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icon_STOPPark News - (8/12/17) Screamscape sources tell us that for unknown reasons the Skycoaster at La Ronde (Catapulte) is said to be closed for the rest of the season.  Anyone know more?
    (8/7/17) According to the local news La Ronde will add the Drop of Doom VR ride experience to the park's Orbite drop tower ride for a limited time starting today, August 7th. Riders will be given Samsung Gear VR headsets and experience the drop ride sensations while watching an epic battle take place between giant robots and giant mutant spiders. The Drop of Doom VR experience has been moving around from park to park throughout the year, and you can see what the experience was like when it premiers at Six Flags over Georgia earlier this year in the video clip below.

    (5/31/17) La Ronde announced over the weekend that the park's classic flume ride, Pitoune, would not be opening for the season. The old Arrow Log Flume will soon be removed from the park due to increasing maintenance costs and extreme age after 50 seasons.
    You can take a fun last look at Pitoune along with a virtual last ride with the video below.

    (5/19/17) La Ronde quietly removed Cobra (Intamin Stand-Up Coaster) from the  park's website a few months ago and now they've removed it from the updated park map on the website as well. According to what I'm been told, employees were told that it would not run again at the park.
    (12/24/16) Is La Ronde preparing to remove Cobra, the park's old Intamin Stand-Up coaster?  Cobra was added to La Ronde in 1995, purchased from Skara Sommarland in Sweden where it was first ran from 1988 to 1994 and was built as a near-clone to Intamin's first stand-up coaster, Shockwave that opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1986. Currently Cobra has now been removed entirely from the list of rides on the La Ronde website, and is only seen on their park map, which is still listed as the 2016 edition. It is possible it could be time to retire the old ride, and a conversion to Floorless isn't likely as this is isn't a B&M product.


2017 - Titan - (9/3/16) A quick update, I have confirmed with Six Flags that Titan is actually a Zamperla Giant Discovery, and not a Huss Giant Frisbee.
    (9/1/16) The details about Titan have been revealed as a new Huss Giant Frisbee style attraction. Standing 15-stories tall you'll spin and swing back and forth at speeds up to 70mph and love every minute of it.

    (8/31/16) The Screamscape spy network has provided us with a little information about whatis coming to La Ronde in 2017 ahead of tomorrow’s big announcement. It isn’t much to go on, but we do have a name: 
    Given that the name implies something large, and so far the company has only used that name once on a hypercoaster at Six Flags over Texas, this just might end up being something interesting. Since La Ronde already has a hypercoaster under the name Goliath, it won’t be another one of those, but I’m curious what this one could be as the name almost implies something large or tall.


icon_STOP2018 - Larson Giant Loop - Rumor - (8/3/17) According to a Screamscape source, the new for 2018 attraction being planned for La Ronde will be a Larson made Giant Loop flat ride. Six Flags has installed a large number of them at their parks over the past several years, each usually ending up with a custom name or theme to help tie it into the section of the park where it is places.


2019 - Monstre RMC Conversion - Rumor - (7/13/17) Consider this a long term rumor, but I’m hearing that there is a good chance that Monstre may be on the long term schedule to undergo an RMC transformation into a new hybrid coaster creation. Since Monstre features two non-identical tracks, they thought is that they could be planning something similar to Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where the two tracks would be connected and climb the lift hill a second time to take a different trip through the layout, possibly interacting through elements with a second train running on the first half of the layout.



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