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Wisconsin Dells
Formerly: Big Chief Carts & Coasters







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- (5/30/17) A reader fresh from visiting Mt Olympus sent in an interesting pair before and after photos showing that the hill you climb after exiting the tunnel on Hades 360 for the last time appears to have been reprofiled and shortened by about 15-20 feet. If it still hits this area at the speed it normally does, this newly profiled hill should become a major airtime element starting this season. Anyone know if any other changes were made to the layout for the 2017 season?
    (12/22/16) Just hitting the news this morning is a report claiming that a boy has died after falling out of an outdoor waterslide located at the Mt. Olympus theme park in the Wisconsin Dells.
    In December...
Yes, you read that right. According to the initial report the boy was staying with family at one of the Mt. Olympus hotels and that he and two others entered into the fenced off and CLOSED outdoor waterpark area where it seems they tried to ride a sled down one of the closed snow-covered slides.
Apparently he got stuck half way down in a thick snowpatch, tried to free himself and somehow fell over the edge 35 feet to the ground on Wednesday night. Rescue crews attempted to save him, but eventually pronounced him dead on the scene.


2017 - Nothing to report at this time...


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Mt. Olympus
Formerly: Big Chief Karts & Coasters & Treasure Island
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Fun Fact: In 2005 Big Chief Karts & Coasters merged with the nearby Treasure Island attractions (Family Land outdoor rides and Bay of Dreams indoor waterpark) to form Mt. Olympus.

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