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News & Rumors


Monticello, Indiana
(Abbreviation: IB)



Park News - (9/5/16) An Indiana Beach ride mechanic working on the Cornball Express wooden coaster was injured on Saturday after being hit by one of the cars while "working on a platform" on the coaster around 1pm. He has suffered multiple injuries and after initial treatment at a nearby hospital he was airlifted to a facilities in Indianapolis.
    His current condition isn't known, nor has it been reported as to why he would have been either working on a roller coaster that was being run, or if the ride was closed for maintenance, why OSHA standard Lockout/Tagout procedures were not followed to prevent this from happening.
    (7/7/16) So far things are sounding better already for Indiana Beach under the new ownership of Apex Parks Group. According to this news report the park is now up to 60 full time employees (about 20 more than under the previous owners) and the park has already sold 10,000 more annual passes to the park than last year, on top of the various park improvement projects put into action in preparation for this season. According to the article Apex Parks Group now has a 5-year plan in place to invest and improve the park.
    (4/5/16) Looks like the new owners of Indiana Beach are targeting some specific areas for future development, as they have put a couple of attractions up for sale. Specifically the park's Splash Battle ride (2006), and the still fairly new Ropes Course (2011) are both listed as being for sale on Rides4U. Both attractions are also down on the southern peninsula side of the park, just south of LoCoSuMo.


2017 - Wavepool - Rumor - (4/22/16) It's still a little early to be talking about 2017 projects for Indiana Beach, but I'm hearing that the canceled wave pool from 2015 may return as a new 2017 project, but moved to an entirely new and improved location. Stay tuned!



Track Record

Indiana Beach
Monticello, Indiana

Abbreviation: IB

Newest Developments
2016 - Zero-G

2014 - Viper, Grand Carousel, Pumpkin Wheel, Dragon Wagon, Growler, Baby Baron, Rock ‘n Tug

2011 - Adventure Point

2008 - Steel Hawg

2007 - Escape from Dino Island & Pirates Revolt show



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