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Monticello, Indiana
(Abbreviation: IB)



icon_STOPPark News - (1/5/16) Indiana Beach have announced that their Giant Gondola Wheel is undergoing refurbishment over the winter months to prepare it for the park's 90th Anniversary celebration for the 2016 season. To accomplish this the wheel has been taken down and sent off to Chance Rides in Kansas for a complete refurbishment and returned in the Spring. They noted that this is the first time the wheel has undergone such an extensive rehab since it was installed back in 1989.
    It is also worth mentioning that I believe the last project announced by the former owners, the Beach Bay wave pool, failed to even begin construction, let alone open for the 2015 season, is no longer mentioned on the park's website at all, and seems to have been canceled entirely by the new owners. (Which is probably a good idea...)
    (11/23/15) Screamscape has been informed that the Tig’rr coaster (a classic Schwarzkopf Jet Star) at Indiana Beach will be getting a new coat of paint and all new colors for the 2016 season. Instead of the traditional red/white the coaster will instead have black track with bright orange supports.
    (9/2/15) The wishes of long time Indiana Beach fans have finally been answered... Morgan RV Resorts have officially sold the park to Apex Parks Group, a new small amusement chain formed one years ago when they purchased a group of 14 FECs and a waterpark from Palace Entertainment. Since then Apex has also purchased the Sahara Sam’s Oasis indoor/outdoor waterpark in New Jersey.
    The CEO of Apex Parks Group is Al Webber, someone who has had a long history in the amusement biz where he has previously served as CEO of Paramount Parks, CEO of Palace Entertainment, and COO and Interim CEO of Six Flags Theme Park. With decades of experience behind them, Apex Parks Group may be the perfect group to take over Indiana Beach and bring the park back up to the quality standards of guests who have watched it slowly decay over much of the past decade. That said, I look forward to seeing what the future of this park holds once again.
    (8/10/15) According to a park guest who questioned why the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain was still closed at Indiana Beach, they were told that the coaster would be down for the entire season due to mechanical issues with the elevator lift.


2015? - Beach Bay - Possibly Canceled -
    (9/1/15) According to the last report I was sent from a guest, it did not look like the new wave pool project was ever started. If anyone has seen otherwise, please do let me know.



A Screamscape reader dropped by Indiana Beach on Sunday and reported back that three rides were still closed: Steel Hawg, Lost Coaster and the Baby Barrons. Steel Hawg did have inspector crews combing the ride, including the brake run. They sent back a picture of this as well as a look at the wave pool construction site, showing off the lack of activity.
    (5/28/15) Another reader has confirmed that digging had yet to start on the new wave pool projects for Indiana Beach. I’m told that the site clearing was just completed not long ago, and according to another source the contracts with the suppliers were only signed last month and the wave pool hardware and motors are probably 6-8 weeks out for delivery still, which pretty much guarantees that the earliest you might see the wave pool open wouldn't be until around August at this rate. Just something to keep in mind if this was going to be a major attraction you were planning your trip to the park around.
    (5/27/15) If anyone else has been to the park so far this year, I’m wondering if you have noticed any construction for the new wave pool project. According to one report sent in, they didn’t believe the park had even started digging the huge hole needed for the wave pool yet, which makes me really question if it will be finished before the end of summer.
    (5/4/15) Indiana Beach has announced on their website that the park will open "Beach Bay" in 2015, a new water play area that will feature a 25,000 sqft 800,000 gallon wave pool named The Breakers, some racing slides, a bowl slide and new cabanas for daily rental. The new wave pool and slides will be included with your Funday admissions ticket.
    While this may be a good addition to the park, I’m not sure if this is the “new thrill” replacement attraction guests may have been hoping for to fill the gap of the removed Galaxi coaster.
    (2/2/14) The park mentioned that “a new thrill” was in development for the 2015 as a replacement for the Galaxi coaster.




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Abbreviation: IB

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