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Niagara Falls, Canada


icon_STOPPark News - (3/25/15) According to this news report Ontario has set a proposed legislation in motion that would ban the breeding, buying or selling of Orcas. A series of habitat upgrades are also said to be in the works to be included in the new law if it passes that would require better water quality and much larger enclosures. Of course, it is obvious that the proposal is written to specifically target Marineland, which could work against it as it seems a bit unfair for the government to write a new law with just one intended target.
    (10/4/14) A reader who visited Marineland a couple of weeks ago reported some interesting updates. Overall it sounds like the park is not doing well at all.  The long closed Topple Tower ride has a few trucks and men walking around it during their visit, but they felt that rather than repairing it, the ride is likely to be removed instead. On a similar note the park’s Mack Sea Storm ride had all the boats removed and when asking about it, an employee told them it had not been running all year.
    The park has also taken down their billboard promoting the long delayed new aquarium project, and admitted it had been scrapped. As a possible replacement, they said they were looking into building a bird sanctuary project instead.
    (4/29/13) Turning things around, Marineland has now filed a $7 million defamation lawsuit against the Toronto Star and two of their reporters who had written several articles of concern regarding the treatment of the animals at the theme park over the past year. The park underwent a four-month long investigation which found no signs of any of the animal abuse accusations reported by the Star.
    (1/23/13) A four month investigation into the conditions at Marineland is over and no signs of abuse were found, and no charges are being pressed against the park. However, Marineland has been issued seven orders to make improvements in water quality, animal safety and veterinary care.


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Niagara Falls, Canada





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