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News & Rumors

Farmington, Utah
(Just North of Salt Lake City)




Park News - (9/27/16) According to a local news report guests at Lagoon got an extra scare on Saturday night when a decoration at the Night Walk haunted house at the park caught fire. It doesn't sound like anyone was hurt and once the small fire was put out, they apparently were able to reopen the attraction about an hour later as the fire was contained to the one grim reaper prop which was on the outside of the structure.


icon_STOP2017 - Terroride Update & New Kiddie Rides - Rumor - (4/10/17) Screamscape sources tell us that Lagoon opened their two new kiddie rides on Saturday: Ruka Safari (Zamperla Jump Around) and Flying Tigers (Zamperla Flying Tigers), despite the fact that the park has yet to update their own website about the new attractions. According to a guest report the park map being handed out to guests does also list Terroride as "Terroride: A Classic Reimagined" as being new for 2017 along with the two new kiddie rides. It isn't ready yet, but it looks like Lagoon is shooting for a June opening at this point.
    (2/28/17) According to a report posted to LagoonIsFun, the park is rehabbing the interior of Terroride, the park's classic dark ride, as a way to mark the attraction's 50th anniversary this season. Previously we had heard that the park was to add a couple of new kiddie rides this season as well, but as the season opener is less than a month away and still no details posted on the official website, those kiddie rides reported during an ACE tour may either be late or possibly delayed. Anyone know more?
    (8/13/16) I'm told that during an ACE Tour of the park over the weekend, Lagoon mentioned that the park would open two new children's rides for 2017.



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Farmington, Utah
- just North of Salt Lake City


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2015 - Cannibal

2013 - Tipsey Tea Cups &
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