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Kings Dominion
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icon_STOPPark News - (7/12/17) Good news for Kings Dominion, as I heard that Volcano: The Blast Coaster reopened to guests sometime on Sunday.
    (7/9/17) According to a reader who contacted someone at Kings Dominion about the issues plaguing Volcano: The Blast Coaster, they were told that the park is waiting on new replacement “motor” parts from Intamin before they can reopen it. Nothing more specific was mentioned but if Volcano is having motor problems, I can only assume that means there are issues with one or both of the ride’s launch track sections that are keeping the trains from reaching the proper launch speed in order to blast up and out of the top of the volcano structure. Hopefully they will get these launch issues straightened out soon with Intamin.
    (7/7/17) Anyone know what’s going on with Volcano: The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion? According to some messages sent in via Twitter, I’m hearing that the park’s iconic launched coaster has been sitting closed for the past 2 weeks or so. The park’s website also has it listed as being “temporarily closed” as well, but no further explanation as to why one of their big coasters is sitting on the sidelines for the first part of the busy summer season.
   In other news, Kings Dominion has also shut down their Tornado waterslide following an incident where a woman was injured. According to the local news article the raft somehow “flipped over” causing her to hit her head and get knocked unconscious. Taken in for medical treatment she is said to have been diagnosed with a concussion, broken toe, fractured shoulder, broken collarbone and needed several staples in her head. I’m a bit curious about how all that damage was caused by a raft flipping over on a waterslide unless it all happened at the very tip-top of the Tornado funnel itself, causing her to tumble out uncontrollably into the funnel itself. (Though, I suppose that is why they tell you to hang-on to the handles…)
   No matter how it happened through, it is unfortunate when things like this happen at all, so we wish for swift recovery to all involved.

    (2/1/17) According to a post at CoasterAddict, "The Battle for Kings Dominion" will be coming to the park in 2017. Much like The Battle for Cedar Point that took place in 2016, the interactive game from Holovis will use Augmented Reality and "techtainment" to allow guests to interact with sections of the park and other guests as part of a giant game. According to the early release information, guests will be asked to join one of five clans to battle for control of the park: with clans themed to Intimidator, Volcano, Dominator, Flight of Fear and Avalanche. Make the jump for a little more information about the new experience and how it has grown from what Cedar Point did last year.


2017 - Planet Snoopy Expansion - (8/22/16) Kings Dominion made their big 2017 new attraction announcement on Saturday morning in front of a large audience... only to disappoint those in attendance who were hopeing for a big new coaster or details about what was going on with the park's Hurler coaster which has been closed all year... or perhaps to even announce a WinterFest event like what Carowinds and Kings Island were getting... but it was not to be.
    Instead the big reveal was for an expansion to the park's Planet Snoopy kiddie area, with the addition of three new rides, a new event space and upgrades to the local food and beverage options. The new rides will be the Kite Eating Tree (bounce tower), Sally's Sea Plane and a Peanuts 5000 (kiddie whip) ride.


icon_STOP2018 - Hurler Renovation - Under Construction - (7/12/17) Kings Dominion is at it again with yet another teaser graphic, this one simply says "28. Makes It Better.", with the upside-down T yet again.

    (7/7/17) Kings Dominion has released yet another teaser, again with the upside-down T symbol that represents a 90 angle. This one says "3. Better Than None."  Inversions?

    (7/1/17) In the latest Kings Dominion teaser, one of the things that stand out in the text is that the first T in “BETTER” is upside-down. In Geometry an upside-down T like that is known as a symbol representing a “Perpendicular Line” which essentially represents where two lines meet to form a 90 Right Angle. (This assumes I’m getting my geometry terms correct)
    So my first reaction is that they are indicating that the new ride will have a number of 90+ banked turns perhaps… and if you are looking to figure out what Hurler only had 4 of… Hurler had only 4 high-speed turns after the first drop. Increasing the number of turns to 20 certainly would be an improvement over the previous ride… but that’s a lot of additional turns to add, so I’m not sure I’m entirely heading in the right direction.
    So what else could it mean?  Perhaps the new version of Hurler could have a 90 first drop? Something interesting to think about at least.
    (6/29/17) Kings Dominion posted another teaser image for the park’s 2018 plans on Twitter yesterday. Again, we’ve got the red matrix looking graphic image with the words “20. BETTER THAN 4.” though the first T in BETTER is upside-down. I’m a bit lost to what they may be getting at with this one, though there has been some wondering if this may be hints for Halloween Haunt rather than the park’s 2018 plans.

    (6/26/17) A new video showing off the latest progress being made to The Hurler at Kings Dominion can be found below, where it seems like the old ride's brake run is being cut away and completely removed, piece by piece. You'll also notice that the new lift hill structure being put into place is going to be taller and steeper than the old Hurler lift hill was.

    (6/21/17) Kings Dominion posted a cryptic image on Twitter a few hours ago, where a red, almost Matrix style code is dropping down a computer screen, but you can make out what appears to be the Eiffel Tower on the right, the number 816 on the left, and if you look close you can see the word ‘SNOOPY’ written vertically a few times here and there in the code. The message simply says, “816. Just remember… things aren’t always what they seem.” 
    Good to know, though my first instinct is just to say that the number is actually, August 16th, so a possible date for some kind of future announcement. For now, until we get another hint, we’ll just have to wait and see.
    In the meantime, check out the latest pictures from the Hurler construction site where the RMC crews have been very busy lately.

    (5/22/17) Fun new pictures of new wood going up on the former Hurler coaster at Kings Dominion have been posted to Facebook. This includes supports for a new exit out of the station, but also additional wood to about double the height of a couple of the ride's existing hills in the later half of the layout, which means it will be going a lot faster through here than it ever did before.
    (4/23/17) Another DroneCam video spying on the Hurler hybrid conversion taking place at Kings Dominion was posted last week. Check it out below, but to summarize, looks like all the low level track portion, including the two far turns on each end have been leveled at this point. Meanwhile red RMC style Ibox hybrid track is already clearly on site awaiting installation.

    (4/4/17) The re-construction on The Hurler is progressing now rapidly as quite a bit of the old ride's structure is being removed to make way for the new hybrid creation. Check out the video below from In The Loop.

    (3/31/17) Looks like a local park fan with a drone-cam took to the skies around Kings Dominion to try and get a good look at what's going on with Hurler. Indeed it seems construction work has begun with the removal of the high speed turn around the station building just after the first drop. They also spotted a whole bunch of RMC track pieces sitting in the staging lot just past the coaster in the woods.

    (3/27/17) A reader sent us a link to a pair of pictures posted to CoasterHub the weekend claiming to have spotted RMC style coaster track on site at Kings Dominion. Assuming these are legit, then it looks like the rumors of an RMC conversion of The Hurler into something new for 2018 really is taking place.
    (10/17/16) With Hurler sitting closed for all of 2016 and the hints about how there was "really more coming" during the park's 2016 announcements... it seems you will have to wait even longer for something to happen to Hurler. Kings Dominion posted a little teaser video to their Instagram (see below) that is a "Rest in Peace" for Hurler, complete with a tombstone dated 1994-2015. But the Rest in Peace is followed with a "For Now" and then "2018." So whatever it going on with Hurler, it seems it will likely be reborn as something new (with RMC possibly behind it) for the 2018 season.

It's official.

A video posted by Kings Dominion (@kingsdominionva) on

    (9/8/16) Is Kings Dominion holding back a secret about The Hurler? While nothing was mentioned about the currently closed wooden coaster at the 2017 announcement presentation, it has been pointed out that in the graphic showing off the new ride names shown at the event, in the center of it all was a message that said “There’s Really More Coming!” in red letters.
    The general feeling was that the wording of the message itself, and the lack of any information about Hurler may be a subtle hint that RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) may be performing some kind of upgrade to The Hurler. If you just look at the first letters of the oddly phrased “Really More Coming!” it does turn into RMC. Coincidence or some subtle teasing of something in the works? We’ll have to wait and see.
    (3/23/16) So why is Hurler closed? According to several sources, including a post at KDFans, the park's PR & Communications Manager, Katelyn Sherwood, confirmed that Hurler would reopen in 2017 after an extensive renovation. No more details have been mentioned, and while there are those already shouting for RMC to come in and take a crack at it, I have a feeling that GCI will be coming in over the summer to work on it once their crew is finished with GhostRider in California.
    Why do I say this? In addition to the fact that Cedar Fair has yet to tap RMC for anything yet, GCI already has some extensive history with Hurler... kinda. You see, for the past couple of years GCI has had crews reworking Hurler's clone at Carowinds with much success. It may simply be time to take what they've learned in the Carolinas and apply it to the KD sibling.
    (3/21/16) The new park map for Kings Dominion shows something unexpected this season... that their wooden coaster, Hurler, will be closed for the entire 2016 season. Quite strange and unexpected... anyone know more about what is going on to cause this?




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