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Monticello, Indiana
(Abbreviation: IB)



icon_STOPPark News - (7/7/16) So far things are sounding better already for Indiana Beach under the new ownership of Apex Parks Group. According to this news report the park is now up to 60 full time employees (about 20 more than under the previous owners) and the park has already sold 10,000 more annual passes to the park than last year, on top of the various park improvement projects put into action in preparation for this season. According to the article Apex Parks Group now has a 5-year plan in place to invest and improve the park.
    (4/5/16) Looks like the new owners of Indiana Beach are targeting some specific areas for future development, as they have put a couple of attractions up for sale. Specifically the park's Splash Battle ride (2006), and the still fairly new Ropes Course (2011) are both listed as being for sale on Rides4U. Both attractions are also down on the southern peninsula side of the park, just south of LoCoSuMo.
    (3/1/16) Indiana Beach has posted a long list of renovations that are taking place at the park ahead of the 2016 season, under the new ownership of Apex Parks Group. According to John Collins, the General Manager, they can't wait for guests to come back this year and see the park "looking like it did back in the glory days". Improvements for 2016 include a new main gate and campground ferryboat landing, the refurbishment of The Giant Wheel, a makeover for the Shafer Queen paddle wheel boat, track and train renovations for the park's classic Tig'rr Rollercoastger, new signage, lots of fresh paint, brighter lighting, boardwalk refurbishments, VIP parking and new menus. Classic menu items like Beach Tacos, Pronto Pups and Elephant Ears will return and the park has switched over to Pepsi-Cola as their soft drink provider. Also, Ideal Beach RV Resort will open in 2016 as "IB Crow Campground, a Family RV Resort", that will become the second home of the park's mascot, IB Crow.
    (1/5/16) Indiana Beach have announced that their Giant Gondola Wheel is undergoing refurbishment over the winter months to prepare it for the park's 90th Anniversary celebration for the 2016 season. To accomplish this the wheel has been taken down and sent off to Chance Rides in Kansas for a complete refurbishment and returned in the Spring. They noted that this is the first time the wheel has undergone such an extensive rehab since it was installed back in 1989.
    It is also worth mentioning that I believe the last project announced by the former owners, the Beach Bay wave pool, failed to even begin construction, let alone open for the 2015 season, is no longer mentioned on the park's website at all, and seems to have been canceled entirely by the new owners. (Which is probably a good idea...)
    (11/23/15) Screamscape has been informed that the Tig’rr coaster (a classic Schwarzkopf Jet Star) at Indiana Beach will be getting a new coat of paint and all new colors for the 2016 season. Instead of the traditional red/white the coaster will instead have black track with bright orange supports.
    (9/2/15) The wishes of long time Indiana Beach fans have finally been answered... Morgan RV Resorts have officially sold the park to Apex Parks Group, a new small amusement chain formed one years ago when they purchased a group of 14 FECs and a waterpark from Palace Entertainment. Since then Apex has also purchased the Sahara Sam’s Oasis indoor/outdoor waterpark in New Jersey.
    The CEO of Apex Parks Group is Al Webber, someone who has had a long history in the amusement biz where he has previously served as CEO of Paramount Parks, CEO of Palace Entertainment, and COO and Interim CEO of Six Flags Theme Park. With decades of experience behind them, Apex Parks Group may be the perfect group to take over Indiana Beach and bring the park back up to the quality standards of guests who have watched it slowly decay over much of the past decade. That said, I look forward to seeing what the future of this park holds once again.


icon_STOP2016 - Zero-G - (4/14/16) Indiana Beach has announced the addition of a new attraction called Zero-G for the park's 90th Anniversary season. Built by Larson, this will be a 5-story tall Larson Loop ride.


icon_STOP2017 - Wavepool - Rumor - (4/22/16) It's still a little early to be talking about 2017 projects for Indiana Beach, but I'm hearing that the cancelled wave pool from 2015 may return as a new 2017 project, but moved to an entirely new and improved location. Stay tuned!



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Indiana Beach
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Abbreviation: IB

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