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Billund, Denmark
Merlin Entertainments Group






icon_STOP2018 - LEGOREDO Town Expansion / Flying Eagle - (3/30/18) Legoland Billund has opened their new coaster, Flying Eagle from Zierer. You can catch a quick POV of the new coaster embedded below. If the video is showing off normal operations, then it appears that guests get to take two laps around the track instead of just one.

    (9/27/17) According to BlooLoop, the Legoland Billund theme park in Denmark will be celebrating the park’s 50th anniversary in 2018 with a major expansion of the park’s “LEGOREDO Town”, an area of the park given an American “western” theme that was first built back in the ‘70s. The highlight of the expansion will be the Flying Eagle, a new roller coaster. The park’s LEGO Canoe flume ride will also get some sort of extensive upgrade as well to improve the ride experience. According to the article the new Flying Eagle coaster, which will be known as “Flyvende Ørn” locally, will have a Rocky Mountains themed landscape, an 11 meter lift hill that will rise up past Ørneklippen (Eagle Rock) where the mother eagle is watching over her chicks before you swoop down and soar around the landscape.
   Look for more improvements also to be made to the park’s entrance plaza, which will be changed to give the impression that LEGO toy boxes have grown to enormous size as you pass by, as well as huge new lego models out front, like a large red LEGO dinosaur.




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