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LEGOLAND Discovery Center
Merlin Entertainment / Blackstone



Announcements - (6/6/17) Merlin has announced that a second LEGOLAND Discovery Center attrction will soon to coming to the UK, to be built and open within Birmingham's Barclaycard Arena in 2018. Construction on the indoor attraction is set to begin in late 2017 which will feature several LEGO play areas, themed attractions, interactive rides, a 4D theater, and a unique MINILAND area that will reflect the Birmingham area landmarks.
    This will be the 20th LEGOLAND Discovery Center to open in the world, and the second in the UK, after the first was opened in Manchester.


A LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a small indoor LEGO themed parks experience that typically feature a flat ride or two, a fun interactive dark ride, a 4D Theater as well as several interactive areas where kids can play hands on with LEGOs for hours on end.

    Currently there are eight (soon to be nine) locations outside North America:
Berlin (Germany)
Oberhausen (Germany)
Manchester (UK)
Tokyo (Japan)
Osaka (Japan)
Istanbul (Turkey)
Shanghai (China)
Melbourne (Australia) Opening 2017
Birmingham (UK) Opening 2018

    Click here for all the official information about the individual attractions, but be advised that their policy dictates that “Adults must be accompanied by a child to visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Center.” In other words, any adult who shows up to visit without a child, will not be permitted into the attraction.



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