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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Abbreviation: KW)
Parques Reunidos


Park News - (2/6/17) CoasterHub reported that according to Parques Reunidos management, they would be adding a VR enhancement experience to two coasters in their chain of parks in 2017:  Sky Rocket at Kennywood in the USA and to Batman la Fuga (a B&M made Batman: The Ride clone) at Parque Warner Madrid in Spain. No theme has been announced for either ride, though I would only assume that with a Batman theme in place on the coaster in Spain, the VR experience would also follow suit there only, leaving the Kennywood ride to have a unique custom theme still to be announced.
    (12/18/15) It looks like there is something to the rumor about a possible sale of Kennywood... but not just Kennywood, but the entire Parques Reunidos group of theme parks across the world, including the US sub-division of parks under the Palace Entertainment umbrella. According to a report from Reuters, London-based Apax Partners (a private investment group) is looking to finance a deal worth 1.2 billion to purchase Parques Reunidos from owner Arle Capital Partners. (Just to be clear, Apax has nothing to do with US-based Apex Parks Group)


2017 - The LEGO Movie 4D Experience - Confirmed - (3/10/17) Kennywood has posted on their Facebook page this week that the park will be bringing a LEGO Movie 4D Experience attraction to the park's 4-D Theater this summer, where Emmet and his Master Builder friends need to defeat Risky Business, the less-famous cousin of Lord Business (aka: President Business).


???? - The Old Mill - Rumor - (7/29/16) The winds of the rumor mill have interesting things to say about the possible future of Kennywood in 2017. According to the phantom voices the revamp of Noah's Ark has been a huge hit for the park and has given them the needed inspiration to follow through on an old plan to finally renovate another park attraction that has been long overdue.
    It's been mentioned on and off over the years as something the park really wanted to tackle... and this isn't the rebuilding of the old car ride... but it seems there is a good chance that they may FINALLY renovate and restore the park's classic Old Mill ride back to the way it should be... and kick Garfield’s Nightmare to the curb. Stay tuned!






icon_STOP???? - New Coaster - (7/14/17) What Kennywood may be up to for the 2018 season is still undecided at this point, as I'm hearing they are still waiting on some permit permissions to come in before they can build that long rumored coaster on the new land they bought. It could still happen for 2018, but nothing is set in stone yet apparently.  That said, I'm hearing that we should keep an eye on park's Log Jammer ride and the surrounding area. If the rumors are right, the park may have already begin removing the "pavilions" behind the Log Jammer which is where they planned on having the station for the new coaster project.
    While they don't need to remove Log Jammer to put in the new coaster, I'm told there is a chance that Log Jammer may be retired before too long as well as the old ride is simply showing extreme signs of age and is in need of a major overhaul if they want to keep it running for much longer.
    (5/2/17) It's been awhile since I've heard anything about Kennywood's rumored new coaster project, but apparently they are still finishing up the deisngs. If all goes well, you could see the first signs of construction begin somewhere behind The Racer later this year.
    (10/1/16) What is said to be plans showing off the location of a proposed 2018 new roller coaster for Kennywood are said to have been shown off at a local council meeting the other night. A quick photo snapped of the plans, as well as a couple of images showing the plans overlayed over photos of the park sent my way have been posted. (Sorry for no credit given, as I wasn't made aware of who created some of these images, but if you would like credit, please let me know.)
    As rumored, the images show the coaster layout running down the hillside into Kennywood new unused property that lies down the hillside in the area behind the Racer and Jack Rabbit.
    (8/15/16) I'm not sure how good this rumor is, but according to one reader Kennywood is seeking planning permission to run a coaster down the hill and into the new land they purchased a couple of years ago, where it might run through an existing structure. The existing structure would likely be the old train repair station building that is down the hill behind the Log Jammer and Racer. I wouldn’t expect this for 2017, this could be pre-planning for a year or two later.
    (1/8/16) Screamscape sources tell us that Kennywood plan have begun long term planning for the park's next coaster. We don't know what kind of coaster it may be, but the location they are said to be looking at will be behind the pavilions next to the Log Jammer flume. This lines up with an older rumor I had posted a year or more ago that said the next coaster might end up replacing the railroad, which runs along this very path and turns around behind the log flume. 

Track Record

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
- near Pittsburgh
Parques Reunidos

Abbreviation: KW


Newest Developments
2016 - Noah’s Ark Renovation

2015 - 4D Theater (Ice Age: No Time for Nuts 4D)

2012 - Black Widow

2010 - Sky Rocket

2009 - Phantom Drop Replacement, Bayern Kurve

2008 - Ghostwood Estate

2007 - Cosmic Chaos & USS Kenny




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