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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Abbreviation: KW)
Parques Reunidos


Park News - (1/16/15) CoasterTalkNoBSZone has posted a quick off-season update from Kennywood, showing off a winter view of the park, and what they seem to be working on during the off season.
    (5/5/14) An opening day report from Kennywood can be found at the CoasterTalkNoBSZone.


2015 - New Attraction - Rumor - So far nothing has been confirmed to be coming at all in 2015...


icon_STOP2016 - New Attraction - Rumor - (3/26/15) According to one reader, Kennywood may have gutted their Playdium building in anticipation of a new attraction for 2016. Apparently it was mentioned at the Coasterbash event over the weekend that the 2016 attraction would move 88 people every 10 minutes, which almost sounds like it could be some kind of 4D theater or 4D simulator style ride experience. This was also a rumor for a possible 2015 attraction as well, so it may have just been pushed back a season.
    Anyone know more?
    (8/25/14) The latest buzz from the winds passing by Screamscape HQ indicate that Kennywood’s 2015 attraction may actually be some kind of 4D theater or 4D simulator in the park’s arcade building, formerly called the Playdium.


Track Record

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
- near Pittsburgh
Parques Reunidos

Abbreviation: KW


Newest Developments
2012 - Black Widow

2010 - Sky Rocket

2009 - Phantom Drop Replacement, Bayern Kurve

2008 - Ghostwood Estate

2007 - Cosmic Chaos & USS Kenny




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