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(Formerly known as Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom)
Louisville, Kentucky



icon_STOP2015 - Five Seven Eight New Attractions - (8/4/15) Good news for Kentucky Kingdom fans... I'm told that T3 reopened to park guests sometime over the weekend.
    (7/29/15) Oh no... just as T3 finally opened to the public, I'm told that the coaster closed again the other day and was still closed today. One of our readers who visited the park on Monday park asked about the status of the coaster and was told that they don't have a date to reopen it yet, as they are waiting on a part needed to fix it to arrive.
    (7/14/15) For those wondering about the status of the second train for T3, I'm told that while the park apparently has received the train, they would have to close the ride all over again to test it extensively, as well as get it recertified to run with 2 trains instead of just one, before they can reopen the coaster. With that in mind, unless something comes along to cause T3 to close for an extended period of time, we probably wont see the second train put on until next season.
    (7/7/15) While T3 has reopened at Kentucky Kingdom, you can expect the lines to be long for the moment because it currently only has one train running. I’m told that a second train was purchased, but just has not been installed yet, and I’m not sure when this will be.  As for the ride experience, I’ve heard that it is still a bit on the rough side, though many believe the experience has improved greatly because of the new more open style restraint system that prevents the “hang and bang” problem from the old days.

    (7/6/15) T3 has reopened at Kentucky Kingdom at long last... so lets hear how it was from those who have risen it so far. In the past the ride was known to be quite rough, so has the new train solved all the old problems or not?
    (7/3/15) Good news for Kentucky Kingdom fans, the local news posted a new POV video of T3 in action last night and reported that the coaster opens officially to guests today, Friday, July 3rd.
    (6/25/15) A reader has sent in an interesting picture (see below) from T3's loading station showing off a new style train I've not seen before. They believe that this new train design may be from Kumbak. The new style train does look like the one Kumbak shows on their website, which makes me wonder if the entire refurbishment of the ride was also done by Kumbak. The coaster was spotted testing in a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday as well.



    (6/8/15) According to Screamscape sources, the latest rumor about the opening of T3 at Kentucky Kingdom says that it may be a couple more weeks until the coaster is ready to reopen, as they have to replace, install and test all brakes apparently.
    Meanwhile the park did reopen the Raging Rapids River ride and you can catch some video of it in action, now minus all the old Penguin: Blizzard River ice themeing, by watching this news update.
    (6/3/15) Kentucky Kingdom keeps updating their website in regards to the opening of T3, and had been pushing back the opening date several times now. In the latest update they simply removed the June 6th date and replaced it with an "Opening soon" which doesn't bode well for the previous June 6th date to make the cut either I'm afraid. We'll just have to play this one by ear I guess.
    (6/1/15) Looks like the opening of Kentucky Kingdom's T3 has been pushed back slightly after missing the May 30th opening date this weekend. The website now lists it as opening on June 6th.
    (5/7/15) The latest update to the Kentucky Kingdom website now says that T3 wont open until May 30th.
    (4/23/15) According to the latest updates on the Kentucky Kingdom website, T3, Cyclos, Flutterly and Raging River Rapids wont be ready to open until Mid-May.
    (4/9/15) Kentucky Kingdom has let the cat out of the bag on Kingdom 7... which has now become Kingdom 8 as expected. The local news has posted a video report on the eight new rides coming this year, which now includes: Up, Up & Away (Balloon ride), FlutterFly (Zamperla Magic Bikes) and a Wizard of Oz 5D film coming to the 5D Cinema.
    These three will join the previously announced 5 rides: T3, Enterprise, SkyCatcher, Raging Rapids River Ride, and Cyclos.
    (3/25/15) Screamscape has been informed that the ride pieces on trailers shown in the last set of pictures posted is the pieces of the park's new Vertigo "SkyCatcher" ride.
    (3/23/15) A reader has sent in new pictures of Kentucky Kingdom where they have discovered the hardware for a new ride for the park, which appears to be a Zamperla Samba Tower style family ride.
    (11/6/14) News Plus Notes has posted a few new pictures from Kentucky Kingdom this week showing off T2 being repainted a new bright red color as part of the ride’s planned reopening in 2015 as T3. It is worth noting that T2 was also bright red when the ride first opened under Ed Hart’s leadership years ago and was painted black by Six Flags.
     (9/26/14) Kentucky Kingdom confirmed the park’s new 2015 additions a few hours ago. The list includes the revived T3, Raging Rapids River Ride and Enterprise as well as two new rides: the 130 foot tall SkyCatcher ride (an ARM Rides Vertigo) and the swinging / spinning Cyclos pendulum flat ride. (Zamperla 16-riders).
   The park claims to have had a great 2014 season, serving around 600,000 guests during the abbreviated season, and it looking to increase those numbers by quite a bit in 2015 I’d expect.
    (9/8/14) A little more information about Kentucky Kingdom’s 2015 plans came in over the weekend. In addition to T3 and Raging Rapids River Ride, another new attraction for the season will be the reopening of the Enterprise. In addition, they have also promised to add ‘two new family thrill rides’ to the mix, as well as offer extended weekday hours and more operating days for the 2015 season.
    (8/30/14) Kentucky Kingdom has let their passholders as part of the 2015 renewal program that the park will offer 6 new attractions in 2015. We already know about T2 becoming T3 (whatever that may entail) and I’ve heard about Raging River Rapids (minus the old Penguin theme) and something in the Amphitheater arena, so what will the other 3 be? 
    (6/24/14) It has been confirmed on the Kentucky Kingdom website that the former T2 roller coaster will indeed reopen in 2015 as “T3” along with the Raging Rapids River Ride and a 5,000 seat amphitheater.


icon_STOP2016 - Storm Chaser - Under Construction - (8/25/15) AllAmericanThrills has posted a new construction video from Kentucky Kingdom showing off the progress on Storm Chaser.

    (7/23/15) A great aerial construction update of Storm Chaser has been posted by AllAmericanThrills as shot by their drone-cam.

    (7/21/15) As expected,











Kentucky Kingdom announced their new 2016 coaster that will take the place of Twisted Twins. Also as Screamscape has been telling you for weeks now, Rocky Mountain Construction is behind this transformation, but it's a little different that what I was expecting.
    For starters, this new coaster will be called Storm Chaser, and the racing/dueling nature of the old coaster will be more more. In fact, from the look of things the Stella side is being completely removed and the new Storm Chaser will instead follow the old Lola side's layout. In true RMC style however, Lola's old layout will be made taller and much more intense with a higher lift hill, a really crazy fun looking Barrel Roll Drop dive inversion in place of the first drop, taken at 78, followed by many over banked turns, plus a corkscrew element in the second half of the layout.
    Just like the Six Flags conversion jobs done by RMC, Storm Chaser will use the same iBox style track from RMC, and not their Topper Track. However, unlike the Six Flags projects... while the iBox track will apparently be set on wood, the steel support system of Twisted Twins will be reused, making this "hybrid" creation far more steel than wood in the end.  Take a look at the concept art and video animation to see what this wild ride will look like in action.

    (7/8/15) All American Thrills dropped by Kentucky Kingdom with a camera drone and took some aerial pictures of Twisted Twins to share in their latest update.
    (7/6/15) Four new pictures (see thumbnails) showing off the work in progress taking place on Twisted Twins were sent in over the weekend.
    (6/29/15) According to the latest photos (see below) of Twisted Twins at Kentucky Kingdom, it appears that crews have actually begun to dismantle a significant portion of the ride's structure now while just removing the track from the structure in other sections.
    (6/22/15) A reader sent in a great photo from Kentucky Kingdom taken on Sunday showing off the Twisted Twins coaster and you can now see that all of the tracks leading from the station to the lift hills, as well as the brake run tracks leading into the station on both sides have been completely removed. Meanwhile another reader sent in a picture from a few days before where they caught a few workers standing on the tracks up near the top of the ride.
    (6/16/15) A couple of Screamscape reader dropped by Kentucky Kingdom this week and noticed that a crane has now been set up on the south side of Twisted Twins. They also believe they spotted what looked like a stack of wood. They also reported that the overgrown vegetation that was once everywhere is being ripped out, and one source claims that the track leading to the lift hill from the old Lola side has been ripped out completely already, while viewed from the top of Mile High Falls.
    (6/15/15) According to Kentucky Kingdom, the park is planning to make a special announcement sometime between late June and early July. We suspect this may be about whatever they have planned for the 2016 season.
   That said, they did tell us that the RV and trucks spotted in the closed section of the park near the old Twisted Twins coaster actually belong to the sea lion trainers who live on property 24/7 to sea to the care of the park’s “adopted sea lions” for the summer.
    (6/11/15) From the sound of things, work is starting on Twisted Twins at Kentucky Kingdom. According to the report sent in to Screamscape a reader was in the park and spotted several work trucks and an RV parked on the pathway to the closed coaster. While riding Mile High Falls they spotted three people standing in front of the station, pointing at various parts of the coaster while holding what appeared to be blueprints. Things are about to get very exciting for Kentucky Kingdom it seems.
    (6/8/15) If your local to the area, you may want to take some pictures of the former Twisted Twins / Twisted Sisters coaster at Kentucky Kingdom because things may start to change very quickly. From the sound of things the plan will see the entire coaster's layout change and evolve, and RMC might just take some inspiration from what they did with Twisted Colossus and link both sides of the layout into one super-long track layout with two lift hills. Stay tuned!
    (6/3/15) An interesting new rumor has been making the rounds, at first quietly from those with access to inner circle knowledge and now it is starting to leak out to more hungry ears with mouths eager to share. This involves the park's plans for the former Twister Sisters dueling wooden coasters and if this rumor is true, I'm being told that the park may be handing the ride over to Rocky Mountain Construction for a fairly dramatic overhaul.
    I'm just not 100% sure if this is for 2016, or if this is planned for 2017... but if this is for next season, I'm sure we'll see construction begin on it within the next month or so, because unlike other RMC transformations, there is no need to worry about the public getting their last rides in, as the ride has sat closed for years now and is more than ready for a major overhaul whenever they are ready to jump on it. We'll just have to wait and see.




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