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Wisconsin Dells
Formerly: Big Chief Carts & Coasters



Park News - (7/15/15) It didn’t take long for Mt. Olympus to remove The Catapult from the park it seems. A reader sent in pictures taken at the park last night around 9:30pm where work crews were standing at the ready to rip the ride down as soon as the park was clear and another from the next morning with the ride now removed and no trace of it remaining.
    (7/14/15) According to the latest news reports the Catapult ride at Mt. Olympus involved in the incident a few days ago apparently had been cited for past violations according to state records, though it did pass inspection just last month.
    (7/13/15) An interesting incident was caught on video this week as family members climbed into a Slingshot style ride called The Catapult at the Mt. Olympus amusement park in the Wisconsin Dells. Strapped in and waiting for the bungee style cables to be stretched into the sky before launch, something terrifying happened. Watch the video and while your eye may be drawn to what looks like a cable waiting to snap away and shoot up into the sky on the right side of the pod, the true danger comes suddenly from the left slide as the cable rips free from the towers and comes flying down to earth landing just inches away from the young boy riding on the left side of the pod. Amazingly, no one was hurt at all.
    According to the article, Mt Olympus isn't actually the owner of the ride, but a company by the name of Casco Inc. is the owner, and Mt. Olympus says they are forcing the operator “to cease operations and remove the ride.” Owner or not, this certainly does nothing to improve the falling public opinion of safety at the Mt Olympus park which has been in rapid decline since the death of a man thrown from the Opa indoor spinning coaster a couple of years ago.
    It’s no secret that in the region where families frequently visit The Dells, Mt Olympus has been gaining a bit of a “carnie” style reputation in terms of the atmosphere, quality of experience, and unfortunately… their safety reputation. I think the time has come that they need to step up and really start to fix things ups and regain the public’s confidence.


icon_STOP2016 - The Great Pool of Delphi - Confirmed - (3/30/16) The Mt Olympus website has confirmed "The Great Pool of Delphi" as their new addition for 2016. This $4 million expansion will build the largest swiming pool in the entire Wisconsin Dells area that will feature: 4 islands, 2 beach entrances, cabanas, a 100ft geyser, a kids splash pad, an outdoor lounge pool, a 50 ft waterfall and over half a million gallons of water to play in.
    (9/30/15) Mt Olympus is now teasing some kind of new attraction for 2016 that will be "something huge" and "something water".  Of course, that could mean two attractions I suppose as well. You can see the preview poster at CoasterChitChat.



Track Record

Mt. Olympus
Formerly: Big Chief Karts & Coasters & Treasure Island
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Fun Fact: In 2005 Big Chief Karts & Coasters merged with the nearby Treasure Island attractions (Family Land outdoor rides and Bay of Dreams indoor waterpark) to form Mt. Olympus.

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