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---- IAAPA 2013 NEWS REPORTS ----




(11/23/13) Our friends at Coaster Crew have been working hard on the IAAPA show floor all week, shooting many more videos than have been shown here on Screamscape so far. You can find them all over at the Coaster Crew YouTube channel, but I’m also going to post several of the ones below that I think are the most interesting this morning. So grab your coffee or a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy the fun.
I’m starting off with a great video showing off a unique creation from Oase is the Fountain Flame. At first it looks like a World of Color style water fountain enhanced by brightly colored lights, but a fuel is injected into the water stream and ignited causing the entire fountain to burst into flames for a moment. The flame then burns up to the top of the water stream and you end up with a brightly lit colored water fountain, where the top is on fire. Oases says they can shoot the Fountain Flame up to 10 meters, which is amazing. Watch the video below.

Studio 41b had an interesting product on display… sort of a next generation Laser Maze style experience, but with multi-player possibility. A group (up to four) will enter the dark cube, which has been set up as a dance floor with glowing floor tiles. The music will play and you want to avoid standing on the tiles when they turn red. At the same time there are sweeping lasers moving slowly around the room and you want to dodge or jump over those as well. Watch the Clint and Legend from Coaster Crew give it a try in the video below.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for quite awhile. Galaxy America has come up with Meltdown, an inflatable style take on the games shown in the show Wipeout. In the video below they bring on Jason Baliskas (who you may have seen on the show Wipeout) to give the Meltdown a try.

While we are looking at inflatables on display, you may be interested in the Inflatable Zipline.

They visit Great Coaster International booth and chat with former In The Loop Co-Host, Adam House, who shows off the Mini-lennium Flyer train in detail and the benefits of the new train system compared to the old mini PTC trains that used to use on Coastersaurus at Legoland Florida.

White Water shows off a cross between a waterslide and a video game called the Slideboard. The enclosed slide tube will be full of amazing colored lights that would look like you are sliding through a video game. Add in the interactive game element with button controls attached to a head-first sledmat and you’ll play along as you slide on down in a waterslide version of a Guitar Hero style game. The new light up slide tubes can be added to sections of an existing slide as well as an upgrade package.

Stop into the Afterface booth at IAAPA to see the latest in Projection Mapping Dark Ride Technology can be added to enhance the scenery and allow for a new style of special effects in dark rides.

Then there is Zero Shock, a portable Freefall Stunt Jump creation, allowing people to jump from a 20 foot tower safely into a stuntman style giant air bag.


(11/22/13) A great collection of roller coaster car photos taken on the IAAPA trade floor this year by the infamous JohnnyUpsidedown can be found here.




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