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Bristol, CT
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icon_STOP2017 - Park Improvements - (3/27/17) A fun trip report from a pre-season tour of Lake Compounce to check on the off-season construction taking place to Boulderdash and Wildcat has been posted to SFNE Online this week.
    (1/31/17) SFNE Online has posted pictures from an off-season tour of Lake Compounce where Boulderdash and Wildcat are getting some extensive TLC over the off-season. The update also shares a great look at how Boulder Dash is having one of the rougher spots re-profiled to offer a new thrill this year.

    (1/2/17) According to a press release posted to Interpark, Lagotronics will update the Ghost Hunt dark ride at Lake Compounce with "new shooters, targets and gaming system" for the 2017 season. This will mark Lagotronics first project in the North American market. The new equipment being added with feature gun systems that use LEDs that offer increased accuracy as well as audio feedback when fired.
    (12/7/16) It has been confirmed that Lake Compounce will get new themed trains for their Wildcat coaster in 2017. Based on the concept artwork, it appears as if the coaster will be making the switch over to GCI Millennium Flyer trains.
    In other news, there is still some speculation that Boulder Dash may indeed see some changes made as part of the off season maintenance plan to get it into tip-top shape for 2017. So that rumored modification to the triple-up may happen in some form after all, but we'll have to wait for confirmation from the park for details.
    (11/24/16) Unfortunately, I'm told that the post on Twitter about a re-profiling of Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce was a fake, so we're back to having nothing new coming to the park in 2017 for the moment.



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Lake Compounce
Bristol, Connecticut


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