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(Formerly known as Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom)
Louisville, Kentucky

Joined Herschend Family Entertainment in 2021



Park News - (3/26/21) Kentucky Kingdom Almost Had an RMC Raptor Before COVID Ruined Things (MORE...)


2022 - Nothing is known at this time...


???? - RMC Raptor - Canceled - (3/26/21) In an interesting video reveal, a video clip taken during a Q&A session at Kentucky Kingdom’s Winter Walkthrough 2021, they reveal that Kentucky Kingdom was ready to buy an RMC Raptor. Just as the park was to put down their first payment/deposit to RMC for the Raptor coaster in early 2020, COVID-19 reared its ulgy head and they had to back out of the project.
    Oh… and the RMC project that needed a home? Apparently they say it went to Silverwood and is now under construction as Stunt Pilot.

    (12/17/20) While there was some evidence that Kentucky Kingdom has their sights set on adding an RMC Raptor coaster, it appears those plans have either been delayed significantly, or cancelled outright. According to an update on the story from CoasterNation, the previous filings with the FAA to add the coaster to the park, required due to their location next to an airport, have been canceled. This could just be part of the process if Kentucky Kingdom feels they need to modify the plans, or change them enough that they would need to resubmit it as a new project all over again in the future when they are ready, or if they delay will be significant enough that they would need to wait to resubmit closer to the project start time.
    (7/11/20) According to a guest who visited Kentucky Kingdom the other day, they saw no sign of any possible future 2021 project work, despite a few rumors going around about possible additions like an RMC Raptor coaster and the park dropping teasers about a “T4” project. The later of which may likely just be a joke, given the bad reputation T3 has, but one other thing to keep in mind is that in addition to many parks being forced to push back their 2020 projects until 2021, there are likely going to be a whole other batch of parks who will push back their plans for 2021 until 2022. Stay tuned!
    (6/21/20) Is Kentucky Kingdom already setting their 2021 expansion plans in motion? According to CoasterKings, the park appears to have filed height waivers for a 108 foot tall roller coaster named ‘Raptor’, with construction to begin in September 2020. The request to locate the ride between Thunder Run and Storm Chaser is still listed as being under review but is thought to be an RMC Raptor style single-rail coaster project.



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Kentucky Kingdom
Louisville, Kentucky
Previously was
Kentucky Kingdom &
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Newest Developments
2021 - Yogi Bear Wild Ride

2019 - Kentucky Flyer

2018 - Scream Xtreme

2017 - Eye of the Storm

2016 - Storm Chaser

2015 - Eight New Attractions:
T3, Raging Rapids River, Enterprise, SkyCatcher, Cylos, Up Up & Away, FlutterFly andWizard of Oz 5D


2010-2013 - PARK CLOSED



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