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News & Rumors


Winter Haven, Florida
Merlin Entertainment / Blackstone



Park News - (10/14/16) Legoland Florida was forced to evacuate the park on Thursday afternoon after the park received a bomb threat. The park safely got everyone out and off the grounds while police continue to investigate. Sometime around 5pm or so the investigation ended and found that there were no threats, and guests were allowed to return to the Legoland Hotel and the theme park will open again on Friday as usual.
    (10/6/16) With Hurricane Matthew lurking off the shore of Florida, Legoland Florida has released a statement regarding the operational schedule for the rest of this week.
    "LEGOLAND Florida Resort will operate as scheduled Thursday, Oct. 6, but LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park may close early due to the approach of Hurricane Matthew. For the safety of all guests and employees, LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park will remain closedFriday, Oct. 7, but LEGOLAND Hotel will be open to admit arriving guests. We expect to operate as scheduled Saturday, Oct. 8, but will continue to monitor the storm’s projected path and will make adjustments as necessary."
    (4/22/16) LEGOLAND Florida and Tampa Electric are partnering on a new 2-megawatt solar energy project at the park. The project will see an array of solar panels placed on to of steel canopy structures that will shade the cars in the theme park's Preferred Parking lot. Once it is up and running by the end of the year they estimate that the solar panels will generate enough energy to power up to 250 homes. The power generated will be pumped right into the local grid for the benefit of all the local area customers, including the LEGOLAND Florida Resort.
    I'm actually curious to see how well this works out for the theme park, as critics of a larger solar energy project going into Six Flags Great Adventure that will see a forested area cleared for their panels had been asking for that project to consider something exactly like the Legoland project, placing the panels over structures in the parking lot instead. Having seen how crazy and careless guests can be when parking their cars at theme parks I admit I didn't think it was a good idea for Six Flags, but now we'll be able to see how well that concept works in the real world at Legoland too. Though it probably helps that this is in a Preferred Parking lot, often used by guests who are a little more protective about how and where they park their vehicles.






Early 2017 - LEGO Ninjago World / Ninjago The Ride - (10/17/16) Legoland Florida announced that their new Ninjago World and new Ninjago dark ride would open to the public on January 12, 2017.
    (3/16/16) In 2017 Legoland Florida will add it's own version of the new Ninjago dark ride that will soon be opening at the California and Billiund parks. This dark ride will use a special "gesture" based system to allow the riders to interact (shoot fireballs, lightning, ice and shockwaves) at projection screens along the course of the dark ride.
    In addition to the dark ride, there will be an entire small land to go with it themed to the Lego Ninjago universe that will include several outdoor interactive experiences for guests to test their physical skills of balance and agility before taking on the ride.


icon_STOPSpring 2017 - LEGOLAND Beach Retreat - (12/1/16)





Legoland Florida has announced that their new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat resort will open to guests on April 7, 2017. The new resort will add an additional 166 rooms to the Legoland Florida Resort, essentially doubling the number they had before.
    (3/16/16) The look and style of Legoland Florida's second themed hotel will be quite different from the first one. The Legoland Beach Retreat will be a lakefront resort, with 83 village-style single-story duplex buildings, for a total of 166 rooms. Along with a cool looking Lego beach / surfer theme, the hotel will have a themed pool, sandy play area and a buffet style restaurant.



Track Record

Legoland Florida
Former site of Cypress Gardens
Winter Haven, FL
Merlin Entertainment

Tickets: as of 7/17/12
Adults: $75.00
Child: $65.00
Parking: $12.00
Open: Year Round

Newest Developments:
2016 - Lego Movie 4D, Lego Nexo Knights 4D

2015 - Heartlake City and Legoland Florida Hotel

2014 - Duplo Valley

2013 - World of Chima

2012 - Waterpark

2011 - Grand Opening on
October 15th, 2011



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