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Billund, Denmark
Merlin Entertainments Group




Park News - (5/16/21) The park is now open for the 2021 Season.


icon_STOP2021 - The LEGO Movie World - (5/16/21) According to this report the new LEGO Movie World area and attractions at Legoland Billund will open to guests on May 21, 2021 with the Masters of Flight flying theater attraction, Apocalypseburg Sky Battle, Unikitty’s Disco Drop and Benny’s Spaceship.

    (5/24/20) According to a post from Themeparks-EU, the previously planned The Lego Movie World land and attractions for Legoland Billund for 2020 have now been pushed back and wont open until the 2021 season.

    (6/30/19) Legoland Billund has announced they will expand the park by adding “The Lego Movie World” in 2020. The new land will include three new rides, similar to the version that opened in the Florida park. The land will feature the same Masters of Flight flying theater attraction as well as Unikitty’s Disco Drop tower. The land will also have a third unnamed ride described as being ‘for older children, who can control the rotate their own aircraft” which I believe may be a variant of the Gerstlauer style Sky Roller style cars.
    Look for the new land to be built behind the X-treme Racers, between Adventure Land and Polar Land.





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