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2016 - New Attraction - Rumor - (3/8/16) Liseberg has posted a new video to Facebook showing their new Gerstlauer Sky Roller tower being topped off.

Äntligen var toppkronan på plats och AeroSpin börjar hitta sin form som landmärke i Göteborgs skyline!Nu väntar vi bara på att få provåka också ??Du kommer väl åka?

Posted by Liseberg on Saturday, March 5, 2016

    (10/5/15) Screamscape sources tell us that Liseberg's new 2016 attraction will be a Gerstlauer Sky Roller. I'm also hearing that they may have two more rides in the works as well for 2016, all of which will go on top of the mountain. To make room, the two S&S towers and old Ferris Wheel already up there will soon be removed.
    (9/10/15) Screamscape is hearing that Liseberg's secret 2016 new addition may be something special from Gerstlauer... likely either a Sky Roller or Sky Fly. Stay tuned.
    (7/8/15) According to the rumor mill Liseberg will be adding something intense and fun for the thrill seekers once again in 2016. While I'm not sure what it will be just yet, I'm told it will be along the same lines as this year's Mechanica ride.


icon_STOP2017 - Loke - (10/4/16) Liseberg has posted a video showing off their freshly announced new plans for the 2017 and 2018 seasons, enhancing the area of the park around the Balder wooden coaster with more Norse myths. In 2017 the park will add "Loke", an arch-nemesis of Balder, which will take the form of a giant swinging pendulum style flat ride (Intamin Gyro Swing) that will stand 26.5 meters tall, swinging riders over 41m into the air at each end. As rumored, Loke will be replacing SpinRock.

    (9/16/16) Screamscape has been informed that Liseberg will announce new attractions for 2017 and quite possibly 2018 sometime later this month. Meanwhile a post at also seems to confirm announcements will soon be on the way, but also mentions that they believe the park is removing the “SpinRock” Afterburn style flat ride, possibly to make room for whatever is on the way next year.


icon_STOP2018 - Valkyria - (10/4/16) For the 2018 season Liseberg has confirmed a new attraction named "Valkyria" is on the way that will expand upon the Norse mythos themes of Balder and Loke with the addition of a new B&M Dive Machine coaster. Valkyria will stand 154.2 feet tall, drop 164 feet and his a top speed of 65.2mph over the 2,296.6 feet of track. This will be one of the 6-across seated smaller Dive Machine models (DM6) featuring 3-rows of floorless style seating per train. It will feature a great visual of the vertical dive dropping down into a dark hole into an underground tunnel.
    This new coaster will actually replace the park's Kanonen (Intamin) launched coaster. You can see some early visual concept artwork of the new coaster included in the video above for Loke.


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