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Niagara Falls, Canada


Park News - (4/29/13) Turning things around, Marineland has now filed a $7 million defamation lawsuit against the Toronto Star and two of their reporters who had written several articles of concern regarding the treatment of the animals at the theme park over the past year. The park underwent a four-month long investigation which found no signs of any of the animal abuse accusations reported by the Star.
    (1/23/13) A four month investigation into the conditions at Marineland is over and no signs of abuse were found, and no charges are being pressed against the park. However, Marineland has been issued seven orders to make improvements in water quality, animal safety and veterinary care.


2014 - Nothing is known at this point in time... nothing was added in 2013 either.


???? - Terrors of the Sea - Under Construction - (11/2/09) While construction on the Terrors of the Sea shark exhibit started back in 2006, I heard no updates at all over the 2009 season about it opening. Anyone know what the status of this project is? Like most MarineLand projects, delays and slow construction timetables are typical so you just never know when anything will really open.
    (9/8/06) If you check out the blog, you’ll see that construction has just started on a new Shark Exhibit that will be the first phase of the “World’s Largest Aquarium Complex” project that will take up a huge 60 acre site when complete. The park owner claims that it will take two years to complete the new shark exhibit, but given the park’s typical leisurely pace to complete other past construction projects, I’m guessing it wont open until 2009 myself. This is especially true when they announced the project back in 2003 claiming it would be complete in four years...


2007_0522_AquariumComplex1???? - World’s Largest Aquarium Complex - Planned - (5/22/07) Even though we heard that the ground was broken on the first phase of the World’s Largest Aquarium Project last year, a local reader sent us photos show an empty field where it should be. The funny part is that the whole complex was announced back in 2003 and was projected to take four years to complete at the time. Four years later, they haven’t even started yet. At least Marineland is consistent when it comes to taking their time to build projects on their own schedules. If they even opened anything on time, I think we would all be shocked, but at least they are building and not sitting stagnant.
    (9/8/06) While groundbreaking has begun at last on the first phase (Sharks) of this project, there is no way to know when they will complete the other three domes that will contain a dolphin habitat, an ocean reef full of marine life and a rain forest lagoon with freshwater fish.
    (9/26/05) Though it’s been two and a half years since we heard about this project, it seems that it is still in the “development” phase and none of the four domes have been completed yet.  The park’s website does now show an image of the overall project and a list of the four domes and what will be inside when the 20 acre project is eventually complete. The first phase to begin construction will be the Terrors of the Sea dome that will be home to sharks, rays and other ocean creatures. Check out the official website for more details.
    (1/22/03) The park has announced a large aquarium project that will take four years to complete that will work as both part of the overall park experience as well as a stand-alone attraction. It will feature four large connected domes that will contain different environments: Sharks, Dolphins, Freshwater and Tropical. This will be part of the larger River Country Development project. (Source: Amusement Business)


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Niagara Falls, Canada





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