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Winter Haven, Florida
Merlin Entertainment / Blackstone



Park News - (9/7/18) Legoland Florida is offering free admission for "first responders" during the month of September, along with an offer to buy up to 4-more tickets at 50% off. The offer is to open Law enforcement, firefighters and EMT/EMS personnel working in the US and an employee ID or professional membership card is required.


2018 - The Great Lego Race - (3/28/18) Legoland Florida has now opened The Great Lego Race VR Coaster attraction. You can watch the fun looking new VR visuals in the video clip below, which bring to mind the animation style used in the The Lego Movie series of films.

    (2/7/18) Legoland Florida has announced that The Great Lego Race coaster featuring the new VR headgear enhancement will open to the public on March 23rd.


    (9/20/17) Legoland Florida has confirmed that the park will be adding a Virtual Reality headgear system to the park's Project X roller coaster for 2018, and renaming the attraction as, "The Great Lego Race". The queue will be redesigned to look like the pit area for the five different Lego race drivers taken from the Lego Minifigure Mystery assortment: Trendsetter, Pharaoh, Surfer Girl, Wizard and Pirate Captain.






icon_STOP2019 - The Lego Movie World - (3/3/19) A great preview of the new Lego Movie World land that will soon open at LEGOLAND Florida can be found over at BlooLoop this week. It gives you a little insight into the creation of the world, the construction of the new Masters of Flight flying theater attraction and The Battle of Bricksburg water ride where you can fire water cannons at the invading Duplo aliens. Other attractions include Unikitty’s Disco Drop ride and a 30 foot tall recreation of Benny’s Spaceship.
    (1/30/19) Legoland Florida will open their new Lego Movie World section of the park on March 27th.
    (11/21/18) During an IAAPA presentation, Legoland Florida dropped a few new details about their new Lego Movie World attractions. In particular the new flying theater attraction, LEGO MOVIE: Masters of Flight, will feature Brogent Technology’s latest M-Ride technology where the benches will load facing away from the dome screen and once loaded, will rotate 180º to face the screen during the ride.

(10/17/18) New details about The Lego Movie World land was released by the park this week, detailing the land’s three attractions:
    The LEGO Movie Masters of Flight is a new flying theater attraction where guests join the Master Builders on the action-adventure flight on a Triple Decker Flying Couch as you travel all around THE LEGO MOVIE universe inside a 180º degree ride with a full-dome screen system.
    Unikitty’s Disco Drop – a family drop tower rides that takes you up to Cloud Cuckoo land before you drop, spin and bounce your way back to the ground.
    Battle of Bricksberg – Seated in a construction vehicle you take to the flooded streets of Bricksburg on this interactive water play attraction to drop the DUPLO aliens from invading and stealing LEGO bricks by spraying water at your targets.
    Also in the land will be the Taco Everyday resatuant and The Awesome Shop to buy special gifts. Kids can also explore and play inside “Benny’s PLAYSHIP!” and visit “Emmet’s Super Suite” apartment for a character meet & greet experience.
    (9/27/18) A good shot of the construction taking place at Legoland Florida for the new Lego Movie World land was posted by Attractions Magazine this week. Looks like some kind of multi-story steel structure is going up for a new building.
    Currently the park has still yet to reveal any details about the two NEW rides coming to the land, only that the former Quest For Chi boat ride would be rethemed and reopen as a third attraction for the land. Anyone know more about what new rides we can expect?

    (5/11/18) Legoland Florida has announced a new land in coming to the park in Spring 2019... The Lego Movie World. In the new land guests will get to visit Bricksburg and visit with your favorite Lego characters from the movie like Emmet. The land will feature three rides, one of which will be a fully transformed version of the current "The Quest for Chi" boat ride, which will reopen with an all new theme. You can still ride The Quest for Chi before it closes forever at the end of May 29th.
    THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD represents the theme park’s continuing commitment to providing state-of-the-art experiences specifically designed to create awesome memories for kids ages 2-12. “The sights and sounds will be fully immersive bringing THE LEGO MOVIE franchise to life in a way that only a LEGOLAND Park could,” said Rex Jackson, general manager of LEGOLAND Florida Resort.  “We know kids come from all over the world to meet the stars of THE LEGO MOVIE and we can’t wait to see their faces light up as they interact within the imaginative world of Bricksburg.”


icon_STOP2020 - Pirate Island Hotel - Confirmed - (1/22/19) Legoland Florida announced that the theme of their new hotel will be Pirate Island when it opens in Spring 2020. Much like the first Legoland Hotel, the Pirate Island Hotel will feature Lego Pirate themed rooms, including pirate ship themed bunk beds for the kids in select rooms.
    (11/21/18) Legoland Florida confirmed our previous report that they will be building a new 150-room resort hotel next to their first hotel. No major details were given other than to say that the building will be 5-stories tall and will open in 2020.
    That said, the local news did uncover other new plans showing off a nine-hole mini-golf course is also to be built and connected to the park’s existing hotel property.
    (8/23/18) According to a new report from BlooLoop, LEGOLAND Florida has submitted plans to build another 150-room hotel at the resort, this one just south of the existing LEGOLAND Hotel on the site of a parking lot. While this is referred to as "Hotel 2" on the documents, this would actually be the third hotel on property, following the opening of the original LEGOLAND Hotel and the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat bungalow resort.


Track Record

Legoland Florida
Former site of Cypress Gardens
Winter Haven, FL
Merlin Entertainment

Tickets: as of 7/17/12
Adults: $75.00
Child: $65.00
Parking: $12.00
Open: Year Round

Newest Developments:
2017 - Ninjago The Ride and Legoland Beach Retreat

2016 - Lego Movie 4D, Lego Nexo Knights 4D

2015 - Heartlake City and Legoland Florida Hotel

2014 - Duplo Valley

2013 - World of Chima

2012 - Waterpark

2011 - Grand Opening on
October 15th, 2011



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