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Coney Island, New York
(Also includes Scream Zone and Coney Island Cyclone)
Central Amusement International


Park News - (3/31/15) The famous Coney Island Cyclone opened for the season on Sunday... but during the first public ride of the season the coaster came to a stand-still on the lift hill. Riders were evacuated from the train and walked back down the lift to the ground.
    One of our readers was aboard in the second row when it broke. "We were getting to the top when all of a sudden it just started slowing down to a complete stop. At first I thought they stopped it so they can get the press could get their cameras ready for the first drop. Then a couple of minutes go by, and then the luna park staff comes to the train to evacuate us. They were very calm and helpful with all of the kids and this girl afraid of heights." So what was the problem? An employee told our reader that "a cable in the motor snapped". The Cyclone did not reopen on Sunday apparently, but I would expect to see it reopen ASAP.


icon_STOP2015 - WindstarZ / New Attractions - (7/29/15) NewsPlusNotes reports that Luna Park in Coney Island will open a new one-of-a-kind ride from Zamperla called WindstarZ on July 30th. Riders are supposed to control their flight experience via movement of the wing as the ride spins around.
    (10/18/14) Unknown new attractions are expected to take the place of the two rides removed at the end of the 2014 season: Beach Shack (Zamperla Barnyard) and Boardwalk Flight (Skycoaster). The nature of the new attractions is not known yet.


2015/2016 - New Waterpark - Planning - (3/12/14) Zamperla isn’t done expanding their Coney Island presence it seems, as the are now in talks to build a new waterpark on the 5-acre former site of the original Thunderbolt coaster that would stretch from Surf Ave. to the Boardwalk.


Ongoing - Cylone Refurbishment - In Progress - (2/2/12) Amusement Today reports that CAI (Centtral Amusement International), the Zamperla subsidiary who will oversee Coney Island Cyclone, has selected Great Coasters International to repair and refurbish the Cyclone. While normally this would be a completely happy story, the article does mention one thing that has a few Cyclone fans somewhat nervous.
    According to the Present of CAI, Great Coasters surveyed the Cyclone and determined that by making a few very small adjustments to its profile, they could make the ride more enjoyable for everyone. The project will be broken down into several phases and result in a complete track replacement within 4 to 5 years. Part of the final phase will involve either refurbishing or replacing the Cyclone’s trains.
    On a personal note, I can say that the work GCI has been doing over the last several years on another multi-phase refurbishment project at Carowinds on Thunder Road has been a huge success. Every season I look forwarding to riding it again as it just keeps getting better, so I’d be inclined to have a little faith in GCI’s judgement.



Track Record

Luna Park
Coney Island, New York

Newest Developments:
2013 - Luna 360 & Thunderbolt

2013 - Water Mania

2012 - Boardwalk Flight & Coney Island Raceway

2011 - Scream Zone

2010 - Grand Opening




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