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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Abbreviation: KW)
Parques Reunidos


Park News - (12/18/15) It looks like there is something to the rumor about a possible sale of Kennywood... but not just Kennywood, but the entire Parques Reunidos group of theme parks across the world, including the US sub-division of parks under the Palace Entertainment umbrella. According to a report from Reuters, London-based Apax Partners (a private investment group) is looking to finance a deal worth 1.2 billion to purchase Parques Reunidos from owner Arle Capital Partners. (Just to be clear, Apax has nothing to do with US-based Apex Parks Group)


2016 - Noah’s Ark Renovation and New Volcano - Confirmed - (6/7/16) Our friends at Scarehouse were invited out to the reopening of Noah's Ark at Kennywood and shot a fantastic video all about it. Check it out below.

    (5/7/16) An awesome new look at the current state of Noah’s Ark at Kennywood, including a look at the finished new Whale themed entrance, and some new interior scenes can be found here.
    (5/6/16) The local news posted a video report about the renovation of Noah's Ark at Kennywood back in February, including the return of the Whale Mouth entrance. I'm sure it is much further along now, but you can see the start of the framework and tunnel you'll take through the whale's mouth in the video.
    (12/11/15) Noah's Ark at Kennywood will be going "old school" in 2016, with the reported return of the giant whale mouth guests will enter the attraction through that was removed back in the 1996 renovation. Follow the link to see a picture of the old whale entrance and read more about what they have planned.
    (11/26/15) Kennywood is already hard at work with the Noah's Ark renovations it seems, and I'm told that many of the areas in the lower level that were added or renovated back in 1996 will be updated or even removed in favor of new additions. Pictures were posted to Twitter and Facebook by the park showing the removal of the "Elevator of Doom" sequence that started off your adventure, and I'm told that the "bathosphere ending" that hasn't wored for the past few years is also being removed. There are also rumors suggesting that "an old blue friend" may return at the entrance for 2016.
    (10/7/15) Kennywood's famous Noah's Ark attraction won the Golden Ticket award for Best Funhouse/Walkthrough Attraction a few weeks ago and to follow up on this, Kennywood has confirmed that the attraction will be updated and renovated for the 2016 season. The park has also confirmed that their aging Volcano (Enterprise) ride is indeed being replaced with the reliable version being removed from Lake Compounce in time for the 2016 season as well.
    (9/14/15) According to several sources, Kennywood is currently removing the park's Volcano to retire the ride, however they are planning to replace it by next season with the Enterprise that will be removed from Lake Compounce.
    (9/10/15) While this isn't the first time we've seen this happen over the years, a reader sent in photos showing the Volcano ride (Enterprise I believe) being taken completely apart. Not sure if this is just for an another extensive off-season repair or if they are planning on retiring the ride. If anyone knows more, please do let us know.


icon_STOP2017 - The Old Mill - Rumor - (7/29/16) The winds of the rumor mill have interesting things to say about the possible future of Kennywood in 2017. According to the phantom voices the revamp of Noah's Ark has been a huge hit for the park and has given them the needed inspiration to follow through on an old plan to finally renovate another park attraction that has been long overdue.
    It's been mentioned on and off over the years as something the park really wanted to tackle... and this isn't the rebuilding of the old car ride... but it seems there is a good chance that they may FINALLY renovate and restore the park's classic Old Mill ride back to the way it should be... and kick Garfield’s Nightmare to the curb. Stay tuned!


icon_STOP???? - New Coaster - (8/15/16) I'm not sure how good this rumor is, but according to one reader Kennywood is seeking planning permission to run a coaster down the hill and into the new land they purchased a couple of years ago, where it might run through an existing structure. The existing structure would likely be the old train repair station building that is down the hill behind the Log Jammer and Racer. I wouldn’t expect this for 2017, this could be pre-planning for a year or two later.
    (1/8/16) Screamscape sources tell us that Kennywood plan have begun long term planning for the park's next coaster. We don't know what kind of coaster it may be, but the location they are said to be looking at will be behind the pavilions next to the Log Jammer flume. This lines up with an older rumor I had posted a year or more ago that said the next coaster might end up replacing the railroad, which runs along this very path and turns around behind the log flume. 


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Parques Reunidos

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