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MOVIE PARK - Germany
Parque Reunidos



icon_STOP2017 - Star Trek: Operation Enterprise /  New Coaster - (7/12/17) Our friends at BlooLoop have posted a nice detailed article all about the creation of Star Trek: Operation Enterprise at Movie Park Germany and how they settled on Star Trek as the theme, working with CBS Consumer Products over the Star Trek license and what kind of feedback they've been getting from the fans.
    (6/9/17) Good news for MoviePark Germany, the new Star Trek: Operation Enterprise coaster looks to have opened last week and tons of videos have already made it to the 'net. It features a fun queue experience that features a walk through a museum-like queue area full of Star Trek artifacts, what appears to be a transporter room, a trip to the bridge for a pre-show experience that involves the Borg, then it's off to the shuttle bay to evacuate from the ship. This looks pretty neat as the coaster train (shuttle) before you loads with riders, the red-alert sound plays, shuttle-bay door opens and the train crawls forward into the air-lock, which seals behind it, all with appropriate Star Trek sound-effects. Plus all the ride-ops are wearing spot-on authentic Star Trek: TNG uniforms which is a fantastic touch, especially when you enter the Enterprise's bridge.
    At this point the shuttle slides sideways on a transfer track onto the true launch track and begins your high-speed journey. You can see videos of the ride experience as well as the queue embedded below.
    I've only seen brief clips of the transporter room and bridge events, so I'm guessing they are asking guests to put all cameras away at this point, but I do wonder if they have tried to re-create the transporter experience that was used with great success at the retired Las Vegas attraction. Either way, from the sound of things, this new attraction is a big hit with the park crowds and looks to be a fun coaster as well. Check out the footage below.

    (5/31/17) While I don't think rides have started on the new Star Trek coaster at Movie Park Germany, a reader sent in some great pictures of the coaster and surrounding area. So the question is... just when are they going to open this ride?







    (2/18/17) While the themeing has yet to go into place, some fantastic on-ride POV footage from the new Star Trek: Operation Enterprise coaster has been posted by the park that you must see, offering a brief glimpse at the incredible thrills that lie ahead.

    (2/4/17) A new video from Movie Park Germany shows off a bit more about Star Trek: Operation Enterprise and ends with a look at the "Transfer Switch" track that will move the train from the station onto the launch track section. Below that video is another shot by a guest watching the coaster make a run around the track at a slow testing speed. (I say slow speed based on the fact that the train only goes up the backwards spike about half at the start of the video and appears to be crawling through some of the elements. I'd expect the speed to pick up as testing continues.

    (1/27/17) Guess what has arrived at Movie Park Germany this week? The 1701-D USS Enterprise themed coaster trains from Mack Rides have arrived at last. You can see a few pictures in the tweet embedded below.

    (10/27/16) The construction of the Star Trek: Operation Enterprise coaster is now complete and Movie Park Germany has posted a video about the ride's construction process. It is all in German, but they do feature some interesting views of the mostly complete construction site as shot by aerial drones and from the ground.
    I wish I knew what they were saying, because the elements they are showing  look unlike any kind of traditional coaster, and more like a very intense shuttle coaster experience that ends in a twisted spike track before you fall backwards through the layout once again.

    (10/4/16) A new video construction update on the Star Trek: Operation Enterprise coaster under construction at Movie Park Germany can be seen below.

    (9/3/16) Construction photos from the Star Trek: Operation Enterprise themed coaster being built at Movie Park Germany have been posted to this week.
    (7/7/16) Interpark reports that Movie Park Germany has started construction on a new roller coaster attraction that will be themed to Star Trek. The new coaster will be called Star Trek: Operation Enterprise and will be from Mack Rides when it opens for the 2017 season as part of the park's 20th Anniversary. When it opens they claim that Star Trek: Operation Enterprise will be the second tallest structure in the park after the park's Free Fall Tower. If I had to guess I'd say for sure this would have to be a launched coaster as well. A time-lapse of the construction taking place already for the attraction has already been posted by the park which you can see below. The video is long, but quite a bit of work for the foundation and footers has already been done so far, and it wont be long before they start to put up track and supports.

    (11/2/15) According to this article the delayed roller coaster plans for Movie Park Germany are now back in the works for 2017, with a new 45m tall coaster now planned to go to the right of the park entrance.
    (9/28/12) The local news reports that Movie Park Germany has called a halt to their 10 million Euro plan to build a new 45-meter tall coaster at the park in 2014. It seems the owners (Parque Reunidos) want to invest more on parks in Italy and Spain that are in need of new capital instead in 2014 and new plans for 2014 will be drawn up for Movie Park Germany instead.
    (5/29/12) According to this website, Movie Park Germany is planning a 45 meter tall roller coaster near the park’s entrance to open in 2014 and has submitted plans to the city to obtain the zoning permission. The news article also talks about possibly using a catapult / launch system coaster design, but this has not been finalized. The cost of the proposed coaster will be over 10 million Euros.


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