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Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil (Old Park)
Paulista, Pernambuco, Brazil (New Park)
(Formerly Playcenter Pernambuco)



Park News - Nothing new is expected, I’m told that the park is looking to move to a new location if possible in the near future as they are unable to expand in their current small location.


???? - New Park - Canceled / On Hold - (8/5/17) I've been sent some unfortunate news regarding the plans Mirabilandia had on moving their park. It seems the new land they were trying to use had too many restrictions and issues that came up as they were preparing to start work, and now the move is off once again. This is really unfortunate, as it sounded as if the park has been made unwelcome by the government in their current site as well and really needs to find a new home.

    (4/26/17) Good news, a new theme park is now under construction in Brazil... Mirabilandia. Yes... the long delayed plan to build an all new Mirabilandia theme park and to retire the existing land-locked park in the city is now moving forward with construction said to finally be under way at the new site, located about 13km from the old one. In fact, a reader sent in some concept art of the new park and pictures of the old Monte Makaya pieces (Intamin 8 Inversion coaster) they have purchased from Terra Encantada install at the new park along with the former Deja Vu coaster from Six Flags over Georgia (likely to be called Sky Mountain).
    When it opens (2019 or 2020 at this point) the park will feature 4 coasters (the two mentioned plus Whirlwind and Dragon, which may be the two coasters currently runing at the existing park that will be moved. The park is also said to have puchased the former Intamin spillwater ride from Playcenter. The new park will feature many more natural attractions as well, such as botanical gardens, plus nature friendly attractions like Zip Lines, Canopy tours, etc) plus a large concert stage area.




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