complete list of all 21 attractions.














    (6/26/17) A reader passed by the new OWA theme park in Alabama and took a couple of quick shots of the Roller Thunder coaster. They went on to say that they saw it testing three different trains, each painted a different color.
    (5/22/17) New pictures from OWA show that the lift hill and giant loop are now mostly in place on the park's Rolling Thunder coaster. Make the jump to JohnnyUpsidedown to take a look.

    (5/20/17) According to this news article, OWA will open a Wahlburgers burger restaurant to the site this year, with plans to open it around mid-August.  The Boston based restaurant chain is the creation of chef Paul Wahlberg along with his famous brothers... Mark and Donnie Wahlberg and was the subject for an A&E reality TV show series.
    In other news, one of our readers was able to snap up several photos of the OWA site last week and send them in for us all to enjoy!
    (5/11/17) A cool new aerial photos of the OWA park site was posted on Twitter a few hours ago. Nice to see a good number of the park's rides already in place.

    (5/4/17) According to a news report about OWA, the hiring process has begun as the new amusement park plans to open sometime in mid-July instead of the previously announced Memorial Day Weekend.
    (2/1/17) The local news takes a look at the latest theme park rides going up at  OWA this week. Follow the link to see the photos and video report.
    (1/11/17) Construction on OWA is going full tilt I see and they have now posted a nice collection of construction progress photos on their official website from October up to ones taken just a few days ago. Lots of concrete pads have been poured across the site now, and all of the superstructure for the Hotel and Events Center buildings is now up with the hotel building itself looking pretty far along already. Looks like all of the footers for the big coaster are already in place, and the buildings that will serve as the park entrance are also going up quickly.
    (12/10/16) The local news reports that the new OWA amusement park has already completed the installation of their first ride at the park (Aerozoom?) More parts and pieces of other attractions are arriving on a regular basis and they promise more rides and attractions will soon rise, putting them on schedule to open by Memorial Day weekend in late May 2017.
    (11/28/16) Our friend JohnnyUpsidedown has posted a nice photo update from the OWA construction site, checking out how things are already shaping up at the new amusement park where ride pieces are starting to quickly pile up.
    (11/19/16) Our friends at In The Loop posted a video from IAAPA this week where they got to chat about the new OWA park coming to Alabama in 2017 that will feature four Zamperla roller coasters, including Rollin' Thunder, which will be the Zamperla made clone of Coney Island's Thunderbolt coaster.

    (11/4/16) Consider me surprised, but not only was the official announcement made about the new theme park coming to Alabama, but would you believe that they have already started construction?!  I'm not talking about dirt pushing or a ceremonial ground breaking photo op... but they have apparently moved past all that and are into the concrete and footers stage for the park's main roller coaster. The new park is called OWA (which apparently means "Big Water", and the park's main coaster looks like a clone of the Luna Park's Thunderbolt (and will also be made by Zamperla). Actually the park will feature two Zamperla coasters... in addition to the big one the park will have a Zamperla made spinning mouse coaster as well.
    You can watch a video about the new OWA park (including animated fly-through footage) and resort property which will also include plenty of retail property and plans for a future waterpark. From the look of things, I wouldn't be surprised if Zamperla isn't involved in some way as a park management / operator company for the park. You can see a picture of the site as it looks now, complete with the huge concrete area already poured for the park's central roller coaster pathway.
    The crazy thing is that they are also talking about having it ready to open by May 17th, 2017. They're off to a good start already, so lets see where things go from here I guess.

    (11/2/16) Is a new amusement park coming to Alabama? According to this local news report the Poarch Band of Creek Indians are planning to build an amusement complex in Foley that will include a roller coaster, about 20 other rides plus shops and restaurants. An official announcement with the full details is expected to take place in the near future.



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Foley, Alabama

The name translates as “Big Water” from the Muskogee Creek Indian language.



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