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Niagara Falls, Canada






icon_STOPPark News - (12/20/21) While we haven’t heard much about the rumors of Marineland possibly closing in the future, things just got a bit tougher for the marine life theme park. According to the local news the park has been charged with “using dolphins, whales for entertainment without a license”. Backing these claims are videos submitted to the court showing the animals performing some of their old behaviors in front of a crowd and receiving food as a reward. But if this sounds like the standard operational procedure that the park has used for decades, you are not alone.
    What has changed however was that in 2019, just prior to COVID rocking the world, a new section was introduced to the criminal code in the region that now says that it is illegal for captive cetaceans to be used ‘for performance for entertainment purposes” unless said performance is authorized with a special license from the province. Marineland has states that the ‘performance’ taking place in the park was for an “educational presentation” and not just something purely done for Entertainment.
    While I have not seen the videos of what was seen at Marineland, it is easy to look towards what happens at the SeaWorld parks in the US where similar animal performances are also listed as being for educational purposes, showcasing the behaviors as things the various animals have been seen to do in the wild. Again… SeaWorld is in the US where the laws are quite different, so there is no telling how this might play out for Marineworld going forward.
    (10/6/21) I have no idea how true this is, but according to this blog post, they suggest that Marineland in Canada may close for for good after this weekend (last day on Oct 10th), and has put their large piece of property up for sale to developers, hoping to cash in a cool $300 million for the property. If this is true, then it wont be long before some of the park rides start to show up on the used ride sale sites, but if anyone knows something more solid, please do let me know.
    (8/9/21) Just a heads up to anyone planning a visit to Marineland in Canada. One of our readers pointed out that when you visit the park’s website and look up the Dragon Mountain roller coaster, it is now listed as being “Closed until further notice”.
    Since our reader was planning to visit the park, they attempted to contact the park for more information and were told that Marineland doesn’t know if or when the coaster will reopen this season. The reason being given for the closure was that the park was having a tough time sourcing needed parts to fix it.
    Now while there is every possibility this could be true, as we don’t know exactly what is wrong with the coaster, the fact remains that typically parts for Arrow coasters were always in plentiful supply, and that when S&S Power bought the remains of Arrow in 2002, they also bought and took over Arrow’s spare parts division and continue to run it to this day, supplying parts for old Arrow rides all over the world. As this would be the first Arrow coaster that I’ve heard of this season to be closed because they can’t get parts, it does sound a little odd. But as I said previously, we don’t know exactly what it is that is wrong with Dragon Mountain, and perhaps the items needed to fix it may be unique to Dragon Mountain, and something that may have to be custom sourced. Hopefully Marineland will get it sorted out, because I’m told that due to COVID, Dragon Mountain also failed to run in 2020, and keeping a coaster sitting idle is never a good thing for the longevity of the ride. I’d hate to see Dragon Mountain retired for good.


???? - Star Voyage and More - (9/4/21) A tweet has been posted showing off the new Zierer Star Shape Voyage ride set up at Marineland. According to the tweet,crews were painting the “loading bridge” to the attraction. Of course this means the new ride is also not quite open yet.
    The park also apparently installed Eagle Tower, a new family drop tower experience that seems identical to the nearby Orca Screamer tower.

    (5/16/21) A POV video showing off the new Star Voyage ride (Zierer Star Shape) ride making a test run at Marineland in late 2020 has been posted to YouTube which you can see below. Currently Marineland is still closed and has not been able to set an opening date for the 2021 season, along with Canada’s Wonderland to the north.

    (7/10/20) I’m told that the park has confirmed that they purchased a Zierer Sharshape ride, and will call it Star Voyage. The plan was to open it in 2020 on the spot of the former Huss Topple Tower ride, but they were unable to complete as construction was halted due to the pandemic. This was also confirmed in a late 2019 issue of Park World who also mentioned that the park was getting a special themed Zierer Family Tower ride as well.
    (5/20/20) Marineland has mentioned on their social media that the park has two new rides in the works for the 2020 season, along with some kind of new Penguin experience. Unfortunately there is no way to know just how far along they are, or if construction is taking place right now at all. To be honest, the park doesn’t have the best track record for opening new attractions on time either in the past, which sometimes fail to open until the end of the season, or even the following one, even in a world not dealing with a pandemic, so take all this with a grain of salt.
    While the park has not posted anything more at this time a video posted by Amusement Insiders indicates that one of the park’s new rides may be Zierer Star Shape which would take the place of the park’s long retired Topple Tower ride. Anyone know more about what the second ride may be?



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Niagara Falls, Canada




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