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Kings Dominion
Doswell, VA
Cedar Fair Entertainment



Park News - (8/8/17) According to what I've been told, Kings Dominion has quietly placed a new movie in their Action Theater called Toy Racer, a 3D film about 10 minutes in length showing off the POV of a toy car riding around a kid's bedroom in a Hot Wheel's style track.
    (7/7/17) Kings Dominion has shut down their Tornado waterslide following an incident where a woman was injured. According to the local news article the raft somehow “flipped over” causing her to hit her head and get knocked unconscious. Taken in for medical treatment she is said to have been diagnosed with a concussion, broken toe, fractured shoulder, broken collarbone and needed several staples in her head. I’m a bit curious about how all that damage was caused by a raft flipping over on a waterslide unless it all happened at the very tip-top of the Tornado funnel itself, causing her to tumble out uncontrollably into the funnel itself. (Though, I suppose that is why they tell you to hang-on to the handles…)
   No matter how it happened through, it is unfortunate when things like this happen at all, so we wish for swift recovery to all involved.



2018 - Twisted Timbers / Winterfest - (8/17/17) Kings Dominion has confirmed not only their plans to bring Winterfest to the park in late 2018, but also the transformation of Hurler into Twisted Timbers, a new hybrid coaster creation from RMC. They're building a story around this coaster as well, claiming that the structure was part of the once thriving Hanover Hill Orchard farm. An unknown tragedy struck the orchard in 1950, destroying half of that year's harvest, shook the ground, flipped over tractors, broke windows and more. Ever since the old warehouse building has been off-limits... until now.
    Twisted Timbers features 109 ft tall barrel-roll first drop, 3,351 feet of track, a total of 3 inversions, 20 airtime hills and a top speed of 54 mph. Perhaps one of the most amazing things is the layout of Twisted Timbers is essentially exactly the same as the former Hurler coaster... just seriously amplified beyond all belief. Check out the animated video below to see what Twisted Timbers is all about!





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Kings Dominion
Doswell, Virginia
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2017 - Planet Snoopy Expansion, Toy Racer 3D

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2015 - Soak City Expansion:

2013 - Planet Snoopy

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2008 - Dominator and New Ride Names. Tomb Raider is now The Crypt, Italian Job is now Backlot Stunt Coaster, Drop Zone is now Drop Tower.

2007 - WaterWorks Expansion







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