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Bristol, CT
Parques Reunidos






icon_STOPPark News - (11/14/17) The local news reports that Lake Compounce will no longer offer free soda to all park guests next season. Starting in 2018 only Diamond and Platinum season pass holders will be given the free soda option. It was noted that the park begin offering free soda to all guests back in 1999.
    (10/9/17) I'm not sure how it will go for the remainder of the season, but a reader reported in from Lake Compounce this weekend to say that the Wildcat and Zoomerang coasters are now down, and for obvious reasons Boulder Dash is only running one train, though from what I understand, that was pretty much how it was all season long. Our reader really enjoyed the Graveyard which featured a lot of good scareactors on their visit as well and sent high praise for the updated Ghost Hunt dark ride as well.
    (9/9/17) Lake Compounce is extending their season by two additional weekends this year, adding September 9, 10, 16 and 17 to their operational calendar.
    (8/28/17) Bad news from Lake Compounce over the weekend, as reports have come in that the trains on Boulder Dash collided just outside the station at full force. According to reports sent in to Screamscape as well as a bunch posted to Reddit, the coaster which had only been running one train all season was in the middle of adding a second train to help out with the crowds on site for an ACE event.
    Instead of leaving the first train in the station, or dispatching it to be held on the lift hill while the transfer of the second train from the maintenance track to the station took place, the empty first train was sent out as normal onto the coaster track. From there it appeared there was some difficulty in getting the transfer track to line up properly to move the second train onto the rails, and some believe that in a case of human error, the ride may have been put into some kind of manual or maintenance mode, because the train on the rails flew through the brake-run untouched and slammed into the back of the second train at full force, causing damage to both trains.
    While nothing has been confirmed by the park at this time, it is a fairly safe bet that Boulder Dash will likely be closed for the rest of the season, unless they opt to combine the undamaged front and back train halves to make one functional train for the last few weeks of the season.
    (7/24/17) The local news has posted an article about how the local neighbors around Lake Compounce are in a tizzy about "excavation plans" submitted by the park for a section of new property the park purchased for $400,000 just south of the existing theme park. According to the application, Lake Compounce wants to remove 61,000 yards of dirt from an 8-acre site "for potential amusement park expansion, parking area, or picnic area" use.
    Anyone know more about what the park plans to do with this property?
    (7/3/17) Screamscape was able to confirm directly with Lake Compounce that they are closing (or have already closed) the Sky Ride attraction at the park, a gentle scenic tour up to the top of the mountainside and back on a ski-lift style aerial tram. While there are those who trying to blame the closure as possible fallout from the incident at The Great Escape last week, the park gave no reason as to why it was closing when I asked.
    But as a final thought... if they were going to close it down because of what happened at The Great Escape, you would think they would also be planning to close down the nearly identical free lift running just outside sister park, Kennywood, which takes guests from the third level of the parking lot down to the ground level entrance area.
    At this time the only mention of the Sky Ride that I could find on the park's website was on the online version of the park map.


2018 - Nothing is known at this time...



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Lake Compounce
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