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Nagoya, Japan
Merlin Entertainments Group


2016 - New Park - In Development - (11/5/13) The status of the proposed Legoland Japan is unknown, as a new deal has been signed with South Korea to open a new park a park there in 2016 this week instead of in Japan. It is doubtful they would try to open two parks in Asia at the same time.
    (10/31/12) According to a Japanese news site, Merlin officials signed a deal to open their first Legoland theme park in Japan in March 2016 in Nagoya.
    (11/22/11) Merlin Entertainment sent out a press release announcing that Nagoya was selected as their preferred location for Legoland Japan, noting that they will begin formal talks with the city to secure the site and development terms. The park could open as early as 2015.
    (10/31/11) JapanTimes reports that Merlin Entertainment has chosen a 10 hectares (24 acre) site on the Kinjo Pier in Nagoya as the site for a Legoland theme park in Japan. This seems a bit small of a site for a full scale Legoland theme park however as even the new park in Malaysia that will open in 2012 will be 76-acres, and I believe the California park is 150 acres. At the same time, 24 acres is a bit too big for a Legoland Discovery Center... Deutschland
GŁnzburg, Germany
Merlin Entertainments Group



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