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Michgan’s Adventure
Muskegon, MI
Cedar Fair Entertainment


icon_STOPPark News - (5/22/17) Firstly let me say that this is purely speculation on my part, and not even part of a rumor yet. I was asked over the weekend where I thought the Boomerang coaster being removed from Knott's Berry Farm would go IF it were to stay within the Cedar Fair family of theme parks.
    After eliminating the current parks with Boomerangs or Inverted Boomerangs from the list, there are only four parks left as options:
Cedar Point - Which will never happen...
Kings Dominion - Highly unlikely as they are already working on a 2018 coaster project.
Valleyfair - While possible, they seem to be focused on other projects at the moment.
This leaves Michigan's Adventure as the most likely home to the Knott's Boomerang, assuming Cedar Fair want to keep it at all, instead of just selling it or using it for spare parts for the rest.
    Surprisingly, Michigan's Adventure doesn't have a Boomerang yet, and the closest similar coaster would be the Invertigo at Kings Island which is a good distance away. Plus the park's maintenance team is already well versed in Arrow/Vekoma coaster systems as they already have a Vekoma SLC, an Arrow Corkscrew and an Arrow Mad Mouse. Just something to think about for the future... but definitely not even a rumor.
    My gut feeling is that they'll scrap it or use it for parts, but you never know.
    (3/16/17) Curious about the goings on at Michigan's Adventure, Cedar Fair's smallest park?  Our friends at BlooLoop actually posted a lengthy article about the park after an interview with the park's VP and GM, Camille Jourden-Mark that talks about not only her history with the park, but the park's history and evolution over the years.


    (1/8/17) I'm told that Shivering Timbers received a little modification to the layout back in October after the park closed for the season. According to our source the "trick track" (side to side tilt) element on the return journey just after the double-up was replaced with a small floater hill instead which you can see in the photo.
    (1/7/15) Michigan's Adventure has bought a little extra property next to the theme park. The new land is just north of the theme park's waterpark section, past an employee parking lot. If I had to guess, the long term plan here would be to move the employee parking to the new property (or elsewhere entirely) to allow for the waterpark to expand even further to the North.


2017 - Half Pint Paradise - (8/26/16) Michigan's Adventure has announced that they will be adding more wet thrills to the waterpark in 2017 in the form of Half Pint Paradise. This new kiddie waterpark area will feature seven kidddie slides, a splash pad and other interactive water elements like dumping buckets, water geysers and more.



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Michigan’s Adventure
Muskegon, Michigan
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